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  1. Your wand weapon chooses you With our cool little poll about staves, your friendly Aetherwerfer has returned to tell you ABSOLUTELY something. You heard right, I am here to tell you something and its gonna be a little tease and NO PEAKING. Its gonna be hinting to numbers and you know I cannot show you ANY numbers. Non. Anyway, so you are here to chose your first Wand and you really want that phoenix core for maximum offensive ability because who wouldn't? However, you are forgetting the wood, flexibility and that LENGTH has an important say too, so I will tell you shortly about some characteristics you may or may not find depending on my mood and how many exceptions I will make until next time you are gonna play of some wands. Buckle up and start thinking what you want YOUR Wizard or Witch to use when the servers are once again up for public testing. Daggers A rogues favorite toy and not very good at spellwarding, this or these weapons are often used by magical ninjas although they made them tini tiny and call them some weird stuff. They are fast, reliable and if your opponent is unaware and ain careful, these bastards can quickly hit those important spots or graze them, causing a little more than just a flesh wound. If you decide on using these pointy metal sticks, you must truly want to lay down damage and you want to lay it down quickly, pull a blanket over and get that goodnight story told faster than me mispronouncing Narutotm character names. Fist Weapon What is more convenient than having a weapon that enhances your FACE PUNCHING ABILITIES? I don't know, tell me when you find one that ain a gun. With the AMAZING agility and intelligence of your average magical ninja and the weird reason they choose kitchen knives over knuckles confuse me, these FIST enhancing pieces of DEATH METAL will not hinder your attack speed, nonono, you might even feel like punching even faster with these bad boys and I tell you, you do not need to hit any important spot to know that your PUNCHES will wear down any Wizard Lord in less than a second. An easy way to enhance your pure physical abilities to punch just that much harder. So get punching or get going - dont need no wuss using kitchen knives in the knuckle club. One handed Weaponry Need a sword? Club? Hell, a blacksmith hammer to defend yourself? Look no further. With the elegance and subtly of murder tools such as the three examples, you find yourself in the ideal position to STRIKE HARD and still have the speed to keep up to those fast hitting daggers. With one handed jutsu which is not invented yet and not confirmed whatsoever I just thought that it sounded cool, you can dump out Bad Breath Jutsus in combination with smacking your foe with some one-hand action. A well balanced choice for any true lvl 2 katana fan - since lvl 3 katanas are pretty much 2 handed weapons, don't lie and tell me you see Samurais wield those large Katanas with one hand. I watched the documentaries although I dont know their actual names, you ain fooling me. Two handed Weaponry Did you EVER just want to just smash something? Truly just hit something so hard that you almost 1shot them in a free-to-play hobby developed magical ninja game? Look no further than ANY weapon requiring 2 hands. When 1 hand just isn't enough and you need just alittle extra to finish the job - get a 2hander! Giant spiked clubs of death? Might be slow but don't tell me you want to take a hit from one of those! What if it hit you somewhere important? You might as well just cry, log off and uninstall that trash lego copy your friend neighbors son plays. THE HEAVY WEIGHT LEAGUE IS BACK LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! In one corner we have HUGE ASS MAUL vs HUGE ASS SPIKY CLUB, expect a SLOW and EXTREMELY painful DEATH in this matchup. Even in the crossover episode next year with the low and medium class- Slow agony and death awaits whoever dares stand in front of 500 pounds of perfected medieval war technology. With this obscure explanation of how the weapons will act (Like you didn't already know how weapons worked, you warmongerer ), I hope you all will let me know your thoughts on which weapon fits YOUR character the most. Or just the one you are the most excited for, who knows? You might wanna switch between them for different scenarios! Hinthinthinthinthinthint... Love Aetherweaver / Sad Test Creature
  2. Currently no one has a big enough belly for a giant fat animal to reside within, nor does anyones belly have space for a jail cell either. For the jutsus, they are still being developed and currently we are having multiple paths we can take that may be trashed or become reality. No one has to care about balancing for now since I am still running numbers, know that this will take A LOT of time, since every spell has some kind of effect on several other spells or with other spells and should be taken into consideration with the melee weapons and the creature stats together with the character stats for all preplanned stat boosts. When working with % and hard numbers, this takes even longer together with things like critical damage which is interchanging between melee and jutsu. Being a frog god with nature powers will not be made available in the near future since honestly it would slow down the rest of the balancing. The fancy eyes mechanic is slowly being worked on as well for all you bloodline lovers. Want answers on more? Please quote it and tag me. Especially when it comes to anything number based like creature health or player damage and anything that can effect literally anything in the game. Hell, I'll even answer your PMs on discord. Love, Aetherweaver / Sad Test Creature P.S I ignored your discussion
