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  1. Disclaimer : This is m first time attempting writing and even role-playing, so don't be very harsh please. Constructive feedback is more than welcomed. Most of what I am writing is what I encountered in the actual game and other character's I've met, some happening being caused by other player. Tried do include them in the story of my character as to make it more real, hope it won't fail. Thus being said, let's get to it. Also when i use () it means that these are the thought of the caracter and " " means verbal dialogue. Silver shimmer and an edge capable to cut through bones with one swift swing. ( Kasagi, the heriloom katana my father left for me before my mother and him joined the team that was going to venture in the Land of Wind) Theis thought while he was swinging his sword carelessly before the fire. "By my calculation I should arrive in the Village of the Sakuras by tomorrow at noon. Hopefully I will be able to find some information regarding the swordmaster, but for now I have to rest. Even if Theis was born as an Uchiha, he never got the proper training to use the Kasagi. He remembers his father infusing the blade with his lightning release to cause paralyzing blows to his enemies. "Raiton: Weapon enhancement jutsu" Theis yelled while he tried to apply a layer of lightning infused chakra to the blade. He swiftly struck the nearby tree but the jutsu recoiled, the lightning making a minor cut on his forearm. Furious Theis sheathed the sword and strapped on his side. " It really is getting late" The following day. As he emerged from his tent, the fog of the morning was breaking before the first rays of light and he could smell it, the cherry blossoms were dizzying his senses . (I must be closer than I expected) he thought while he packed his makeshift tent and spread the ashes of the fire from the night before. A couple uneventful hours later, Theis, emerges from the top of the hill and sees a field covered of the cherry blossoms from the orchard that was hiding the village like a wall of white and pink. ( I really hope I had not traveled all this way to leave empty handed) he thought rubbing is beard . As he was carefully moving through the cherry trees he saw the gates of the village and a guard standing at the entrance. "State your business traveler" the guard said clutching his sword. "I am here to seek the smith and a night of rest, I bring no trouble" Theis stated as he took of the hood from his cloak. " In this case you may pass, but be careful around this parts, there is a group of bandits that is ambushing anyone that travels alone" "Thanks for the heads-up" Theis said while walking past the guard. (So this is the Village of the Sakuras, maybe I should go and get a room at the Inn first) this said while walking through the road at the center of the town. On each side of the road people were minding their day to day life. On his left stood the sign of the inn. (So this must be it) he thought while opening the door to be met by a lady his age with long straight hazel hair and a pink and white kimono. " Welcome to our Inn, I am Mai, what brings you here, traveller" "Hello, how much for a 2 night at your inn, Mai?" he said looking at his 75 coins in his bag. "That would be 100 coins, traveler" "I don't have enough for it, is there any job that I could do for you in exchange for the stay?' "Actually yes, we are in need of rabbit pelts from the rabbits in the fields, our hunter is unable to hunt as he is injured from his encounter with a venomous snake, luckily our healer was able to counter the poison to an extend" "Fine, how many of this pelts do you need?' ( Rabbits, really, I am an Uchiha not a mere hunter, but I really need a safe place to sleep at) . " Well if you bring me 5 pelts you I wll let you spend 2 night and give you an extra 50 coins" said Mai with a big smile on her face" "Fine, that will do" (This shouldn't be to hard for my shuriken skills) Theis said while exiting the Inn. Theis left the village through the side and entered the clearing where crops could be seen. "Sharingan" Thais said while doing the sign of the Ram in front of his face. His eyes turned to a 2- tomoe sharingan. (Now where are you?) he said while gazing the field for any sign of movement. Theis pulls 3 shurkens out of his bag and gazes around the field. "THERE" he yells while throwing one of his shurikens with a curve towards one of the following bushes. He managed to hit a rabbit right in throat killing it instantly. ... Later that day at the Inn, Mai was carelessly putting a pot of broth on the fire stove on the right of the counter and started to stir it with a wooden spoon. Thud. She was startled by a the sound of something heavy hitting the counter. "Here are your rabbits Mai. Hope we can seal the deal now" Theis said with a big grin and satisfaction in his eyes while putting a bag on the counter. Mai leaned over and opened the bag. "Oh my, so fast? Hmm, this will do, here are to 50 coins I promised. You can use the room on the 2nd floor on the right. ... (tbc)
  2. Full Name: Theis Uchiha Clan: Uchiha Clan Gender: Male Age: 18 Eye Colour: Black Chakra release: - Lightning release Rank: Unknown Place of Birth: - Land of Fire As a member of the Uchiha clan, Theis aims to master the sharingan and exceed his father's reputation. His parents died during a raid in the Land of Wind when he was 10. Since that moment Theis focused on his genjutsu abilities and his Lighning release ninjutsu. Theis's aim is to conquer the Land of Wind for the Uchiha clan in honor of his parents.
  3. Hey guys, So today is the day, but when exactly will the alpha start? couldn't find any exact hour
  4. Any Idea of the exact hour ?
  5. Nice to meet you, I am Stefan. I am from Romania (if there are any Romanians here say hi). Really looking forward for this game
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