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  1. The server issues stem as the game is in development and is not playable at this time.
  2. Yes, that is because the game is in development. Please before posting look at the support section if there already is an answer, and stay tuned for further updates for the next testing phase.
  3. Gogo

    My asset

    Looking good, keep it up
  4. Hello, you cannot play because the Alpha Testing has long ago ended. Feel free to follow the updates and stay tuned for another future testing phase! You can keep the downloaded files as it would skip you the waiting at that time.
  5. There is no virus. You need to disable your anti virus so that you can download and play. If you are still concerned, that is understandable, but you can scan the files with your anti virus program and will be ensured that it is safe.
  6. It must be corrupted data during the installation, try to delete the data folder and run the update.exe file again.
  7. Gogo

    Cant login

    That’s because the game’s alpha has ended. You can still keep the game so that you won’t need to redownload again once the next testing phase has released.
  8. Did you check the support section of the forum yet?
  9. Virustotal.com is not as accurate and often times it randomly generates false lists of malware. Use a lot stand alone anti virus, and you will see that it is safe.
  10. Gogo


    Did you try this?
  11. You scroll past the market on a lovely day, but something catches your attention. On your left, there is a small and dark road, where you notice something peculiar. You brace yourself and slowly go to have a look. As you get nearer, you begin to distinguish the pile as a scrap of soldier's armor. Inside, you find a letter. You decide to: Turn around and go on with your day. None of your business after all. Open the letter.
  12. Thank you for your feed backs!
  13. Gogo

    Launch game error

    Perhaps deleting the data and repatching will fix the missing data issue.
  14. It is possible that for some the Windows Security is blocking access for the new features to be downloaded. If this issue occurs, you must allow on the device.
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