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  1. Zhidao Shàngdì A boy waits on the edge of a roof, capturing the light of ships leaving the Land of Ports with his rose-colored eyes. His hair passed by him like silver grass blown by a spring breeze. His lips move silently, concealing his mutters from the night surrounding him. - How much can one learn… In this world..? - Even if others shut themselves away... - How much can I learn...? At his side laid a sheathed blade, one left untouched since given to him. A mind that ventures to learn, an dream near impossible, yet a dream that he carries. - For the last time mister, I'm not 12 or a girl or whatever the heck you think I am.... geez. - Just a short kid trying to live, I guess... - Now pay attention, otherwise you won't get what I'm saying... The geezers at the ports say that my hair is like a Silver Lilies they find in the foreign lands they venture to pass the sea. A little girl noticed my eyes were like roses, or at least that's what she called them. I'm small, but don't underestimate the mind of a child! Wait no- Ughh! Full Name : Zhidao Shàngdì Hangul : 하느님 알고있다 Birthplace : ??? Age : 15 Gender : Male Height : Assumed to be 167 cm | 5' 5 ft. The boy that wanders endlessly in the Land of Ports is an intriguing personality. Each action he seems to take whether from how he speaks to his elders to his demeanor when disrespected holds the calculating nature of teen, yet the impulsivity that a child is known for. - Always asking questions, its like this kid's head is empty... - Can't he read the room even a little? Despite the fact he carries a sword as well as a staff. He seems timid, speaking to some with it, either clutching the scabbard it's held in close to his chest or having his hand near it at all times which makes some that have seen combat uneasy. His demeanor around foreigners or people who appear mysterious is peculiar, always following them, asking questions that barely matter or pry too deeply. Alone, he appears like the flowers he's taken to describing himself with, simply flowing with the breeze of wherever he may reside.
  2. Well, I never did introcuce myself, then again I'm barely around. Yo! I'm Shuyuka, a writer that also RPs (kinda). Hope we can all have fun playing together.
  3. Shuyuka


    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/UWCwnnO0SuI"> </iframe> I have a Devil on my shoulder whispering in my ear Telling me to run away and leave to get the hell out of here To live life filled with desire And in turn fan the flames of my inner fire Nari, of the Eunhwa The Boy with a Demon upon his Shoulder It is comedy to some when people speak of their Demons, some real, others fake and some of the imagination. What truly classifies one as a demon, the torment or grief? I myself couldn't give a damn, but my shoulders are aching... The Shell “I was told the human body is a shell with a spirit hidden within, my shell is something I take pride in.” The shell that Nari resides within has many indicators that it is he walking the Earth, from his hair reminiscent of the golden flowers around his childhood home to the eyes of his who's hue shifts as if to mirror the reflection of his soul, resting at silver. While receiving formal training in the sword, Nari is far form being built to wield ones outside of his own blade and isn't physically imposing in terms of height, one in our world could classify him from 166 cm (5'4) - 172 cm (5'6). Crimson streaks, oddly shaped markings litter his shoulders of Nari, he himself is unaware of the existence of these, yet his shoulders always seem Heavy. A cloud of chakra surrounds these, though it feels more carnal the closer one would get once approaching it. If one were to describe clothing he'd appear minimalist in what he wore, combat tunics and Kimonos that vary on shades of black, gold and silver to match the most common colors his eyes seem to take in his day to day life. Anima "Any decent swordsman takes pride in the blade they wield, these aren't simple tools to be discarded. My sword is Anima, the blade that represents the Inner Self." Anima is a bright Golden blade that is capable of cutting with either ends with a powerful tip made to pierce, known in our world as a Han Jian, Anima is around 70 cm in length and at least 4.5 kg in weight. Easy to maneuver, but also easy to lose if the user isn't capable. Given to him by his father, Nari treasures this sword more than any possession, peacefully letting it lie on his back within it's sheath. Personality “You can’t expect someone to be unbiased when talking about their own self, you wanna look at least decent…” Only having his mother to truly compare in terms of personality, Nari was described as carefree similar to his father, sheltered from the world and the knowledge it has to expand his view on it, he can come off as naive, a single slate to be influenced by this odd world. Agma (악마) In every concievable way, Nari would not be considered religious, or superstitious...things only exist if you can see them, yet with this it's different almost. Almost akin to an ironic stroke of fate, Nari believes himself to be followed around by a spirit that sits on his shoulder due to the odd weight that he seems to have. The spirit demands blood surmised by the odd lack of weight when he enters combat with other people. Though this may just be him attempting to rationalize his own bloodlust. Who knows?
  4. The Orange Boy got me teleported me here
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