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  1. Thank you Vlad and to the whole development team for this wonderful experience!
  2. My oldest memories of Shinobi Story are from last year in April on the first alpha. That day I was so excited to start my adventure and become the ninja I wanted to be. As soon as I arrived at the forest sanctuary, I was impressed by the atmosphere. I started to explore the map and found some giant snakes but they were too strong, so I made some friends and we built a small group to kill them. They made us level up. And we continued to explore the world. Another memory was the event "The Troubles of Yokohama" which was my first event. It was very interesting because it introduced me to roleplay and group events. Since that first alpha, I was so excited to play again. On August 29, 2021 at exactly 5:15 am, I got into a new story and it's more amazing than I thought. It is so big, beautiful and complete. And I hope the game will continue to evolve. (Some pictures as souvenirs.)
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