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  1. With the recent arrival of the Blood Moon, new powerful villains immerged, beasts became more intelligent, the world suddenly became a lot more dangerous. In efforts to tackle these new enemies, ninja pressed on gathering and organizing well-thought-out attacks. Eventually, a rather unexpected plan starts to brew. Some ninja have decided to choose a day where they will halt all the fighting with the beasts and instead have it within each other. That, of course, while also having their favorite drink. THE SAKEFEST BEGINS EXPECTATIONS Who: Everyone When: 18:30 GMT +2, October 30th Where: Port Hachou, meeting at the boardwalk Pay Fee: Will be determined during the meeting spot PROCEDURE This event will consist of three stages + drinks. drink Stage 1: Free-for-all melee fight inside the bar. There will be two fights, the last 1/3 players of each will continue to the next stage. USAGE OF WEAPONS/JUTSU IS FORBIDDEN! drink Stage 2: Race to Konoha's Arena. The ninja will race drunk to Konoha, the first 2/3 will continue to the next stage. Using weapons and spells, slowing down, injuring, or eliminating your competition during your travel IS PERMITTED! drink Stage 3: Arena Drunk Duels The final stage of the Sakefest! The still standing players will be randomly assigned an opponent. The brackets are [1-20] and [20+]. WINNERS (For each bracket) 1st place: 20 Golden Koban 2nd place: 5 Golden Koban Everyone else who successfully entered stage 3 receives 1 Koban! AFTER THAT THERE WILL BE AN AFTER PARTY AT THE RAMEN PLACE! FREE CUP RAMEN!!! Be there! If you don't, somebody will! 18:30 GMT +2, October 30th
  2. Well hello there, It was fun drawing your requests so I think I will continue this occasional trend! I will once again be doing the 20 min markers drawing challenge! Post down below what do you want me to draw for you! It can be anything, except NSFW. pls I will take requests until October 25th, 2 per person MAX. Link to previous challenges: https://shinobistory.com/forums/search/?&q=20min Art challenge&type=forums_topic&search_and_or=or&search_in=titles&sortby=relevancy
  3. Hello @MatalaUchiha, welcome to Shinobi Story! Did you follow the step by step video on how to download from the Play Now section? It is most likely your anti virus quarantining a file.
  4. Hello Tenmei, This is a common bug that will occur every time you make major graphical changes. But when you restart it should have applied these changes.
  5. The side quests reset on a daily basis, few hour fluctuations could occur. I would suggest wait at least 5-8 more hours and see how it is.
  6. Done Silver Shield of the Leaf is now official!
  7. Hello, do you by any chance have an alt account or use a vpn? Also what is your Discord name?
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