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  1. I have found that killing brown bears and grizzled brown bears do not give credit for my side quest Brown Bear (19). I hear some people have been able to complete it but i seem to not be able to. Yes, i am attacking brown bears not gray or black or something different
  2. I agree, if it only showed what land they were in then it wouldnt be a problem for me. I just brought this up because right now you can see who is in the forest of death and you can assume what they are doing. its kind of annoying and not very immersive imo. If more places are named in the future then it would be too easy to find people. If there is a manhunt, for example, you can just sit and refresh /who until they walk into a place that you recognize.
  3. Foremost I think community problems should be solved by the community. This is a mmorpg that focuses on pvp. There are players and organizations currently and in the future that will try to protect friendly players who just want to play. Community resolutions are the way to go imo. An idea could be to add "friendly" zones. Just like in WoW. Certain roads could be patrolled by NPCs that can offer some level of protection but stray too far and you are on your own. Not saying i support this but it is an idea besides having protection based on levels.
  4. I think being able to see individuals player's locations is a potential problem. For example /who "player's name." Since some areas are very specifically named I think this can lead to targeting and harassment from both sides. I would like to be clear though, I dont think targeting and hunting down players is wrong. This is a pvp game. However, being able to know exactly where players are is not immersive or realistic. Most pvp games where you have opposing factions there is not this issue (I.E. WoW, etc.) I know not many places are named yet but in the future there may be more named places. Im not sure what could be done about this or if it even should, i just want to share my opinion on the matter.
  5. Character name: Zoogie Organization name (Leaf) : Silver Shield
  6. Yeah its no problem, will be wiped anyways. I just made a new account at launch and played on that
  7. Im not able to log into the website or in game using my original, premium account. I have no problem logging into the forums but thats all i can do at the moment. All it says is 'password doesnt match.' I created it such a long time ago that maybe I fudged up or something I dont know. However, I made a new account and its working fine but I would like to access my premium account at some point. thanks.
  8. Hello all. About time I did one of the these. I've been following this game on the discord for a couple months now and I'm very excited for launch! Ima Naruto fan (obviously) and an active RPer via D&D and other games. The RPG / MMORPG genre is very enticing to me and I look forward to making new friends in-game! I'm very impressed by the dedication and the work thus far that the devs and the rest of the team have done. Well done. The community has been great too and I just wanna say thanks to everyone. I'll see yall round ?
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