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  1. I'll help but I need my bitcoins within the week.
  2. I think a compass should be enough to communicate to your teammates which direction the enemy is in.
  3. Got it from you Slugfest Discord
  4. Rather demote thatoneguy
  5. For me the most iconic arc is the Zabuza and haku one. It's the arc which made me fall in love with naruto. It's extremely well written and I never thought I will ever feel sad about the death of an enemy.
  6. I have always been a fan for Electronic Dance Music(edm) for 9-10 years. I first fell in love with this genre when i heard Levels-Avicii on the music channel of my Television and I remember switching the channel on and waiting all day for the song to play again(Sorry I was a stupid kid who didn't knew that songs could be downloaded).It always fills me with great pain whenever i hear it again, knowing that there will be no new songs by my favourite artist (R.I.P. Avicii u_u).So tell me what are the songs that you vibe to and how did u first discover them.
  7. I am sorry what?
  8. I will never say such inhumane things. Do you like me so much that you talk to yourself as if i am complementing you?
  9. Master Jiraya Bot is useless and should be kicked from the server. The very prescence of this bot in the server angers me. This bot doesnt even reply when I say hi to it, like who does that. This arrogant bot should be kicked.
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