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  1. I’ve always had a wide variety of music tastes, definitely blessed to grow up with parents who listened to multiple genres. I have settled on punk rock and ska though.
  2. Petition to remove lonerider has passed
  3. Yes I realize that. My response is to assure you that gambling is in already implemented. See you in the gambling halls.
  4. Gambling is already in place in game. Thanks tho.
  5. Just wait till you see it in game. Things will make more sense then. Wind will always be faster than fire. But.. maybe that fireball hasn’t reached full potential yet? When the alpha comes... cast jutsus in to each other. That’s your hint
  6. @Nisshomaru please try to be more welcoming in this community, he is not wrong to express his ideas here. No matter how old or new his account is he is here to have fun just like you.
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