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  1. As a water sign in real life, I'll probably try and go water/lightning (if I can), imagine dousing an enemy with some water and then shocking them.
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    Me name is Clayton; in-game name will me Guldir Lightstone (if available). I am 29 years old, been gaming for about 20. Mostly PC, have owned PS, XBOX and the Wii (and Gameboys :P) I have extensive knowledge of projects like this; I have beta tested WoW, EVE, LotrO, Warhammer and countless others. Spent nearly 15k hours on Ragnarok Online. FPS' are also my thing - CSGO, Overwatch, Wolfenstein. I can't tell or even count the hours I have between those games alone. RPG/Strat games are my forte, but don't make me check my corners in CSGO Glad to be here, to watch the progression, and hopefully add some useful insight. Be safe friends, drive safe and don't forget to wash ya hands
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