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  1. That's why it had the quicker progression. It was to make up for that. Sure, there is danger yeah, but the second one could encourage the same kind of death, just delayed, and with slower progression. Wanna finish someone off, and they'll hunt the town for their rival they finally overcame. It turns the second life into a life of hiding,. doesn't it? It suddenly has all the risks of option 1, but slower progression.
  2. interesting choices. A lot of this is testing stuff right? So wouldn't a faster progression be better? With characters dying adding easy RP potential. Also, anyone who PvP kills people will likely be hunted down themselves. Jounin only could be good too, but it depends how you get that rank. But it also makes it easier for those at higher ranks to abuse their power. #1 makes it easier to balance that, but could disincentivize people being attached to their characters. #2 just seems like encouraging death moreso, and having people scared to leave once they lose that free life, and more likely to be hunted down after dead once. I feel like whichever system goes up, it will end up balancing itself with time. All of them will likely be rough at first, but eventually smooth out more.
  3. No clan is tempting because then there's nothing to tie yo down to others specifically, like no loyalty or prejudice from your clan or others. Though the one for all attitude of the Sarutobi is pretty appealing too. So I'm not 100% sure yet. Kind of torn.
  4. Spencer


    Fate, Dresden files, D&D 5e, Pathfinder, and...those are the only ones that are currently going.
  5. Spencer


    Hello fellows, I'm new here. Not new to RP, but fairly new to RP in a sort of MMO like this. I really like it though. I've been a fan of the Naruto world, even if it can be pretty inconsistent. I play a good few tabletop RPGs as well. Usually two nights a week. I'm not sure what else to say? I'm here to have fun, plan to enjoy myself, and help create enjoyment for others. Let's intertwine paths and help create some interesting stories to tell.
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