  3. Actually changing this is currently a lil difficult for us, but should the opportunity arise and we have it discussed thoroughly it may or may not become a reality. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Tunnel Vision Team: Mission #01 Since I dont mind feedback from everyone, all Tunnel Vision Team missions will be public. With the new update coming along with a drastic change involving WEAPON DAMAGE! UNHEARD! I need my team to gather together and start SMACKING EACH OTHER so many times that you can tell me whether 2hand weapons is superior to 1hand weapons or vice versa! Should you get the opportunity to fight someone, attempt to make it 100% melee based with no jutsus and smack eachother. Once the smacking is complete, please reply to this post whether your opinion is either: 1hand weapons is superior with the Smiley OR 2hand weapons is superior with the Smiley Give an explanation as to why below your smiley! Tunnel Vision Team Members will be directly contacted once this change is live. The Smiley is for me to quickly see what the post is actually about since I may or may not have time to read everything in detail, incase too many reports roll in. Love, Aetherweaver / Sad Test Creature
  5. Aether Patch 1.0.01 Young Ezo Wolf Experience gained reduced by 50% Damage increased by 33% Population decreased by 30% due to overhunting. Ussuri Brown Bear Damage decrease by 17% Experience gained increased by 50% Ussuri Brown Bear Patriarch Damage decrease by 17% Health Increased by 100 Experience gained increased by 50% Giant Forest Snake Experience gained decreased by 80% Damage done increased by 73% Health increased by 807% Resistance against jutsu increased by 83% (Theoretically). Attack speed increased from 700 to 1015. Decrease aggro buff; Touch of Insignificance - 1stack = 20% less aggro generated, stacks up to 5. 1 hand melee weapon Attack Speed decreased by 10% Damage increased by 2-4. 2 hand melee weapon Attack Speed increased by 10% Patch inbound.
  6. This is not a clan or organisation, this is an off screen team that gives me feedback.
  7. Remember that eye candy I told you guys about?
  8. Reserved for confirmed team members. List of Glory: Aniki Batrachomyomachy Ishigaki Killjoy Jet1509 RK-17 The Rower
  9. Tunnel Vision Team Recruitment Hello everyone, this is your man, the one and only Aetherwerfer with a new cool concept to EVERYONE not entirely sure what they want to do for the Alpha and might need some inspiration. As you might have figured, I am in charge of the balancing and database part of Shinobi Story and that means I do all the numbers that is behind the game. The reason I have writing to you all today is because I am one man and I am not guaranteed to get all the specific feedback on all Alpha aspects. Some might not give feedback, some things might not get touched entirely and some might be overused and I will get too much feedback on one thing. SO! I will be recruiting a team of players for the Alpha who will get to choose different aspects of the game to put their sole focus on, a.k.a tunnel vision. I need people who are capable of giving continued feedback throughout the Alpha who wants to be a major help in the overall balancing of the game itself. First off, I will be looking for people who wants to join the team that already has or is willing to make a character focusing on the following aspects: Medical Ninjutsu Sarutobi Clan Ninja Tools Earth Release Water Release Civilian | Non-Ninja If you are interested in participating in the Tunnel Vision Teams ambitions, you can post your Discord Name on this post or PM me on Discord Aetherweaver#9053 / Sad Test Creature(Nickname on SS Discord) DISCLAIMER: You will get NOTHING, no perks, no cosmetic, advantages, NOTHING AT ALL other than my appreciation for helping me. Love, Aetherweaver / Sad Test Creature
