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  1. "I Write Schemes Not Compliments" by Panic! At the Disco
  2. I'm just here for the organization aspect, even though I could make my own. :3
  3. For those following the topic, here are today's updates to my bio! - Expanded upon the personality section. I had originally intended to just post a rough draft but I didn't like how it read, so I posted a new version entirely. - Re-added the zodiac symbol next to the birthday. For some reason it didn't load properly. - Minor spell-check.
  4. Bacchin


    Absolutely not! That said, welcome! Hope to have a good time with you on the forums, in the server, and eventually in the game!
  5. Welcome! Hope to have fun with you!
  6. Same, same! And congrats on getting engaged!
  7. I hope you noticed that I didn't forget about this thread and used two of my three mastery slots for listed items.
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