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  1. It's a known bug for us. Just hit ESCAPE or ENTER on your keyboard to close the green boxes.
  2. jimmus

    Launch game error

    Did you try and restart your launcher?
  3. Have you checked whether your antivirus has removed the launcher? We don't create shortcuts to the launcher so something else on your end must be
  4. You'll need to white list that IP address to allow the launcher to download, as it's one of our download servers
  5. Is this a shortcut to the launcher or the actual launcher? I usually expect to see an updater.exe and a resources folder being downloaded after you open it. I don't see any of that being downloaded so it suggests that your PC/network is disallowing connections to our server. Try and see if you can access - you should see some text
  6. Can you try cleaning your temporary files, then restarting your PC and launching it again?
  7. Thank you for your report. We will be releasing a patch out this week to fix this
  8. You'll need to white list that IP address on avast or make an exception to that folder
  9. Thanks for reporting this issue. We will look into it
  10. jimmus

    Fullscreen problem

    Are you able to play the game in windowed mode? Try deleting your WTF/Config.wtf and using the launcher to reset your settings
  11. jimmus

    Fullscreen problem

    What error was shown before you crashed, if any? Or did it just stop responding with a blank white screen
  12. jimmus

    Fullscreen problem

    Hi there, have you tried using fullscreen windowed (/w borderless) rather than fullscreen?
  13. Jimmus' Diary: Jutsu Skillshot System Good day Shinobi players! Greetings and welcome to my first development diary. Hopefully this diary and further updates will showcase what we currently have, and what is planned for the future. In this diary I'll be making updates in regards to the Jutsu Skillshot System (JSS? heh). What are Skillshots? I think one of the first things we should discuss before we continue, is what exactly a skillshot is. A skillshot is simply an ability, or in this case, jutsu, that allows casting without direct targeting of any individual unit (usually an enemy, but could be friendly too!). Skillshots as a whole require some varying degree of aim, hence the "skill" part of skillshot. There are probably more definitions that cover this in depth, but this on a whole is what a skillshot is, and how we will be going about implementing them as a basis. But how does it work? It's not much of a secret, as many would probably agree, that the core backend of Shinobi Story is based on a WoW engine. For those who don't know or don't play WoW, it probably doesn't mean much, but let it be known that skillshots within a WoW engine haven't been attempted before as the main focus on spell casting. Spells in WoW are mostly non-skillshot based. From a technical standpoint we had to rewrite quite a few things within the core engine to make this all work! Skillshots are a separate entity from the moment they leave your hand after casting. This would mean that even if you died, said skillshots would still persist. Generally speaking, when a skillshot leaves the hand of a player, it's size, shape, speed and damage are precalculated upon cast; however in the case of a fireball jutsu, we could actually amplify the size, speed and damage during flight if it contacted a wind projectile (spoilers!). Other varying factors that we had to take into consideration when building this system is the interactions it would have on other Jutsu ability types, for example, a fire projectile being empowered when contacting a wind projectile. Or perhaps, an earth jutsu ability being able to block other projectiles as a whole. Current progress Pictures usually speak a thousand words (excuse the dwarf model). Wind Style: Gale Palm Jutsu Fire Style: Phoenix Fire Jutsu Wind Style: Wind Bullet Jutsu Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu Wind Style: Great Breakthrough Future Plans With this being early days as the whole jutsu system had been decided to be rewritten in C++ (See Vlad's earlier diary post), this is just the start of it all! We will be rolling these changes out soon so stay updated! Water and earth jutsu is still in progress and this post will be updated to reflect that.
  14. See - this issue has already been posted several times
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