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  1. kill the robbers
  2. pillar at jashin cave needs collision
  3. please try to abandon the quest and redo it, i was able to complete the quest from start to finish
  4. Draw someone who you have looked up to, fiction or non fiction.
  5. Hello fellow shinobi! Do you have a quest idea and dont know where to put it? Well let me help you out! For the next week you can submit your quest ideas here. You may ask yourself "WhY wOuLD i WaNt To Do ThAt?". 1. the chance to see your quest in game 2. your head becomes just a tiny bit emptier. Great prizes right?? The staff will vote on the submissions and the user with the best submission will receive a $35 dollar gift card to add to their account for premium status or ingame cosmetics. Any questions should be sent on discord @Toggy to keep this thread clear of none quest related things.
  6. There is no minimap in Shinobi story
  7. Starting Saturday May 22nd I will be streaming daily Part 1 episodes The stream will happen in Sound Village VC This is a muted VC so there will be no talking, we can conversate in #series-discussion Starting at episode 1, I plan to stream 6-7 episodes a day Tentative schedule(all times are in EST for convenience) Monday-Friday 6:15PM-8:15ish PM Saturday-Sunday 4PM-6PM Come hang out for nostalgia as we get closer to Shinobi Story launch!
  8. My suggestion for the game is a tactical ping system, this would help with coordination for teamwork. Person 1: "the enemy is behind that rock over there" Person 2: " which rock there are 15 over there" Person 1: "1, 2, 3, 4, the 5th ro-" Dead because got ganked A ping would have prevented this example of what im talking about from Arma 3( red circle)
  9. I'm level 47 Git on my level
  10. I was on YouTube watching something random and unrelated when the skillshot video showed in my recommended.
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