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  1. These are the current Laws for the Village, as well as Land of Fire. After the next Hokage is chosen and in Office these can be changed, or Laws added to. A more precise list will be available for the Jurisdictions as well. Dangerous and/or Reckless Behavior | Code: 109 - The usage of dangerous ninjutsu within the village walls. Recklessly attacking civilians or ninja against their will within Police Force jurisdiction. Indecent Exposure | Code: 223 - The absence of clothing within the village walls. If it is part of a "costume" it may be allowed. Uniform Violation | Code: 271 -All ninja within the village walls must wear the appropriate identifying markers. The following articles include, but are not limited to headbands, symbols, vests, etc. A Leaf symbol or marker must be visible and not hidden. (Applies to Leaf Shinobi) Impersonating an Officer | Code: 304 -Acting or behaving in a way that represents a member of the LPF without the proper authority. This includes wearing the uniform, issuing citations, or claiming to be a LPF Officer.
  2. Character Name: Iron Rank: Jonin I can enter the Leaf with no issue, Leaf Police Chief and current Uchiha Clan Leader of the Leaf.
  3. Deputy Chief of Police and Head of Uchiha Clan Loyalists to the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Lord Ironhide Uchiha, summons all Clan Members and those loyal to the leaf to the first Clan Meeting. This one will be open to the public to give an explanation of our future duties, and a way to be transparent with those that arrive. With this meeting I hope to shed light on what is to be expected of the Uchiha Clan located within the Land of Fire. Food and fun will be provided to aspiring Uchiha and guests that arrive. A Fun little PVP session will be held and gifts will go to the best performers, whether they be Genin or even all the way up to Jonin. This event will be held publicly in the Training Grounds Sunday (September 25th) at 6pm EST, 10pm Server time. This will also be used as an open forum to allow you to ask questions that you have concerning the Leaf Police Force. I look forward to all the new faces. To a Prospering Future, The Uchiha Clan, Land of Fire, and the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Thank you. List of Rewards for PVP Performance: 1st Place: 1 Pet-2 One-Handed T1 Weapons-Stack of 5 Food- One Cosmetic Item-50 Ryo 2nd Place: 1 Pet- 1 T1 Weapon- Stack of 5 Food- One Cosmetic Item- 20 Ryo 3rd Place: 1 Pet- 1 T1 Weapon- One Cosmetic Item- 5 Ryo Reminder: This Event is open to EVERYONE, not just Hidden Leaf Uchiha.
  4. While I understand your plight, Grinding is meant to be numbing sometimes. Look at any other game out there, and you'll see it's not easy. However, I do agree, Weapons being more accessible could help new players, and make it less of a pain to do, but, that's really the two cents I have. I would consider changing the Mob's you grind against, and take advantage of the WM Boost if you can, as well as the Will of Fire Buff, and the Cake Buff, With those that's 45% extra experience per opponent if used together. There's also the World Blessing which can give you an extra 50% giving you a grand total of +95% Experience, that can make things easier for you. I'm sorry, I understand how much of a pain it is, but it will pay off.
  5. Posting this here, to possibly have more eyes on it, I would love to have this implemented, as would others, as it could offer variety and Mastery Resets used. Plus it would give me the validation needed to continue making more like Yamanaka, Nara, Akimichi, Elemental Mastery, More Tai Trees, etc. There's so much that could be presented, but I wanna start here. So ,please read through them. Thank you. Copied from the Theory Crafting Tab I put up a couple weeks ago: Center Tree- Lightning Ninjutsu and Taijutsu Combination Lightning Style: Weapon Chakra Flow (Chakra Cost: ???) Instant Cast 45 sec cooldown. Works with all equipped weapons. This Techniques improves with Jutsu Power. Flow Lightning Style Chakra through your main hand weapon to increase it's sharpness, causing your weapon swing to cut deeper into your enemies for 30 seconds. Lightning Style: Lightning Clone (Chakra Cost: ???) Instant Cast 35 Sec Cooldown. As they are about to be struck by an attack, the user replaces themselves with a clone made of lightning. This allows the user to evade Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. If used to evade Taijutsu the attacker is stunned for a brief moment allowing you a chance to prepare a counterattack. This cannot be used to evade Genjutsu. https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxlNtih6R5D-6Nhpv2XwysQVSxLNPFafei Lightning Style: Chidori Stream (Chakra Cost: ???) Instant Cast, 120 Sec cooldown. 20 yd Range. Spreads Lightning around yourself in a 20 yd Diameter, that spreads upon contact from your opponent stunning all targets hit and inflicting ?0-?00 Lightning Damage. You are stationary while in use. Improves with Jutsu Power. