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  1. On my way back to Shrine from the new port, I encountered a bandit and I came up with the following bugs. Casting Water Style: Shockwave Jutsu Due of the knockup, the bandit stays in the air for a very long amount of time and because of that, you are not able to hit him, either with auto attacks nor with a different jutsu. Casting Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu I tried casting it while fighting him, but it didn't work, I tried more than 3 times, as I thought that I didn't place it correctly, but it seems like it didn't deal damage at all, nor the animation was there. Casting Wind Style: Great Breakthrough Before the last patch, Great Breakthrough was able to 1shot the bandit, now, it didn't deal damage at all, not even 1 HP. Auto-attacking Due of bandit's increased attack speed, my character was not able to auto-attack at all, due of the animation (I suppose). Here is a screenshot of the "Shockwave Jutsu" bug. Here is a screenshot of the "Great Breakthrough" bug not dealing any type of damage. The damage dealt was only by casting Shockwave.
  2. Will be there for sure. I'm free to come on every given date.
  3. @Shaka12 where is that pole?
  4. There is no exact hour. Vlad said the game will be releasing 11-12 hours from now, so keep an eye on the watch and Discord.
  5. Couldn't have said it better. This all the way around.
  6. I think everyone got that. Just press the "More info" option, then press "Run anyway" and you should be good to go.
  7. Chaos

    Yutani Taro

    Looking great. Lets get this
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    -Basic Information- Name: Raikuza Surname: Kenji Nickname: Rai Age: 22 Height: 1.70 cm Weight: 60kg Rank: Unknown Zodiac sign: Libra -Characteristics- Blood type: AB Height: 1,71m Weight: 60kg Eyes: Raikuza inherited the color of his father's eyes, which are brown. Hair: He has brown hair. He inherited a color similar to that of his mother, while the shape of his hair was inherited directly from his father. Skin: It could say that the color of his skin is neither very clear nor very dark. It's what someone might call "the middle ground" between his parents. -Ninja Information- Afiliation: Land of Fire Rank: Unknown Status: Active Ninja Team: N/A Chakra Nature(s): Suiton - Water Release Raiton - Lightning Release Deffensive/Offensive type: Offensive Dominant hand: Raikuza is right-handed Weapon(s): Raikuza is wielding a single sword -Ninja Information- Personality: In his early childhood, Raikuza spent a lot of time with his mother, going out to meet different people outside his family, becoming friendly and open with everyone around him. He would play and socialize with kids his age so he was able to make a lot of friendships early on. However, growing to be as the only child of Aiko and Rei, after his older's brother death, still left an impact on his personality. He grew to have calm, quiet and mysterious traits that most of his family members naturally didn't have, mostly around unfamiliar people or when he's being serious. He can be bold and over-confident sometimes, to which he gets criticised by his parents, as it can lead him to becoming too reckless most times. Straight forward and honest, Rai really hates exaggerated courtesy. He's not the type that holds grudges but he doesn't forgive easily. He's usually not a very talkative person, so he's not easy to read. He really dislikes being around loud and energetic people and prefers quiet, calm people instead. If treated rudely or unfairly by anyone, age would be the last thing he'd care about. In short, he treats people with the same treatment he receives from them. As a child, he constantly spent his time thinking about different things or investigating different topics to try to find an answer to his doubts and concerns. He is extremely serious, despite his "young" age and has great self-control. He is also somewhat cold and sometimes arrogant. He is calm, collected, and solitary person, who is quite mysterious, as he rarely speaks. He is protrayed as being somewhere between merely stoic and matter of fact, rarely ever smiling or showing any emotion. When he is alone, it is clear that he is someone quiet who seems "to take things almost unimportant". Good traits: Calm Organized Trustworthy Bad traits: Too direct and honest Sometimes he can be cruel Cold and arrogant -Relationships- Mother: Aiko Father: Rei Kenji Sibling(s): Reiji - Brother (deceased) -Family Information- Aiko: Raikuza's mother. He has a fairly normal relationship with his mother. Sometimes, Aiko scolds him and other times both enjoy spending time together as a family. Rei: Raikuza's father. The boy shares a good relationship with his father. He often enjoys asking him things about his past, interested in knowing what Rei's life was like when he was a child or a teenager, mainly. As a result of Rei accepting to train him, Raikuza is more than grateful to him and tries hard not to disappoint him. Reiji: Raikuza's older brother. Despite his great relationship with his parents, Raikuza never got the chance of meeting his older brother, Reiji, due of his unfortunate death into the battle.
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