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  1. I’ll help but only give info I don’t need or don’t care about so anywhere I find is used to make every hyuuga a god
  2. So what you saying is that you RP and take cool events in your RPs and write about them i see what you doing….
  3. SHITE! The No is too powerful welp there’s nothing left to do
  4. Bruh I thought this was a true story smh... I’m so much less invested in this now
  5. Where’s my cringe
  6. So hyuuga inuzuka(if they add it) and sensory talent(if that something going in as well) I see I see....
  7. Alright glad we know it’s option 1 and even if it was option 2 why would they add being able to get rewards over and over again like that make a lick of sense for balancing
  8. I think you’re seeing the progression system in the wrong light. Cause what I’m getting from what you saying is that A-B-C and 1-2-3 are independent of each other which will allow that looping to proceed where I can just leave the village get to rouge jounin come back then get actual jounin. In actuality if I go genin rouge get to rouge jounin come back I’m still a jounin or if I leave as a chuunin I’m not becoming a rouge genin I’m just the chuunin equivalent and if I get invited back I’m not a genin again I’m still a chuunin.
  9. Ha that what you uchiha wimps get
  10. Sus you don’t know think you an impostor
  11. Was playing a naruto RP game with a friend and the games forum link to yours so I was stuck thinking you guys were them doing something really fancy on the side
  12. Oh ye since this is ancient drug peddling gonna weak trade since there’s only alcohol and maybe opioids guess we gotta go eat random plants to see the effects on uchihas
  13. Yep we gotta dethrone him and replace him with weed. Weed would’ve never been caught as a badmin.
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