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evPY10Cu3eA Lightning Style: Chidori (Chakra Cost: ???) ??? sec cast 2 min cooldown, 30 yd range. This Technique improves with Attack Power. This Technique improves with Jutsu Power and Attack Power. To perform, the user first gathers lightning to their hand; the high concentration of electricity produces a sound reminiscent of many birds chirping, hence the name. The lightning chakra has been shown on occasions to damage the user's hand, peeling the skin, and causing it to smoulder slightly, but this does not appear to actually be debilitating. Once the chakra is gathered, users charge at their target and thrust the Chidori into them, piercing them and typically causing fatal damage. Despite the sound it makes, the rapid speed at which it's used makes it useful for assassinations. This Jutsu does ?00 to ?00 Lightning Damage upon striking the target. Lightning Style: Lightning Wolf Blitz (Chakra Cost: ???) Instant Cast 25 sec cooldown, 5-35 yd range. This Strikes an enemy with a Lightning mass in the shape of a wolf that arcs to another nearby enemy causing ?00 to ?00 Lightning Damage. This Jutsu affects up to 5 targets, inflicting greater Nature Damage to each successive target, causing them to be stunned. You are able to cast this Jutsu while moving. Improves with Jutsu Power. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzfZxtT4gsg Lightning Style: Lightning Blade: Twin Lightning Shiver (Chakra Cost: ???)??? Sec Cast, 65 Sec Cooldown, 25 yd range. This Technique improves with Attack Power, This Technique improves with Jutsu Power. Launch two Kunai and run forward at frightening speeds, leaving a trail of lightning in a Lightning-Bolt pattern behind you, tearing through your enemy. This Jutsu can interrupt Jutsu casting, this Jutsu does ?00 to ?00 Damage. (Requires Level 50) Improves with Jutsu Power and Attack Power. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmlUSMwupIw Lightning Style: Kirin Destruction (Chakra Cost: ???) ??? sec cast, 35 yd range, 10-minute cooldown. By drawing natural lightning from thunder clouds the user is able to control Lightning, in the form of a Tiger that launches at the opponent in 1/1000th of a second, seen as pure destruction. This Jutsu does ?000 to ?000 Lightning Damage upon striking the target, this can be blocked, but not interrupted. This requires Gathering Storms to be active, and once used it causes it to dissipate. Upon using this Jutsu all damage dealt is reduced by 50% and cast times are increased by 10% for 60 seconds after use, also causes Paralysis for affected opponent for 2 seconds. (Requires level 60, meant to be used once in a battle) Improves with Jutsu Power. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5ji269zW0I Lightning - Gathering Storms [Passive] [Lvl 50] Simple Strike, Swordsmanship Slash, and Butchery Slash now grants a stack of Gathering Storms on Successful hit. Gathering Storms now reduce the cast time of Twin Lightning Shiver, Hell Stab, and Drab Ox Stampede by 10% and the next damage one deals by 10%. This effect stacks up to 3 times and lasts for 20 seconds. Left Tree- Lightning Ninjutsu Enhanced Taijutsu Lightning Style: Minor Chakra Cloak (Chakra Cost: ???, plus 25 per sec) 2.96 sec cast, Inceases Attack Speed and allows the user to run at speeds comparable to Shinobi Travel Speed, increasing movement speed by 70%, and armor rating by 5%. Usable in and out of combat, and while moving. Also, flow Lightning Style chakra through your main hand weapon to increase it's speed, causing your weapon swing to cut deeper into your enemies, usable with all main hand weapons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZimTz7Thnzg Lightning Style: Liger Bomb (Chakra Cost: ???) 1.96 sec cast, 55 sec cooldown, Grabs a single opponent, driving them into the ground, inflicting ?00 Damage, also incapacitates them by stunning for 1.50 sec. Improves with Jutsu Power and Attack Power. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0_sq4m-_V4 Lightning Style: Lariat (Chakra Cost: ???) Instant Cast, 40 sec cooldown, 5 yd range. Launch towards your opponent with one arm raised, connecting with their neck and inflicting ?00 Lightning Damage. Disorients the opponent. Improves with Jutsu Power and Attack Power. Lightning Style: Lightning Straight (Chakra Cost: ???) 1.42 Sec Cast, 45 sec cooldown, 10 yd range. Rush the enemy full force, connecting a Lightning Infused forearm into them, causing knockback, and inflicting ?00 Damage. Improves with Jutsu Power and Attack Power Lightning Style: Lightning Body Flicker (Chakra Cost: ???) Instant Cast, 65 sec cooldown. Usable on both Friendly and Enemy Targets. By using the Lightning Style Body Flicker Technique, a Ninja can move short to long distances at untraceable speed. If used in response to a Taijutsu Technique, the opponent is disoriented for 2 seconds. Lightning Style: Enhanced Chakra Cloak (Chakra Cost: ???, plus 75 per sec) 4.96 sec cast, Increases Attack Speed and allows the user to run at speeds Faster than Shinobi Travel Speed, increasing movement speed by 85%, and armor rating by 15%. Can’t be used out of combat or while moving. Also. flow Lightning Style chakra through your main hand weapon to increase it' speed, causing your weapon swing to cut deeper into your enemies, reducing armor by 5%, useable with all main hand weapons. (Requires Lvl 50) Lightning Style: Hell Stab – One Finger Thrust (Chakra Cost: ???)