  10. Fantastic Animals: The Calm before Tempest Yo, so I am sitting around at the moment waiting for some database stuff going through which is SUPER fun, I guarantee you. But since I am waiting I though I would reveal the last three animals. Two of them is in the same family as two in prior Fantastic Animals installments and are both very tasty when eaten and definitely not poisonous. The last one however is also one of the most pessimistic characters in Winnie the Poo yet adored by millions across the globe. And with that, I shall now leave you with the final installment of Fantastic Animals. Frog The Daruma Pond Frog might be one of the least threatened if not the least in Shinobi Story for now. This lovely frog with its brown back striped- spotted and green body is naturally gifted with a camouflage fitting its habitats in warm grasslands, rivers, marshes, canals and many more as it is easily blending in with its surroundings. Just like its cousin, this frog also acts as an opportunistic predator and is a lovely sight to biologists as it shows a healthy local eco-system where ever their population is abundant. This frog is known by Hunters to also be one of the easiest obtainable with decent size in the wild for provisions. With a size ranging between 3.5 to 7.3 centimeters and its thick structure, it can easily become a primary food source for hunters and ninjas alike on long missions that is set near its watery habitats. Should the scorching sun however be too much, these critters will rarely be seen hit by sunlight and most likely be in the water or shade near the water when possible. It is possible for them to hide within fallen tree trunks or large bushes that enjoys the extra water by a ponds shore or alike. Snake With a taste most adopted by the French and a brown to orange skin, the Iwasaki Snail-eater is the cutest little friend for reptile lovers that might be introduced in the nearest future for Shinobi Story. Being one of the more local predators with its only known habitat being the the Yaeyama Islands, this fellow as the name suggests feed only on the snails living within their habitat, even their newly hatched will solely feed upon the snails with clockwise coiled shells as they for some unknown reason is incapable of properly hunting the counterclockwise coiled shells that some of the local snails wear. Like all other snakes, this happy friend is most comfortable in the warmth as a cold-blooded predator and will be highly inactive in the winter together with the snails they feed upon, but this is greatly compensated for the amount of snail murders going on in the warmth of Spring and Summer. Although the Iwasaki Snail-eater is a highly specialized snail-hunter, it is closing in on becoming threatened nowadays and thus it will be put back into nature within Shinobi Story, hunting all your crop eating snails - as long as their shell is not counterclockwise coiled. Hare The Japanese Hare together with our Daruma Pond Frog is a common species around Japan and is one of the most beloved meals for hunters all around the countryside. Despite this animal being used in perhaps more wild stews than any other, it is not exactly an easy prey for the inexperienced. This fluffy boy has one of the greatest senses of danger, amazing hearing and incredible speed and sometimes irrational movement due to their jumping patterns. Most skilled hunters have gone out to only use traps to take care of this ferocious vegetarian as active hunting is almost impossible within a dense forest or open field. Should you however choose to pick this Hare as your prey, like all other rabbits and hares, they feed doing early morning and evening and primarily on all vegetation that is within their habitat, should a hare decide to settle down near a farmers place, one should be aware that the crops may not be left alone for long. As many people think, these animals breed like there was no tomorrow and know that this is true, a female begins at the age of one and can easily have several children within a year as their breeding season continuous even doing the winter season. Meaning that Farmers all around the lands appreciate every kill upon this species, directly meant to help the rodent problem or indirectly in order to get yourself a camp meal with your ninja team. The Aether Rambling You dont have to read the text below. I'm just spouting nonsense. This will end the four part installment of the Fantastic Animals series and hopefully you have gotten yourself a lot of knowledge about the various animals available within the Land of Fire doing our alpha period. I for one am kinda happy that this is the last one, studying animals is one thing but telling you guys in a roundabout way about their appearances in different seasons is kinda bothersome, do not get me wrong, I love sharing this with you but I have looked at far too many biology reports on animals and their sex life the past few weeks to enjoy it anymore. Honestly, many of the animals had very few public texts available and I had to dig DEEP for some of the more localized animals like the snail-eater snake and that funny wolf considering its friggin extinct. I have not added some of the day and night appearances either since many of the animals sleeps most of their life away, kinda like us, it all depends on the temperature and their eating habits. If they got hunted while normally eating, they would just eat at another time- if they survive. The predators however is mostly opportunistic except for the wolves (Since the bears eat friggin anything) who actively hunted before hunger kicked in or shortly after, so they would also just hunt whenever. I did however get a cool fact from the Ezo Wolves, they are closely in family with the Canadian wolves for some god apparent reason and I honestly do not see the resemblance. It looked far more like a coyote when I looked it up with pictures. I know, I know, its stuffed and all since its DEAD, but still looked kinda like a coyote to me despite never seeing one in real life. Now, I added a small spoiler below and some of you might think I will take a piss on you again and I MIGHT, but not this time. Its a little hint as to what I'll add after the launch tomorrow for my Aether blog, might add it Saturday first since tomorrow will be kinda hectic for us but who knows, might be able to sneak it in at some point. Hope you all did not mind my rambling and that you enjoyed my little introductory series for our animal friends that may or may not be capable of killing you. Love, Aetherweaver / Sad Test Creature
