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  1. lets fucking GOOOOOO A character that can annoy the hell out of Sasi while still keeping him amused, or that can trigger the shit out of my unnamed new character because he got too close to his daughter
  2. An interesting twist and point of view of what broken narcissism can turn someone into, will look forward to see how your player turns out in-game
  3. The template is good, but try asking around in discord for info about the game so you get it right in the template, Kumogakure does not exist in Shinobi Story, at least yet.
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    Good bio, will look forward to see what picture you use to help others detail your character, try reducing the font size thought
  5. Nice bio, will be looking forward to see what it develops into
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    Welcome my dear Åndsbolle
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    Welcome to the community, we'll be looking forward to seeing you in-game in the future
  8. Yeah, just noticed, it's a thing with pictures display within spoiler tags on phone
  9. Make the font in the spoiler bigger, it's hard to read on phone.
  10. Hey, it's good that you have an overall idea of what you want your character to be, but theres a few things you need to have in mind while developing a biography, first would be formatting, while it can literally be formatted in any way you desire, mukuro's biography being an example of this, usually for starters you want to follow a pattern of introduction > appearance > background / personality, this to help the reader navigate more eaisly throughout it, other thing to have in mind is that, lore wise, Shinobi story holds no relation with Naruto's Lore, or any of it's characters, think of Shinobi story of a "What If we were in a different world that while has ninjas, followed a different development, both historical and biological" that changes a lot of things doesn't it, I believe the current setting of the world is "Warring States" and "Konoha" has barely a few years formed as a village, justus are still under development and many kekkei genkais, have yet to be discovered or developed, having a world on its "early stages" can both beneficiate and hold us equally depending on how you look at it, but at the end of the day it's a win win situation, anyways, leaving my ramblings aside, I hope when you decide to develop your character biography further you take some of these things I mentioned in account, good luck, I'll be looking forward to seeing you in-game soon o/.
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  13. Saeloun Sijag One man, endless professions. It is understandable for you to be confused, especially when your idea of a traveler coming from the "Outer Lands" was that of someone inferior to you... It's alright, I forgive you, humans are bound to commit mistakes, at least you had the decency to recognize yours. What, you want me to untie you?... "Fine." -The man said reluctantly as he untied your hands and legs- Your belongings will be staying with me, though. You hear that outside?... -The man pointed out as he diverted his gaze away from you- "Saying a downpour it's coming would be an understatement." - Sigh.. It seems we'll be stuck on this hut together for a while... So get yourself comfortable. You told me your story earlier... And although i didn't ask you at all to do so, or had any interest at all in knowing more about you, I guess it's only fair if i tell you mine as well. The name's Sijag, Saeloun Sijag, thought you may as well call me Sasi. Where do i come from does not concern you, what at other hand, should really matter to you... Is that i'm a man with a long list of skills and professions. What do i specialize at?... Well... That depends on my mood... Yeah, you heard that right, I can be your personal chef if i feel like cooking, help you steal something nice later on... Get rid of a guy you dislike or paint something beautiful afterwards... The possibilitie are endless. Did you seriously just ask for my appearance? The man asked whilst he rose an eyebrow towards you... "Can't you just look at me or something..." Oh... So you were asking for my interpretation?, That's quite... Odd. I'm not one to judge you for being odd anyways... More considering the place we're both at right now. "I'm a man of stature, with dark eyes that blend into the night, Long dark hair, which is fine and straight as silk, Fair Complexion..." And so on the man kept spelling refined words almost as if he believed the bullshit he was saying... Meanwhile, you took a mental note of what he actually meant, the simplified version of it at least... It's not that he was actually wrong when describing himself, but some things were better omitted. Something i thought that was worth to be pointed about his appearance, was the pronounced amount of scars on his chest and abdomen, mostly due fact that with all the bullshit he spouted about his body, he hadn't mentioned em at all... Quite peculiar considering that at the time, he only wore an open chested robe over his shoulders. ♦ Full Name: Saeloun Sijag ♦ Alias(es): Sasi ♦ Birthplace: Somewhere in the Outer Lands ? ♦ Age: 22-27 ♦ Gender: Male. ♦ Height & Weight: 186/192 cm (6'1/6'2) | 79/84 kg (174/185 lbs) Sorting out the man's appearance proved out to be no issue, more because the clothes he wore were precisely the opposite from concealing... With that being said, his personality was more difficult to address, mostly due to how little the man spoke about himself, despite having agreed to answer your questions... reluctantly. After organizing your thoughts you began to depict in your head what seemed to be the most accurate description of this man's personality... Saeloun Sijag... A man on his twenties whose upbringing and style of life probably had forced to learn many things in order to adapt and survive... I could only imagine how thy life had been, to have a person who seemed so charismatic, turn so elusive and taciturn. Saying he was known and loved by many wouldn't have been a hard guess, likewise, the opposite could be said about him being despised by several, his personality most likely being at fault for that… "Distrustful and aloof" Were the vibes he gave about himself at plain sight, His morals made it easy for anyone to trust in him as a worker because "efficient" were one of the few "good" words that could be said about him without hesitation... And ironically, the opposite of he, as a person. The embodiment itself from the quote “Almost, is never enough” And just when i thought i had an Idea of whom the person i had spent hours talking with was, reality reminded me that it it takes longer to even know, or attempt to decipher a person's self and past. A guttural noise similar to a purr resounded within the room, and before you had realized what appeared like an hybrid between a cat and a panther lied a few meters away from you with a food basket on it's mouth. "Took you a while, Sisi." The man said out loud.. His voice showcasing a mixture of emotions he hadn't showed at all earlier while addressing you, "Impatience, annoyance and concern"- But... Was he really addressing you? "Ah... As if i could ever be picky with you..." the man said whilst he looked towards the black "cat", clarifying your earlier doubt. I couldn't help but wonder after watching their interactions for a while... How could... he, treat an "Animal" several times better than what he ever treated "Me" a person. Staring at him while he ate proved to be effective, because for the first he addressed me without me addressing him before... "What" he said, almost innocently, while you kept staring at the "cat" which for some reason had been ignoring you as well... After a while he gave up and began to talk about the cat just to make me stop staring at him... Her name's "Sisi", quite ironic considering his nickname was "Sasi"... Anyways, It seemed "she" had been his partner for as long he could remember and that was pretty much all he said about it... He made clear at that point that he was going to tell me "nothing" by telling me something. The "Cat" In question was huge... Too big to even call it a cat, but not feral enough to be called a beast... If its size was not enough to attract attention, its fur amd appearance were there to correct it, saying that it was beautiful would have been an understatement. The length of their bond was not something i could easily fathom, but if it was true that they had been that long together, it being huge was the lest that could be thought. [Any future "acquaintance" made by sasi In-Game will be added to this tab, if the acquaintance in question has a biography posted in the forums, it'll be linked as well] Sasi's BIography it's currently a work in progress, meaning it's contents may be subject of change and will be most likely updated in the near future, specially when more information regarding lore and game features is released. Thanks for reading.
  14. Shoyo texted me at almost 11PM saying Kizo wanted to bang me, how could I not come.
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