??? Sec Cast, 4 min cooldown. Thrusting into the target creates what is known as the "strongest spear,” where the concentration of chakra is so great that it extends well beyond the finger in a lone point. This Technique ignores all Armor Buffs and inflicts ?000-?000 Damage. Paralyzes the opponent for 2 seconds (Gouge for Reference). Improves with Jutsu Power and Attack Power. (Level 60 Required) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ojf8DrO8bJU Right Tree- Black Lightning Ranged Jutsu Black Lightning Style: Weapon Chakra Flow (Chakra Cost: ???) Instant Cast, 45 Sec cooldown. Requires One-Handed Axes, Two-Handed Axes, One-Handed Maces, Two-Handed Maces, Polearms, One-Handed Swords, Staves, Fist Weapons, Daggers. This Technique improves with Jutsu Power. Flow Black Lightning chakra through your main hand weapon to increase it' sharpness, causing your weapon swing to cut deeper into your enemies for 30 seconds, and slowing the target for a short duration. Black Lightning Style: Black Bolt (Chakra Cost: ???)??? Sec Cast, 9 sec cooldown. The user performs three hand seals and aims a finger that calls forward a Black Lightning strike that homes in on a single opponent, causing ?00 Lightning Damage, and a brief stun. You are able to cast this while moving. Improves with Jutsu power. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ojf8DrO8bJU Black Lightning Style: Onyx Volley (Chakra Cost: ???)??? Sec Cast, 30 Sec Cooldown, 30 yd range. The user aims both fists, launching a volley of four Black Lightning Charges at a distance. This intimidating Jutsu causes ?0 to ?00 Lightning damage per strike. Improves with Jutsu Power. Black Lightning Style: Black Panther (Chakra Cost: ???)??? Sec Cast, 25 sec cooldown, 5-35 yd range. This Strikes up to five enemies with a Black Lightning Mass in the shape of a Panther that arcs to other nearby enemies causing ?00 to ?000 Lightning Damage. This Jutsu inflicts greater Nature Damage to each successive target, will cause stun. You are able to cast this Jutsu while moving. Improves with Jutsu Power. (Level 30 Required) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMH6F6D-q1g Black Lightning Style: Onyx Circus (Chakra Cost: ???)??? Sec Cast, 35 Sec Cooldown. 10 yd range. The user plants his hands to the ground unleashing a surrounding proximity of Black Lightning, protecting themselves from incoming Ninjutsu and Taijutsu Techniques. If used to protect from Taijutsu the enemies are slowed for 5 seconds. Black Lightning Style: Double Black Panther (Chakra Cost: ???) Instant Cast, 60 sec cooldown, 5-45 yd range. This Strikes up to eight enemies with two Lightning masses in the shape of a Panther that arcs to other nearby enemies causing ?000 to ?000 Lightning Damage. This Jutsu inflicts greater Nature Damage to each successive target, will cause enemies to be slowed for a short period. You are able to cast this Jutsu while moving. Improves with Jutsu Power. (Level 40 Required) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMH6F6D-q1g Black Lightning Style: Drab Ox Stampede (Chakra Cost: ???)??? Sec Cast, 7 min Cooldown. 30 yd range. The user channels the power stored within in unison with Gathering of Storms to launch a Large Mass of Black Lightning in the Shape of an Ox that tramples multiple opponents in a selected area. This inflicts ?000-?000 Damage and gives a considerable paralysis of 4 seconds to all affected (up to 8 enemies.) This ignores skills that would normally be able to interrupt casting. This leaves the user slowed by 10% for three minutes. Improves with Jutsu Power. (Level 60 Required.) LightningMasteryRevamp.docx
  6. Alright, I am going to lead off with this, before ANYONE goes and questions my integrity at any point. I served in the Army, I understand what Good Leadership looks like, I understand what Bad Leadership looks like, and I understand what Absent Leadership looks like. I also know what this same kind of Leadership examples look like in a Teaching environment when it comes to Administrators. I agree with what Celean is saying, Staff, you can and should have fun with your players, however, you do have to be careful. My personal belief? Staff shouldn't have player characters if they are in a staff position, feel free to disagree all you like, any of you. Celean pointed out Theory Crafting, and this is why I mention Staff shouldn't have PC's, is because Kizo, who's PC is a Rogue, was the first to shut it DOWN when a suggestion was made concerning an idea that could effect the overall health of the Game, with very lacking arguments. Kizo as a GM is great, she's helpful, she goes out of her way to help players, and can get frustrated with certain things which shows that she is human. However, the things she gets frustrated by, is something manageable, because they revolve around her PC. The odds of Vlad seeing this? I don't know to be honest, but I truly hope he reads this forum and doesn't give some weak PR response, because what we are talking about is serious. As a Teacher, I have ways to naturally mention this game to hundreds of