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  1. TRILL

    Faith of Va'al

    Building off of what Sign posted. I really enjoyed this piece. Instead of just taking what is given in the game it seems you've taken something and put a completely unique twist on it to build on your people's culture. Stuff like this adds a real nice depth to the community, would be interesting to see if in the future somebody takes this information and applies it to their own character. Nice post!
  2. I really appreciate this kind of description. Enough detail to get a sense of the person with the invitation to find out more in person, makes me want to meet the character to find out more. Nice
  3. If interested add Trillucifer#3959 or Sign#1984 on Discord to discuss.
  4. Noboru, a clanless Shinobi who long preached the dangers of allowing the three prominent clans influence to go unchecked, has died under mysterious circumstances. Suspicion of foul play has bred discontent amongst the populace who have taken their martyr's name, and are resolute in their path to sovereignty within the Land of Fire's borders. Bolstered by the common folk, The Syndicate asserts its claim for a place in the world as a prominent faction, rallying those who seek justice against their perceived oppressors. Code of Conduct No ERP of any kind. High quality RP is expected from our members. No meme-ish style of RP’ing, using vernacular that doesn’t fit the setting, troll characters...etc Our members are expected to be responsible for their IC actions… Do not powergame, alt-f4, etc… to escape the consequences of your actions. We expect this to be reciprocated.
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