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  1. Character Name: Kuroie Rank: Jonin I can't enter the Leaf. I got griefed by someones alt last patch in the rat caves where they ran into my poison cloud repeatedly. Then a couple broken duels later and I was a rogue. Back then amnesty was offered but anytime I fight rogues I slowly went rogue over time. I've always consistently RP'd in the Leaf and never attacked non rogues. Edit: Due to Amnesty I am now able to enter the Leaf!
  2. I completely agree! It's difficult to get my friends to play more when their in game experience is already rough due to toxicity from some players. When they ask about it in global and get shut down by some staff or learn it was a staff member they completely get shut down. "Staff member first player second" If as a staff member your fun hinges on making others have less fun, theres a problem
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