  11. Fantastic Animals and the Secret Of Dan Okay. I know that movie franchise does not have a third installment, so for this I just made jack up to go along with the popular Disney Prince named after an Italian child and one of the smallest active wild predators in the cat family. I hope you enjoy. Deer The Kerama Deer is possibly one of the deer in the world closest to extinction, with less than 150 left in the world this animal is now protected by the Japanese Government however, this animal were not always part of the Japanese Eco-system, imported from the Kagoshima Prefecture back in the early 17th century and soon to be over hunted due to the animals habit of ruining large areas of crop, this animal does not necessarily fear getting close to cities should the food be abundant, making it one of the Japanese Farmers most hated animal since its early introduction into the lands. But now, this Deer will inhabit the lands within Shinobi Story and possibly wreck havoc once again to the farmers struggling to meet needs end. With its average weight of 75 kilogram the Kerama Deer is smaller than most of its cousins but do not mistake this as an easy prey. Despite the natural population of wolves that exist in Japan, this animal managed to continuously grow in population which led to the man-handled regulation of the species which usually required skilled hunters due to their high awareness of predators as well as the high speed that these deer possess. Despite being active all year around, Hunters and Ninjas alike can be lucky to stumble upon antlers in the Spring laying across the forest floor, should one of the bucks have wandered on the same path. Know that their intelligence is higher than most civilians believe, as their tracks overlap in the snow during the winter and they are adapt to shake off hunters by suddenly change directions, should they sense danger lurking near them. Cat The Tsushima Leopard Cat, today known as a domesticated cat within the households of Asia, this was not always the case. Although it is only slightly larger than our current house cats, this is a predator like the rest of the wild members in the cat family. Currently it is not seen as an endangered species, it is still declining in population with only 50.000 remaining in the wild. First domesticated in China roughly 5000 years ago and all the way till today, it has served not only as an arrogant family uncle but also a companion to farmers to hunt small critters that could ruin crops, although it is not at a size capable of taking down a Kerama Deer, it is still a welcoming sight to most farmers that does not keep chickens for eggs as both the domesticated and wild Leopard Cats have a tendency to borrow those indiscriminately. Although this cat will be introduced as a wild animal in Shinobi Story, this animal is amazing at adaptation and can easily live within human shaped landscapes and can possibly find its way inside the outskirts of towns where the human traffic is at its low point. Since tomorrow is a special day for most of us, I will tell you all about three animals! Amazing, three! Must be Christmas although you did not deserve a bonus present. I just miscalculated the amount of animals being introduced. Lucky you. Two returning animal species and a third very fluffy and small thing, usually hunted by large birds will take the stage in tomorrows post. Take your guesses, my fiance already figured the newcomer out. Love, Aetherweaver / Sad Test Creature
  12. Fantastic Animals: The Crimes of Vlado the Mado As promised yesterday I will introduce two new animals that will be in the Alpha of Shinobi Story, one being the biggest to take the stage of Alpha and the second being the Naruto Favorite. No, its not a Fox. Bear The first is the biggest one which you will know by the name of Ussuri Brown Bear, one of the largest bears on the planet, this big boy can reach a top weight of up to 550 kilograms and average around 450 kilogram. Their skulls are at a size close to the Kodiak Bear being 38.7 centimeters long and 23.5 centimeters wide. The Ussuri Brown Bear, although dangerous in size is primarily vegetarian. Their health primarily focus the on the vegetation near the mountain forests they reside in, including berries, ants and flotsam. But be aware of it still since its size still allows it to take down larger prey with