students (who can and will provide funding because of where they are in town, and who their parents are), but I will not do that unless I can see changes. I have heard horror stories, and I took them with a grain of salt, until I SAW it happening, especially to myself. Rogue Ninja's in other Guilds actively hunt down NEW and FRESH players unfamiliar with the game itself, because of a grudge that nearly killed the playability MONTHS ago. When someone goes out of their way to kill someone that is level 15, who has ZERO idea what they are doing is unacceptable, all because they say the same thing "This is Alther's fault." They take it out on new players that join the Leaf Guild because one person put up and was patient through the worst time on the server and wasn't backing down, in fact, was hitting anyone and everyone back. Do two wrongs make a right? No, but, when you have Staff, who don't do anything, AREN'T doing anything, and then get upset for the victim standing up for himself, there is a PROBLEM. What experience do I have when it comes to leadership? Where do I get off pointing any flaws out? Why have an issue because it's a game? When I was 13-16, I played as a teenager on a Naruto Role Playing forum. I was there for the inception of the previous cycles of RPG forums before it became the website it became. I was a Moderator, a Global Moderator, and an Administrator eventually, as a teenager, who was second to ONE person at that point, as a TEENAGER. Activity was anywhere from 150-200 every single day. With 50+ people on at a time actively playing. I was responsible for (albeit, easy) coding, and making sure players were placed where they needed to be, as well as handling day to day account changes. As Staff we didn't take part in playing, and it was fine, and fun, because we were able to mess around with players while they Role Played, or just shot the shit in the Shoutbox. Hell, as an 8th grader I tried my hand at making my own Forum, and on day one, because I did the grind, went around and advertised, we had 2000 players on the FIRST DAY, as a Teen , that was HUGE to me. It was an accomplishment. What happened to it? I merged it with the larger main site, and sent everyone there after a month because I needed the help. That role play style? A GRIND. But it was fun, and worth it. I also personally helped create, and took part in creating additions to the battle systems in the form of "Bloodline Abilities," "Lifetimes," "Weapons," and my favorite addition, the structure and creation of the Tailed Beasts that would replace the originals. And it wasn't a typical "I do this, you have that happen." No, it was complex, it was fun, it wasn't rushed, because the Staff understood it had to be of quality to help retain players and keep their interests. We didn't play, and if those on staff did, they didn't favor their own interests, because everyone had someone that checked them on staff. It wasn't a buddy buddy system that had things swept under the rug "Oh you can keep doing this, it's okay." If we could monitor history of what staff accounts were doing on a forum, especially if we took Reports from players seriously, then a game where you have MONEY trading hands, and take the time to code things into an actual GAME where it has to run correctly, then you need to take things seriously. Because the players are your LIFEBLOOD. You have something here. You have the potential of turning this game, this community into something HUGE, on the scale of NoPixel, but you have to do better when it comes to how staff handles certain things. And who knows, Vlad may not be tracking a number of issues, because he is constantly busy working on making the game better for the people. Don't take every complaint and rush to give every single person what they want, it's counter productive. Try a strike system I guess, I dunno, I'm not staff. And please don't quickly shut down helpful suggestions if you have a conflict of interest, if anything, don't get involved with it at all, because whether you favor or are against it, what you have to say, can heavily favor what others are willing to say. Another thing, The Leaf GUILD, and Village GUILDS should be the FACE of your game, not multiple Rogue factions. Because what you are allowing to happen is you are ALLOWING potential players to see that there are all these Rogue Ninja running rampant doing whatever they want, and you're punishing people for trying to guide and help people understand the game. I never played WoW, I don't know what I'm doing for the most part, but to have people and go around and bully people, it's unheard of, and I won't subject my Middle and High School students to it. As for the Forum, I can't and won't say here lol, because as a Kid I thought it was okay to put my name out there, if Staff need to know, I'll tell them personally, but that's it. But yeah, for those of you wondering, if you ever were there, I was Chad/Chad Lee/Ironhide. This has been my addition to this topic. If you have any disagreements, I am willing to have a civil discussion about it, if it needs to, it can be taken to Discord or elsewhere. Thank you.
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