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  1. Heya, when I did not have the sidequest frame I bugged the questframe. I had 3+ quests, untracked quests and re-tracked them - and they didn't show up. That's been before I had the sidequest frame after becoming Genin. So it *could* be related to the sidequest frame. Could be worth taking a look at.
  2. Some idea regarding Sage art: While yes, I can imagine it being good; I'd say make there some sort of passive, hidden "proficency" counter on character creation that either puts that at advantage... or not. I mean, Jiraiya had little to no affinity for it and was unable to master it.
  3. Basic Overview "The Nameless" Shinjo ,,You handle your own when you become a man. and become a man when you handle your own." A wandering boy, devoid of his own truth, once upon a time. ♦ Overview First Name: Shinjo Moniker: "The Nameless" Last Name: Long forgotten. It used to be Jokari. // Metaknowledge that can not be used in roleplay. Gender: Male Age: 35 Date of Birth: // Optional. Height: ca. 6,299 lb // 1,92m Weight: ca. 196 lb // 89kg Hair Color: White Eye color(s): Green Bloodtype: // Optional. Occupation: Traits & Personality ♦ The Character Alignment: True Neutral Defining Character Traits: To be filled. ♦ Skills & Talents To be filled. ♦ Psychology & Behavior To be filled. Notables Features ♦ Facial Features To be filled. ♦ Physical To be filled. ♦ Accessories To be filled. ♦ Style and Clothing To be filled. History ♦ Family Spouses: Father: Mother: Siblings: To be filled. ♦ Background To be filled. Misc. ♦ Additional Notes: Reference: Image found on Pinterest Please note: More to follow. I have a rough layout that eventually will follow along
  4. Welcome to our humble madhouse. Just for the sake of completion, there are white roses, too. ... shockingly.
  5. It's because the .exe is not signed with a developer-certificate that windows requires. Mostly because it's a heidious procedure to get that. It's no issue per se, though.
  6. ^ Me in a nutshell.
  7. Thanathros

    Steam support

    I am fairly positive that those are special cases, though. 1 Year of investigation sounds to me like very, very unique circumstances.
  8. Again an update: Monitoring - Error rate and latency is back to a stable level. We are starting to let users back into Discord. Mar 16, 15:05 PDT
  9. Update: Update - A series of fatal errors caused the majority of servers to become unavailable. We are working to revive all of these resources. Most users will be unable to connect while this work is ongoing. Mar 16, 14:51 PDT
  10. Most likely not. Seems like someone messed with the TLS/SSL ?
  11. Seems like Discord is having issues again. Nothing on the status' just yet. EDIT: Could be quite likely me only ? I don't know yet. If so, close this thread. x) EDIT 2: Nope.
  12. Thanathros


    Germany here; We do not have quarantine established. However, school was cancelled for the next two weeks pretty much all over the country. As far as I can estimate, we will be moving into this quarantine-like phase within one-two weeks. Personally, I consider all of this absolutely over the board. But that is my personal opinion and I am both aware and understanding of the circumstances "why".
  13. Welcome! Read's like a Haiku. Good job. ?
  14. Feels a lot cleaner to me. Good work. I definitely like how it feels browsing. The worst one could say is - the fading from the background picture feels incredibly "hard". It could be a softer fade imo. But that's high level criticism imo.
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