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  1. And since you're craving for ideas and have no sense of self preservation when it comes to your wrists, why not draw my face as well, the picture where I have dreads, I'll send it in discord
  2. I want you to make a drawing of this picture using your own art style
  3. Automatically me when reading the name :
  4. We have quite the strict policy when it comes to using explicit Naruto branded content, while lore, abilities, clans, etc is fine till a certain degree, using the names of franchise characters is a big no-no, so you may want to rephrase quite a few things, cough, SHISUI The comment above mine was quite decent when it came to constructive criticism. If you need help or inspirational to create your character biography, you may take a look at mine, or others available in the forums. Feel free to ask for help in the discord server as well.
  5. If there's anyone to be thanked, it's you for choosing to play the game, regarding your clan statement, game setting will be during Naruto part 1, with a very few bits of Shippuden, so there's that to take in account when it comes to discoveries, available Jutsus and Playable Clans, with this being said, we value the players freedom over anything, my warning towards you was more about other players interactions, no one from the staff member will attempt to stop or hold back your or any other players creativity or freedom to RP what they wish, but if anything uphold it. I'll be looking forward to see your character growth in-game, and how you develop and expand further your biography
  6. An interesting approach for your biography, I'm a fan of unorthodox approaches, and more if they begin with storytelling, you may want to look at he game map or game lore once the game releases to find a suitable place for your "Sanctuary", as it was told many times in the past, the game it's currently at an stage where the players are able to make "History", So i wouldn't be surprised if your Sanctuary were to became part of the game lore, and perhaps become a place in game for players to visit. The last may sound a bit far fetched right now, but considering how much Vlad cares about his playerbase, if you were to become a prominent player in the community, and adapted your lore to fit within the game's lore, it may be plausible. Good work, I'll be looking forward to RP with you in-game in the future. Ah yeah, before I forget, you may want to take a look at the updated game lore that's going to be released soon~eventually, to make your story and character biography fit more within the game bounds, so other roleplayers and you can be on the same page
  7. Nice biography, i can tell you're already quite used to roleplaying by just looking at it, I'll be looking forward to RP with Nobu once the game releases, there's just a thing I'd like to note, while RP is by no means enforced, meaning no one will force you to RP anything in particular, soon a good chunk of more detailed Game Lore will be released to the players and many of it's contents may conflict with a lot of the information you had in your Character Biography. With this being said you may want to take a look at the Lore once it releases in order to stay in page with the majority of other roleplayers, otherwise, amazing Character Biography. Ah, before I forget, like i said earlier, with RP not being enforced, there's nothing from stopping you or others from creating their custom clans, but with this in mind, i creating your own abilities and custom kekkei genkai will be at the players discretion, so if someone were to disagree with you during RP, due to having a clan that's not only part of the game, lore or even canon, you'd be on your own.
  8. lets fucking GOOOOOO A character that can annoy the hell out of Sasi while still keeping him amused, or that can trigger the shit out of my unnamed new character because he got too close to his daughter
  9. An interesting twist and point of view of what broken narcissism can turn someone into, will look forward to see how your player turns out in-game
  10. The template is good, but try asking around in discord for info about the game so you get it right in the template, Kumogakure does not exist in Shinobi Story, at least yet.
  11. Tenshin


    Good bio, will look forward to see what picture you use to help others detail your character, try reducing the font size thought
  12. Nice bio, will be looking forward to see what it develops into
  13. Tenshin

    Hey der

    Welcome my dear Åndsbolle
  14. Tenshin

    Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to the community, we'll be looking forward to seeing you in-game in the future
  15. Yeah, just noticed, it's a thing with pictures display within spoiler tags on phone
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