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  1. I was on YouTube watching something random and unrelated when the skillshot video showed in my recommended.
  2. My character will have made a living from being among the guard for many nobles
  3. Proof below, okaze is toxic
  4. Punk rock and metal core when I'm not just relaxing Chillstep when relaxing
  5. These are all very valid points. If I'm not mistaken, we have reached a unanimous decision and can move forward removing this menace to our society.
  6. Dan, we can discuss immunity for your willingness to come forward.
  7. Great bio, I wonder where he goes and what he does next!
  8. This post is to discuss the need, my need, for aether to go My reasons? He asked for it https://shinobistory.com/forums/topic/378-remove-jiraya-bot/?do=findComment&comment=3425
  9. 100% lol she is a whore haha. If we were being robbed she'd be showing the person her toys trying to play lmao
  10. Name: Soza Hitakori Age: 30 Gender: Male Height: 6'4" Weight: 195lbs Hairstyle: Spiked back Facial hair: None Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Grey Blood type: AB- Primary chakra nature: Hidden Village: Clan & Organization: Clanless ✵The Blood Oath✵ Good or evil at heart: Chaotic Neutral Specialization: Taijutsu Description of the character's personality: Loyal to a fault, if he believes in the cause. Also if he's sober enough. Hobbies: Soza likes drinking. 'Nuff said
  11. Hey everyone! I'm Shawn, I'm 26 married dude from middle of nowhere, US. I have a dog and a 2 year old son. Hobbies are gaming, hanging out in discord, and reading.
  12. Hello everyone, I'm somewhat new here, but I've been trying to be active in the community that's growing here. I won the most recent giveaway hosted on discord and want to share that with someone else. The way to be entered into the drawing is simple, answer correctly how many times Naruto said "believe it" in the entire Naruto and Naruto shippuden series. I'll take answers in dm's under thatoneguy. Images included to show gift card was purchased and my discord so you know who to dm. Event will conclude Monday December 28th at 3pm cst
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