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  1. You can post your Discord name here if you would like a @ reminder.
  2. Congratulations to the winners! A long time has passed since the first SakeFest. Legends travel ear to ear of the brutal drunkard melees and unintelligible speeches. Just as you thought this had been a relatively calm moment in the village, you see multiple young ninjas enthusiastically chatter around a poster on a fence... THE SAKEFEST IS BACK!!! EXPECTATIONS Who: Everyone When: 17:30pm GMT , May 1st Where: Port Hachou, meeting at the boardwalk Entry Fee: 5 Ryo PROCEDURE This event will consist of three stages + drinks. DRINK Stage 1: Free-for-all melee fight inside the bar. There will be two fights - the standing/conscious half of players of each fight will continue to the next stage. USAGE OF WEAPONS, JUTSU, or food IS FORBIDDEN! DRINK Stage 2: Race to Konoha's Gates. The ninja will race drunk to Konoha, the first 2/3 will continue to the next stage. Using weapons and spells, slowing down, injuring, or eliminating your competition during your travel IS PERMITTED! DRINK Stage 3: Arena Drunk Duels The final stage of the SakeFest! The still standing players will be randomly assigned an opponent. The brackets are [GENIN] and [CHUNIN] as well as [lvl 1-25] and [lvl 25+]. USAGE OF food, or any other consumable items that give buff ARE FORBIDDEN! 2 FOOD PILLS WILL BE PROVIDED INSTEAD! (the player may not store/use more than the given 2 pills) WINNERS (For each bracket) 30 Golden Koban 1 Spring Ramen 15 Golden Koban Everyone else who successfully entered stage 3 receives 5 Koban! AFTER THAT THERE WILL BE AN AFTER PARTY AT THE RAMEN PLACE! FREE CUP RAMEN!!! Be there! If you don't, somebody will! 17:30p, GMT, May 1st You can post your Discord name here via a reply if you would like a @ reminder.
  3. Hello, ninja! In this contest, we saw wandering sharks in the forests, and a shady gang of ninja! Hopefully these will inspire more participants for the future event of this type! And the winners of the Monkey Business Contest are: @Embyr 15 Gold Koban @Prochy the Hoekage 1 Ninja Journey Starterpack Winners should open a ticket and let the team know which character they would like their reward mailed to!
  4. Gogo

    Spirit animals

    If a team member could morph into their spirit animal - what would it be?
  5. Well hello there, Ninja! Tonight at 7pm EST/6pm CST the staff team will be playing a Scribbl.io game! Naruto content only! Link will be dropped in #updates so that you can join us on Twitch!
  6. Hello, ninja! We witnessed some excellent style and an abundance of creativity in the first Shinobi Story Fashion Contest! And the winners of the first contest are: @Musama 15 Gold Koban @darkyy 1 Ninja Journey Starterpack @donaldwasright 3 Wildsummer Ramen Winners should open a ticket and let the team know which character they would like their reward mailed to! Our team is looking forward to the future fashion contest and seeing all of your creativity! Honorable mentions: GN @Unholy Daddy Hidan @Prochy the Hoekage @Toggy @GutZ Pyre @seren8
  7. Thank you for your feedback =]
  8. Gogo

    Out of Topic

    This thread is about the randomest of conversations in the community from Discord and in-game. no context This is the peak of the community, enjoy the rootbeer and Aether’s samurai Pizza cat.
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