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  1. Quest idea: villagers went berserk You have to go to the near village to find out why did villagers went berserk. U find out they are under genjutsu, and u need to use genjutsu release "kai" on them. Villagers then tells u their gold is stolen by bandits which is why they were under genjutsu, this lead to second quest where u need to find them and retrieve gold. Something like this u probably have in mind but its worth a try. Sorry english is my second language
  2. Podra

    Im New

    Release is on july 30th heres the discord invite if u want updates or talk with community https://discord.gg/shinobistory
  3. https://discord.gg/nGSvMUbw
  4. Showing old shinobi wars, then construction of konoha
  5. Nice one! Im sure biography is lit
  6. Mine bounty hunter
  7. Among us tournament with VC,maybe chess Brawlhalla
  8. Land of wind/land of lightning
  9. earth/lightning, dont wanna copy characters from naruto series but making my own
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