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  1. Hey, Im Aetherkeeper. I do something around here. Glad to have you around. Dont trust the fake developer on the staff team. Sincerely, Aetherchips
  2. Experience will be completely reworked. The testing may stretch into the Alpha release. Please be adviced that the xp will only INCREASE. Hence becoming more difficult. Not that i think it will be easy for you currently. Hehehehehehehe. Love, Aetherburger
  3. https://shinobistory.com/forums/topic/484-testing-tunnel-vision-team-2cool/?tab=comments#comment-4077
  4. A heads up The new release is soon upon us and that means a lot of things especially for the staff team. As the one dealing with numbers in a living digital world where thousands of factors and possibilities intertwine and effect one another, I need feedback. Very specific feedback. This is where the Tunnel Vision Team comes into play, as a part of my personal team you will be treated like a robot and send in numbers like a computer for the sole purpose of making everything PERFECTLY BALANCED. kek. All who is interested can apply here, should you decide you dont want to before or even after, then that is fine too. I am looking for casuals, hardcore casuals, minmaxers, speedrunners. Whatever you are, because so long you know basic numbers and play the game you are eligible to help the one and only Aetherwrecker. Love, Aetheroilrig
  5. GG, 10/10 would catfish again
  6. As the person with first hand experience with this public menace, I would like to state a few points as to why it should be put down. 1. He bullies people for no goddamn reason. 2. He posts stupid math memes no one understands. 3. You can't type any number without him just appearing outta nowhere. 4. He tries to make people buy weird things. 5. What the heck is a HC couch anyway?
  7. I'm level 38 Git on my level
  8. GREETINGS PEOPLE! Welcome to the Aether Event. This event will be: Scavenger Hunt! You will get a reminder on voice chat or a reference to this page on the day. I will EDIT one of my posts to have a SINGLE word that has NEVER been written by me in ANY other post than that specific one. You have to find this post and show me that you found the word inbetween one of all the posts that I have made doing my time on the forums. The rules are simple: 1. Find the word that I specify in #Updates on Discord on the day of the event. 2. Do not VISIT MY PROFILE from the 14th till the end of the event. 3. You must take a screenshot, highlighting the word SOMEHOW together with the URL for the post and DM it to me DIRECTLY on Discord. The Event will be held on the 16th this month at 11PM GMT+1. 2pm Pacific Time. I will be available in voice chat. The price prize is: 25dolla Gift Card. SURPRISE! THIS WILL NOT BE THE ONLY EVENT! This event will be: Short Story! That is right, two events at once. This event will be as mentioned, a competition to make SHORT STORIES. You will write your short story and it will be PUBLICLY available for reading. The rules are as following: 1. It MUST NOT have ANYTHING to do with NARUTO or any other ANIME. 2. The Short Story MUST be atleast 8 pages AND above 4000 words in length. (A4, standard Microsoft Word settings) 3. The story MUST be posted on THIS thread. 4. Keep it PEGI 16 guys, okay? Above is assuming 1 page is 500 words. The event will stop taking entries the 31th this month, 23:59:59 GMT+1. Giving you 27 days to write. Possible to be extended should enough want it. The price prize is: 25dolla Gift Card AetherBagel out
  9. Might as well make a thread to kick me from the discord server lolol
  10. Aetherweaver


    I only have one name though? And welcome again my dud Kind regards AetherAircraftCarrier
  11. Aetherweaver


    Hey I'm AetherJuggler Love AetherBrawler
  12. Sup, its me. Yoloweaver. If I have heard enough plebs talk about Anime, I for one and all of you for that sake, should know that PROTECTING YOUR LOVE ONES FROM CERTAIN DOOM will ALWAYS grant you something stupid for your plot armour. Imean comeon, the flying cat in Fairy Tail got it. Yu Gi got it that way (He did get it because of friendship and because he always felt himself super badass BUT STILL) Naruto might have gotten it since his entire drive arrives from his hate/love relationship with his parents that he doesn't know. His relationship towards flower girl that is one sided and he wanna impress her which I guess is a childs love? Siriusly; Camonaaoihnsdioua fluffing anime lol I dumped a few pointers into the Discord for you. I can't care about your story because I dont know Neuroto that well but essentially every character in the world is the same since it is technically the same base that propels them forward on their individual paths. You know, Emotions. It is just different emotions at different times in their life towards different people with different emotions at different times of their life and if you are lucky, your emotions align at the same time and you fall in love and become a decent human being which honestly doesnt happen for that many people even in real life so go figure. #LifeLessonsWithAetherBeef P.S Fluff off with the fancy eyes, jeez. They wont even be that cool when I'm done making EVERYTHING ELSE MORE APPEALING >=DDDDDD Gitgud gamers Uninstall Microsoft Edge AetherUkulele out
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