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  1. Glad to see someone using the reasoning we provided and even going further and providing a scouting report. May I suggest throwing topics like this in the "letters to npc's" section on the forums? A superior in the Sarutobi may write back and even praise your efforts.
  2. Of course We are a small team at the moment, but as often as we possibly can. We dont want to overdo it and burn everyone out though, a lot of scenarios should be organic and player made. Considering we are still tuning the progression system, that has yet to be determined, but there most certainly will be benefits, besides progressing your characters story. This section of the forum is meant for organizing events, not asking questions pertaining to them. Please use the appropriate section next time. (Moved from event forum to support forum.)
  3. Sakuraba


    Character is way too young, character at the very minimum has to be 16.
  4. That name... Well written as usual.
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