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  1. Hello Susano, welcome to the Shinobi Story Community! Rejoin the server, then you will get a private message from a bot. It will require you to click the link so that you verify. The game will release after about a month, and it will be an early Alpha stage. Anybody can play, and the server will not close. Yes, the minimum requirement is Windows XP (service Pack 3). It also works on Intel based Mac via bootcamp. As for system requirements: Do not hesitate to ask if there are any other questions. =]
  2. Welcome, Blip! Feel free to leave your weapon by the door grab a bowl. The end of July approaches, we must be ready... itadakimasu
  3. Gogo

    Russian localizer

    Hello, We will not be introducing such mechanics. But if you are asking whether you can use any third party software - as long as it doesn’t give you an unfair in-game advantage, you are absolutely free to do so.
  4. Well now, you certainly have hooked me!
  5. Gogo


    A fellow master of the blade hm... I will be looking forward to clashing swords. May the stronger prevail. Though not going to lie, these butterflies will not make it easier for me I feel.
  6. Really dark twist with the perfectionism and fear of failing a mission. I like it. +1 for the Killer Queen music
  7. Current EST. We do not intend to user other dimensions. For now at least. My humor is dry, where is my oilment
  8. Hoho, isn't that some good stuff! Neatly done, 9tails! Really hyped to see the Saitou getting involved as well!
  9. Gogo

    Hi Everyone!

    Hello, Adarya! Welcome to the Shinobi Story community! I hope you find your stay here fulfilling! =]
  10. Perfect, I was planning to rewatch the series anyways.
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