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  1. Oujou: A clan that resides within forests of bog and deep within caverns hidden away. They are cruel people with icky pale skin. And a terrifying ability that is the stuff of that is the stuff of nightmares. The Kurome. A doujutsu that controls the very essence of death itself. It turns the user’s eyes Into inky black void. If ever in eye contact for even a moment they can transfer whatever harm dealt onto you as well. And if f ever touched they can rot away the skin of those with the displeasure of being that close. And even worse so they amplify that rotting touch to a deviating rotting cloud that destroys any life force that comes too close. Kiro: A clan that made its rise when ninja tools came into limelight. They took a great interest with the design of the shuriken in particular. With their egotistical behavior they decided to take the ninja star and make it their symbol. And over years they shaped they foundation of their chakra to that of a Star too. They can condense their chakra into that of a seemingly normal shuriken but in truth is a highly pressurized chakra star able to pack a punch. They also create a larger star near the width of the body. Although slow spines rapidly causing other jutsus to get out of the way. And for their masterpiece techniques (or so they like to think) Void Star and Star control. Void star spews our multiple large stars that spin at such a fast pace they actually suck in everything around them and the user although uneffected will still get hurt by these out of control stars. And control star gives them the power to control anything that resembles the shape of a star. Not just limited to their clan jutsus but physical shurikens big and small. (A few kewl things I know can prob put more when I remember )
  2. Sad nibba hours didn’t get 9
  3. YO i'm just hyped to 1v7 a group and absolutely destroy them with SKILLS!!!! But I do wonder how well CQC will do since that wasn't something i've personally yet. But other than that I hope it turns up well. Can't wait to be stealing uchiha eyes for myself! >:)
  4. I'd say option 1 if this is still being touched on but do wish to know how fleeing is. Cause if it's near impossible for someone to escape a fight at all then option 3 might be a better choice so Grime squads can't start wiping people the second they get to 3 days of play.
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