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  1. *Convesation i had with a clan member as to a suggestion about the puppet master fighting mastery* Me : Is there like a Puppet master system version in WoW that can be implemented in the game? Clan member: I suppose it might go something like either summoning a pet, then putting the caster in stealth mode and to keep playing as the summoned puppet, something similiar to eye of the beast hunter spell or eye of kilrog warlock spell. Or it might be more of a regular pet class with micro managing the pet abilities while keeping control of the player character. Problem with 1st one would be how it would go with other masteries, they'd basically go to waste if you don't use your character. Either way, looking forward to how they implement it Me: I thought about it because ive been running around towns and i kept on seeing npc's with the title "puppet master" under their name Me: Basically what i had in mind is that your masteries and skill set can still be used by the puppet depending on what mastery you chose, if its taijutsu, kenjustu, fire lightning, except for the bloodlines. Something like what kakuzu's hearts can do. your puppet can use your other masteries as well. Question is why have a puppet if they will do the same thing you can already do with your character?, well like the benefit is YOU the character won't be killed in the game and you can basically hide anywhere with like what you said in stealth mode but there has to be a range on how far your puppet can go so it wont be broken as hell. Its like having another character with you but its a puppet, as well as when you are in puppet mode of course you cant move your actual character and will be in stealth mode Plus if your puppet gets destroyed then you will be stunned briefly and cant summon the pet for a good amount of time. High risk, high reward. I also think that by having a puppet, in order to balance things out, your character itself will be useless loosing 90 percent of your damage like how it is when you die in the game right now when you cant find your body. And the supposed damage you give out will be converted and given by the puppet X2, because if they get destroyed you are basically useless in battle which will make the puppet fighting style really challenging. something like that, so that YOU are really compelled to use your puppet instead of fighting yourself.
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