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  1. We got the wrong person, now we have to start a new one for the real imposter - which is Lon3Rid3r
  2. Jiraiya almost never accomplished his deeds in Konoha but everywhere else. Maybe you just found the reason he declined Tsunade's request to stay.
  3. He/she a cutie! Don't hesitate to bring your dog to Shinobi Story as well, a faithful companion that is! Tho I had a husky as well and they easily get attached to strangers.
  4. Gogo


    Hey there, you smexy beast. Welcome to Shinobi Story!
  5. Welcome to Shinobi Story, RugLrd!
  6. An elegant writing. Looking forward for future ones! Ps. By Bear country you must have meant the Land of Bears, correct?
  7. Gogo


    Gameboys rocked back in the days, I can feel my GBA in my hands like a flashbulb memory.
  8. Begin with a "Toss a coin for your mathematician" quest
  9. Welcome to the forum Chicko!
  10. Pvp is precisely our focus. Strong abilities will require you to be experienced in the game, and balancing is of utmost importance for us. The fighting mechanics require you to be mobile while engaging with an opponent. Using your environment, like hopping onto a tree for heigh advantage, will be key. As for the kekkei genkai/visual abilities - they are already well in the work.
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