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  1. Aniki

    Faith of Va'al

    Where do you get all this kind of info about faith etc or that just you makeing things up? And still its ok
  2. Aniki

    Discord Highlights

    Aniki will get up and leave the room cuz he cant stand some people in the room
  3. Aniki

    My asset

    No its how to say nah i dont like it ?
  4. still i was there even on the job i did watch
  5. dude come on im working in that time you always bring stream when im busy come on blad....
  6. So nothing so spec... ok
  7. Nah Blad is doing this cuz of money like all the rest of ppl who make games like this and staff members are one of worst ppl ??? just kidding Blad dont ban me pls but yeah you right Senpa this will be good but in time alpha will be ugly like shit trust me but later will come a better sun ?
  8. Oooo where i can buy a book?
  9. Aniki

    Hello o/

    You can try to beat Goku but Beerus-sama is the best so good luck and welcome mate....
  10. Aniki


    Tnx mate and btw doc is saying everything is good now just to keep going with health program ?? ?
  11. @SeanButthead is this a sick or a nicky what are you butthead?
  12. Aniki


    My name is Aniki and im the best shinobi in the world.... Ok jk hey all a lot of you knows me from some others games and name Aniki. My real name is Aleksandar im from Serbia i love anime love rp games love games like this cuz there is not a lot of ppl so there will be no lagging in the game ? (be nice to me and i will be 2 times nicer to you)
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