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  1. Adrez

    Long download

    Anyone else's game takes years to download? It went smooth till 350, then, each file takes 5 minutes. I have 600 mb internet, so that's not the problem.
  2. Adrez


    Is that your character? Really? A grandma?
  3. Option 1, obviously, it will create the perfect atmosphere for RP.
  4. Adrez

    Steam support

    UPDATE: Got my account back ?
  5. Adrez

    Steam support

    I haven't got my phone linked, but i put 20 euros in it and i, for some reason, kept the card, so i put a photo of it as prove. I also put my email adress (the one i used for the account). Now i have learned, free CSGO skins don't exist.
  6. Adrez

    Steam support

    How much do they usually take to respond to stolen accounts tickets? I got scammed an hour ago and i had a lot of things in that account, i hope i can get it back soon.
  7. Adrez

    My asset

    good job, but the samehada without texture looks like a tampon.
  8. Adrez


    I'm a student, i didn't noticed that. My sister is also affected by the quarantine. According to her company, she will be enjoying some holidays. Basically, they're taking her days off.
  9. Adrez


    i also don't care, last year i had a very simmilar disease to coronavirus, but what i can't do is infect old people. I visit my town often, and 90% are old folks, i prefer total quarantine
  10. Adrez


    Toilet paper shortage is alredy a problem here in Spain. And, the virus is scary, but what is the most scary thing is how many people have started washing their hands now.
  11. Adrez


    i didn't mean chopping wood as logging or something, i meant as cutting wood planks.
  12. Adrez


    How are you guys going trough this quarantine? For me, i hate it. My family decided it was a great moment to start reforms in the house, so now i have to work all morning and get up every 5 minutes to cut wood. Also, there are coexistence problems.
  13. Adrez


    Cool, keep up the good work!
  14. Adrez


    For a moemnt there i tought i had downloaded a virus or i had messed up something. Glad it's not only me ?
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