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  1. I login with my email and get this error, I don't know why this happens. My profile is 75% complete and this account is not linked to discord, I don't know if it has something to do about this. I am trying to login trough the 15 GB file, not the launcher. I also tried creating a new account and stuff, but I still get this. When I try to login with my username, this is what I get. çç UPDATE: I finally logged in!!!! JACKPOT!!! This is what I did, I basically created a new account, and logged in using the username, and that is all, I hope this can help some of you guys that are struggling with this issue.
  2. Here is my idea, I hope you like it. There is a little village that needs the help of a ninja to go hunt dangerous animals that live in the near forest, you know, some wild pigs, wolfs, a few snakes, etc. Would be a problem if one of those creatures shows up in the village and started attacking people, so let’s go hunt them before it happens. A few wolfs, wild pigs, snakes, nothing too hard for a well trained ninja. A few minutes later… job done! Let’s go back and report the mission complete! But suddenly, a little far away, there are sounds, sounds like someone is crying for help, this forest is dangerous, maybe that person didn’t know that and got attacked, let’s go help. A ninja from another village is the person that was crying for help and is severely injured, ok this is weird, why would a ninja have problems dealing with some dangerous animals? -It… it wasn’t animals, it was them, the villagers did this to me, run… RUN AWAY, look what they did to me! I don’t want anyone to suffer the same, don’t worry about me, it’s too late for me anyways, run away from those monsters… Those were his last words... Monsters? Why monsters? They seemed nice people, this is not okay. Those wounds… this ninja was bitten by something big, but he is not bleeding that much and the wounds are not profound... Maybe running away is the best for now, ending up like this ninja would be a problem. ...Wait, I am surrounded, right? Just turning around and seeing five villagers about to do with me the same that they did with the other ninja, what a problem, still, they are not ninjas, dealing with them should be easy. -I am sure your chakra is delicious, let us have a taste of it. The villager that said that opened his mouth so much that he literally broke his jaw, wait, no, maybe his jaw is just like that, because he is not human at all, his mouth is entirely filled with teeth, just like a leech, maybe they sucked all the blood of this ninja, that is why he died, but they are not talking about leeching blood, but chakra, what the hell. -So you realized, that’s right, we make ninjas come here to help us, but truth is we just want to absorb all their chakra, he is not the only one that died because of that, and you are next! Anyways so I will start using my fire jutsus like my life depends of it, a fireball should do something here. -So you can use fire? Not a problem, hey you, do your thing! One of the villagers used a water technique to counter my fire, but why, they are not ninjas, or maybe they are? -The ninja behind you was a water user, our friend here absorbed all his chakra and now he can use all his water techniques, also your fire looks powerful, we will be taking your power, by leeching it. Now I understand why they are monsters, they will kill me by leeching all my chakra, dammit, and I am alone here, the easy mission for just one ninja is a dirty bait, and totally fell in this. -We like to consider ourselves ninja predators, so just accept your fate! They are finally attacking me, I can hardly win, retreating and getting help is the best now, they are too strong for me. Substitution jutsu will distract them enough time for me to escape. And it worked! My substitution jutsu saved me, but now that I have this information I have to get help to get rid of all those leech villagers before more ninjas get killed. But dammit, we, ninjas, are offering our help to little villages always, and this monsters are using our good intentions against us, it’s not fair, it’s cruel, I am going to get revenge no matter what!
  3. Play while reading His name is U̶c̶h̶i̶h̶a̶ Adevid Dadell. He is 21 years old. This Uchiha was born in Konoha, in the Uchiha clan, a clan with very talented ninjas, of course Dadell was no exception. However, his house was at the other end of Konoha because he didn't want to live among other Uchihas. Dadell never fails a mission and that draws attention of both fans and haters because of his popularity and he fears that, if he suddenly one day fails a mission people would probably hate him, he even heard stories of ninjas that killed themselves right after getting harassed because they failed a mission. So if he has his house away from the Uchiha clan, hides his face and eyes behind a mask, fakes his personality and uses a fake surname, no one would recognize him in case he made a mess. By a few years, he could live a very quiet life, but one day he had to retreat from a mission because one of his partners got severely injured by an enemy ninja, Dadell was the captain of his team because of his talent, so the responsibility of the failure was on him. This situation was not a problem in theory because he knows how to pretend to be someone else in the village, but one of his teammates revealed his face by putting off his mask and true identity in public in order to make himself a hero unmasking a loser that couldn't deal with the well deserved hate for failing a mission. Adevid Dadell, an apparently normal villager and even a nice person turned out to be Uchiha Dadell, a coward that didn't want to deal with the consequences of his failure, that was what the other villagers were muttering around him at that moment. All the peace of Dadell's very quiet life was about to end forever probably, or probably he also could end the lives of the other villagers that were about to harass him, even the life of the partner that betrayed him, that way he could maintain the peace of his life, of course after that massacre he had to run away from the village, from that day, he was declared rogue ninja. Rogue ninjas are hunted down when they are found, Dadell knew it was just a matter of time that Konoha would find him, but maybe Dadell could not be hunted down if there was no village searching him, so he decided to completely destroy Konoha, a quiet and peaceful life in exchange of the lives of others, that sounded good to him.
  4. You can show different locations, but every time a new location appears in the trailer, it would be cool to see ninjas fighting, for example: Konoha, two ninjas figthing, one using fireball and the other some water or something. The forest, four or two ninjas fighting, but with other jutsus. Another place, two, three or four ninjas fighting with other jutsus, or even melee combat or throwing kunais at each other. This is my idea, hope you like it.
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