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  1. That's what happens when you play the best music in the vc
  2. Favorite moment in Naruto for me is a filler arc about the Hidden Star Village - the Hoshikage arc Unique jutsus as well "Hidden Jutsu: The Price of Ninja Art: Kujaku", man this arc was legendary and emotional.
  3. Disappear with roar of booty clap! (+1 on ur statement btw)
  4. Nisshomaru


    Welcome aboard shinobi!
  5. Yes I am aware of many combinations and possibilities but this topic is related of eventual possibilities (some confirmed) and combinations in Shinobi Story
  6. It's all about vaporwave, nightcore, and badass anime osts/themes
  7. A lot of mysterious traits regarding this character. Nonetheless he gives off the vibes of Kakuzu regarding all those money issues. Well, hopefully you can steal and make the organization rich >:D
  8. leveling up like sonic at this point
  9. I feel like this thread was made only for me at this point
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