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  1. i have this same problem. defender and firewall arent the issue for sure. tried running as administrator aswell. doesnt help so far.
  2. would love to see more realistic take on jutsu and chakra usage. also what im interested into is mostly the PVP side of things (balance and skill wise) ninjutsu should be skillshot only and the actually strong ones should have a solid casting time and cooldowns. spamming ninjutsu can be fun but only when both players are already quite OP and buff as the game progresses and can afford to showoff in such way and defend against it properly. taijutsu should be strongly encouraged imo. the more dynamic a player movement can be, the more fun the game becomes pvp wise. would also love genjutsu of some sort which should just be something like a rogue blind in wow, but with added visual effect. visual prowess would be insane aswell. byakugan helping you track people and see their chakra even through objects and stuff for example is something i would love.
  3. im going earth and/or water. wanna play mokuton someday
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