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  1. I certainly like the artwork... And the story is nice and personal.
  2. Pretty nice, but how do the weapons work? And, is he alive or reanimated but with no skin?
  3. Besides that I have no clue what I'm doing...
  4. And I, have no answers.
  5. kk / I guess I'll try again, thanks for the advice boom. But in all honesty, this was great advice.
  6. Gotcha, I'm not the brightest, or strongest, or anything really. I'll change it up. I'll just keeping making these awful stories until they don't suck. This is for fun anyway!
  7. Hey... My name is Damien... I'm 12 years old, and here's my description. I'm white, I wear a grey shirt and also have grey hair. I wear black pants, and I lived in the Village Hidden In The Leaves. That was until, I killed my teammate... Here's how it went down. It was just another day... I was heading for my class by myself one day, I was the best test scorer and passed all of my classes so you could probably understand why I didn't want to be late. Of course, I overslept and now I was running on the path towards my school. Just then my Sensei, Kazenko came out of NOWHERE!! He's black, and wears your usual ninja attire, he prefers to wear his headband on his arm? I never really got that... He stops me "Where do you think you're going?" I say "Uh, class? I'm LATE!!" "Well that's a shame, because you trashed the bridge last night and now you have to clean it." "I, WHAT?? No I didn't!!" "Oh yes you did, your friend Xavier told me so!" "Okay, well first of all he's not my friend. Second of all, I'm pretty sure he trashed the bridge and blamed it on me!!" "Prove it." I hesitated. Unsure of how I could possibly prove that I didn't trash the bridge and that he did. I tried to run past him. And as I try, Sensei smacks my head. SMACK!! "OWWW!! FINE FINE!! I'll clean the stupid bridge..." "Great, Xavier promised to leave the cleaning supplies under the bridge." I head for the bridge "Man, now not only am I going to be late, I have to clean some dumb bridge." I take the stairs and go down under the bridge. I see a mop in a bucket and a sponge. I walk up towards it, not in a hurry since there's no point in even getting to school at this point. I see a note on the mop, it reads "HAHA!! LOSER!!" "Called it." I try and grab the note so I can go show it to Sensei, but the note doesn't feel human... "Oh shit. Substitution Jutsu." Xavier jumps out at me and punches my face with all his hatred for me. "AHHH!!" Thump. I lie on the ground. "Hey twerp, so sorry that you're missing school. But at least you get to be schooled!" He wears a Sarutobi clan insigna on his white shirt. Is white, has black hair and white pants, and is a HUGE pain in the ass!! All the teachers like him for his exuberant persona, but I get to see who he really is. I yell at him. "Jerk!!" He smirks. "Sorry Damien, but you know I don't like you." I yell with my heart "WHY??" He frowns in frustration. Then kicks my stomach. "OOOH!!" "Because you use support jutsus like a loser, what kind of teammate are you?" "SAYS THE GUY WHO JUST BEAT MY FACE INTO THE GROUND!!" He smiles "And I'd do it again to see you like how you are now..." I scornfully smile "And what am I like now? WHAT AM I TO YOU!!" He replies "A failure." I get up, my legs shaking. "Oh yeah? Fine, let's fight..." "Pathetic." He swings for my chest, I grab his hand. "Pathetic? I turn his arm around his back and push him against the bridge. "WHO'S PATHETIC NOW!!" He disappears. Another substitution?!! WHY?? He throws a shuriken into my back. "PATHETIC LOSER!!" I try and yell in pain, but the blood in my mouth surges up, I feel like barfing. "You'll never be a real ninja, loser." He throws another shuriken into my back. But this time I turn around and grab it. He claps. "Oh wow!! You caught one shuriken!! How about fifty!!" Crap!! "SHURIKEN SHADOW CLO-" "Chakra dissection blade!!" I hit his arms, but at what cost. No one was allowed to use that jutsu, let alone know it existed!! He smirks. "I knew it, you read forbidden scrolls..." "JUST SHUT UP!!" This time I hit his legs, now he couldn't move. THUMP!! He falls to the ground. I cry and say "I didn't want to use this, I never wanted to be able to use this!! He laughs like a maniac. "HAHA, HAHAHA, AHAHAHAHAHAH!! He shouts. "Lies, LIES!!! You wanted to kill me for a long time now haven't you!!" "Every day I would bully you for being a support ninja, so you would read scrolls after school to learn how to be the best support ninja alive!!" He coughed blood. "You became the best in class, but it wasn't enough... You read forbidden scrolls and learned new skills you shouldn't even be able to use." I cry and say. "THAT'S NOT HOW IT WENT DOWN AT ALL MAN!!" I fall to the ground, turns out a shuriken to the back really takes a lot out of you. He continues "Irregardless, how you can use moves like that are the main reason I have to at least try to take you out..." I shout at him heartbroken. "THEN WHY NOT TELL SOMEONE ELSE!!!" He shivers, then smiles. In a hushed voice he replies. "Because I hate you Damien. Because I hate you..." His eyes look at me with hate. "And I'll hate you even after I die. Which it appears I'll be doing pretty soon." I use the last of my chakra to heal my back. I say in a quiet voice. "I'm sorry Xavier." He tries to say something, but all he can muster up is. "I'm not..." He dies under the bridge. I get up. I use my knowledge of the village to get out without anyone seeing me. I take a rock outside the village walls and scratch my headband. "I'll bring you back Xavier..."
  8. 14 year old kid on the run because he killed his parents... prefers not to go into detail why. He comes from the Hidden Leaf Village, and he is a fire release ninja. He is a support but he uses his skills in, different ways. He was always very good in school and became a Chunin before everyone else in his class. He was always ridiculed for constantly starting fights with people as a support class ninja. But he soon found out, how to compensate... He had heard stories of a man named Kabuto, and he admired him. Despite his betrayal to the leaf village, he was still one of the most powerful support ninjas out there. But the real reason he admired him was because they had very similar powers... After killing his parents, he ran away from the village. He was never caught, and he had no friends that told anyone he was missing. He simply disappeared into the night... searching for a way to bring them back.
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