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    Am sowwy, this my second time writing a bio T^T
  2. If roses are red but violets are blue, does that mean the one who made this was colorblind? Hey there~ See you all in game :3
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    Nickname: Ruri Age: 17 yrs. Old Gender: Female Bloodline: Uchiha Chakra Nature: Wind Birthplace: Land of Fire Appearance: -Yachiru's appearance is that of a normal teen, young girl with raven black hair, dark eyes and a fairly white skin. She has a pet butterfly named Nis that would often land on her hand whenever it was resting. Yachiru's hair is flat that is often straight and hangs freely for the wind to wave alongside of its gust and she is often seen with a hand-held fan. Personality: -Yachiru is a daydreamer, viewing the world she live in as a book she’s currently reading and she has seven different personalities that would differ based on her surroundings or mood entirely, namely; -Luxuria (Goat), Lustful. -Gula (Boar), Glutton. -Avaritia (Fox), Thieving. -Acedia (Sloth), Lazy. -Ira (Dragon), Wrathful. -Invidia (Snake), Envious. -Superbia (Lion), Prideful. She is mostly seen as a sloth or lazy after realizing there's seven different persona inside of her at the age of 10, she rarely even cares about the facet of her clan, considering it as a waste of time. Background: -Its mostly just what's behind her but generally she's born in the land of Fire, Yachiru spent most of her life cooped up inside their humble property for the sole reason of her not being interested on whatever's outside. Yachiru's constant change of personality caused her attendants and even her parents to avoid her almost completely, having meals alone and only speaks to them when the topic is of importance. The lack of entertainment inside their household made her leave to travel in search of anything interesting that catch or might capture her attention. ((To be Continued))
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