ease, using its large claws and humongous strength. Should a hunter or ninja stumble across a mauled carcass of a larger mammal, be aware that you may have stumbled into an area that is close to an Ussuri Brown Bears den. Should you meet this fierce beast, do not take your hopes on outrunning it, despite its large body weight, this animal can easily outrun most humans in most terrains. Luckily, as all bears this one too goes into hibernation doing the winter but despite this, it is possible to stumble across this furry vegetarian predator both day and night. Roughly 44% of all humans attacked died as a cause of the bear attack. Frog The Hyla Tree Frog is a bright green frog that is commonly seen residing upon rice paddies within the lands of Japan. Formerly believed to be a subspecies of the European Tree Frog, this little fellow was put under the Asian frog family where it now resides. The Frog has migrated through borders all the way down to the middle-east, showing its resilience and adaptability to new forms of habitat although their numbers in these new regions are scarce, but still existent. Primarily working like most other frogs; Active when warm and docile in the cold nights, this animal enjoys its most activity in the stable warm summer days and can rarely be found in its normal habitats when the cold starts to flow over the lands. For all the lucky hunters finding this friend around, a useful fact is that it is not poisonous and can easily be grilled for a high protein snack and is sometimes found as a stall snack in Asian cities. Should you however have a spider or insect problem as a farmer, keeping these around your rice field could provide an easy solution as it is an opportunistic predator and will take down those pesky insects quicker than any human means, should their population be plentiful enough. Tomorrow, we will bring out a cute fellow that should not be mistaken with your usual house cat together with one of the most adored animals of our time. Love, Aetherweaver / Sad Test Creature
  13. Fantastic Animals and where to find them So, I did promise yesterday to do some neat stuff for you all and introduce a few of the animals we intend to smack into alpha and laugh at since they wont be nearly as balanced as they could. I will tell you about two animals today, some of their characteristics and hint to how they will be acting according to the previous mentioned seasonal/day/night system. Snake Within the nature of Japan lurks a slithery predator, this animal in our world is to the point of being threatened with extinction as their only known habitat is slowly being manipulated by humankind. However, in the world of Shinobi Story, we are now re-introducing this threatened animal into nature and letting it do its part in the natural order you find as you roam the lands. The Amami Odd-scaled Snake, a fierce predator towards most critters in their habitats although mostly harmless towards Ninjas, this snake have been documented attacking humans both in the wild and captivity if stressed, threatened or pregnant. Although this is not a venomous species and their hunting method is common in the snake family, one of their unique traits is found in the scales, as these do not overlap as most snakes has it, but instead is placed individually upon its body. The Amami Odd-scaled Snake is usually hunting whenever it is hungry, meaning that it is possible to find this predator lurking around both day and night although mostly during the day. With a natural warm climate and forestry environment, this snake will mostly be found in tall grass near forests, in said forests and active during the warm seasons of the year. Wolf Japan is one of the fantastic places where Wolves still roam free in nature. However, during the Meiji Restoration Period, one of these fantastic wolves were hunted till extinction with the last possible seeing being in 1945, although confirmed extinct in 1889. This time we are not saving an animal, but bringing the extinct back into life within Shinobi Story. The Hokkaido Wolf or Ezo Wolf as you will know it as in the game became an active livestock predator in the 19th century and caused farmers all over Japan misery as they took livestock one after one. With its large size of 70-80 centimeters to its withers, light gray fur and black guard hairs along its back, this fierce predator while hunting in its pack could be devastating to any and all Ninjas without the proper knowledge about this wild beast should they agitate it. Although these predators are usually aware of humans, they do not actively seek to harm them. However, with roughly the weight of 35 kilogram primarily being muscle, they tend to hunt Horses during the summer months which is the main labor force of the Farmers and Deer in the winter months which many hunters also have in their sight due to this animals continued activity in the winter months. Join us next time when we introduce the largest animal that will appear within the Alpha of Shinobi Story together with a Naruto Favorite Animal! Love, Aetherweaver / Sad Test Creature
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