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  1. A lot of mysterious traits regarding this character. Nonetheless he gives off the vibes of Kakuzu regarding all those money issues. Well, hopefully you can steal and make the organization rich >:D
  2. Yes yes, the psycho of the rogue organization LOL. This is one of the characters I am very eager to see how it will grow, so looking forward to that! Also, I'd suggest adding a picture of Kyla in appearance section. Or at least try to find something that kinda suits the description you provided. Other than that, I love those custom banners
  3. leveling up like sonic at this point
  4. I feel like this thread was made only for me at this point
  5. It got broken again btw.
  6. Damn Lon3Rid3r, ofc I like you soooooo much!!!
  7. Smh, why would one even make a thread about removing bots? This is fully up to the server owner and has no influence on users. That being said, there're 20 bots with like 10 useless in that case. You amazed me with this thread lolol.
  8. Nisshomaru


    Hold on, you've got to choose only one of those names - SMH Also, welcome aboard Caelar! I love the energetic vibes from you~ May you have a nice one here and HNY!
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