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  1. Since the roleplay will only be secondary on the server, obviously no one's going to be forced, but I can say from the current character cards that a lot of people will be involved. Me and a few of my acquaintances would write these background stories for ourselfes soon, but we’re unsure for now. That’s why I write these suggestions. If we also capture some people that will focus mostly on the role-playing part, it perhaps goning to be much more successful than such Naruto WoW servers, Naruto RP game attempts so far. Let’s be clear about the time frame in which our story takes place I wrote about this a discordon a few days ago, and I got an answer, which is why I thought it would be worthwhile for the creators to explain this better. If ten out of ten people start in a completely different time frame for his character’s story, for example one was born after the Fourth Great Ninja War, the second is working under Danzou's hand for the Root, the third is a relative of the second Hokage, the lineup itself will not necessarily be realistic and will seem quite weak for the gaming experience. If the players would get an accurate description of where the story is right now, how much war we are over, who the current Kages are, what organizations and clans are working or have worked so far, much more detailed and consequently we could bring together better characters later on. Although I have only played on GTA RP servers, I think it is essential to describe the current situation in such detail.
  2. For me it's definitely the chunnin exams and this OP
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    Of course man, thank you It's one of the marks of a true shinobi
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    Thanks yeah I joined already
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    Hey! Just call me Gautama, Tama or Cujo w/e you like. I turned 21 this January so it feels a bit fucked up since I want to go back in time, be a kid again, and sometimes I just got the weird ass doomer vibes. I discovered this game today, I was actually browsing through naruto related discords I actually started watching Naruto again around Christmas, before that I saw the very first screenings around 2006-2008 of the original Naruto. Feels great to finally find a genre that I love, now that I’ve started naruto again. A few things about me that I love my passions which are none other than being with my loved ones (animals as well, I have a chubby pitbull mix), playing games doing and enjoying art. I hope I can put a lot of pleasant hours into the game and that a good community will develop around it. Have a good one!
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