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  1. BALANCE CHANGES NPCs: Mobs between level 1 to 5 has their damage decreased by 2/3. Farmers has their average level lowered by 4.5 to better fit their peasant status. Due to farming of farmers the farmers expect security to arrive soon. Crabs will soon invade the Land of Fire shores Giant Green Snakes will not have misleading colour naming anymore. Low level world bosses will undergo balancing review, changes will not be disclosed. Guards have received a major damage buff befitting their awesome status as defenders of peace. Player Changes: Players health pool has been lowered by 500 health points. Staves will have a 0.5 second attack speed increase. Player stats has been changed. No disclosure. As nightfall draw over the Hidden Village, the guards by the gates notice a change in a wild sounds hidden in the dark. It is silent. A tense atmosphere covers the forest. Someone or something is hunting tonight. Some silly intern unleashed something which seems to manifest around midnight EST. Better find it before AetherFixer fixes this small incident. *winky smiley* Sincerely, HandyWeaver
  2. Can you attempt this in either fullscreen or fullscreen (windowed)? What is your screens normal resolution?
  3. GREETINGS NINJAS! With the launch of Alpha 2.cool you may stumble upon some npc one shotting you, not doing any damage or levitating through the air like a Counter Strike noclip hacker. All these things are something i will allow you to @Aetherweaver here on the forums in feedback posts regarding such things. Thank you all for playing and helping us make this great game greater. Sincerely AetherNerfer.
  4. So long you play and drop feedback to the "missions" assigned, anyone can join. Pm me on discord for an invite. @Cadron You can pm too.
  5. It is the true and proper story of Foxboi n Belly Monsters.
  6. With a new world soon ready to be explored, created from the hard work of many and the vision of one Llama, I, the one and only Sad Test Creature, invite all future Shinobi with an interest to balance all that is injust and unfair to gather! The Tunnel Vision Team will rise through the hardships of OP 1shot spells, 1hour long CCs and low reward quests to create a fair path for all those who may tread our path in the future. To those who have already gathered and those who intend to, it is time to unite before the Dawn of this new world. Sincerely, From your very own God of Balance, AetherTester. PM Me for an invite to the TVT discord.
  7. Hey, Im Aetherkeeper. I do something around here. Glad to have you around. Dont trust the fake developer on the staff team. Sincerely, Aetherchips
  8. Experience will be completely reworked. The testing may stretch into the Alpha release. Please be adviced that the xp will only INCREASE. Hence becoming more difficult. Not that i think it will be easy for you currently. Hehehehehehehe. Love, Aetherburger
  9. https://shinobistory.com/forums/topic/484-testing-tunnel-vision-team-2cool/?tab=comments#comment-4077
  10. A heads up The new release is soon upon us and that means a lot of things especially for the staff team. As the one dealing with numbers in a living digital world where thousands of factors and possibilities intertwine and effect one another, I need feedback. Very specific feedback. This is where the Tunnel Vision Team comes into play, as a part of my personal team you will be treated like a robot and send in numbers like a computer for the sole purpose of making everything PERFECTLY BALANCED. kek. All who is interested can apply here, should you decide you dont want to before or even after, then that is fine too. I am looking for casuals, hardcore casuals, minmaxers, speedrunners. Whatever you are, because so long you know basic numbers and play the game you are eligible to help the one and only Aetherwrecker. Love, Aetheroilrig
  11. GG, 10/10 would catfish again
  12. As the person with first hand experience with this public menace, I would like to state a few points as to why it should be put down. 1. He bullies people for no goddamn reason. 2. He posts stupid math memes no one understands. 3. You can't type any number without him just appearing outta nowhere. 4. He tries to make people buy weird things. 5. What the heck is a HC couch anyway?
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