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  1. The embodiment of a fireball. Would love to see her in action. (role-play)
  2. Mmm, an "Outer Land" traveler. And a good one. It is incredibly exhilarating to bump into those unique individuals. I wonder what it would be like when two travelers meet instead? Who would be the one to tell their story last?
  3. I heard about it from Uncle Google.
  4. Hello Ninja! As the community continues to grow, more people come from various online places. We would strongly appreciate some feedback on how you heard about us, and your voice will help us tell even more people about Shinobi Story! Voter names are anonymous to the public, but feel free to share your experience or any other related comments below in the reply section! We thank you!
  5. You fools! How dare you show insolence to the meme machine! This peasantry is insult to the meme gods, and this is no joke!
  6. One of my favorite moments in OG Naruto is when Iruka Sensei verbally recognized Naruto as a ninja of the Hidden Leaf. This moment always gives me gousebumpbs. Fun fact: Iruka gave Naruto his personal headband, that is why he appears with a naked forehead in the end.
  7. Gogo


    Welcome to Shinobi Story, Tama! Naruto OG for the win! While in Shinobi Story we want to let people do whatever their heart desires, keep in mind that the ninja world is dangerous and foes are hidden behind every corner. Never let your guard down!
  8. Similarly to Okaze, I have had all kinds of tastes. As a young kid I was into Metal and Crazy Frog, then I got influenced into old school hip hop because my step father was a rapper. Then in middle school I had a serious case of dubstep addiction (Berzox and Skrillex), but it lasted only about two years. Nowadays, I listen to things according to my mood. When I am chilling or trying to focus, I listen to low-fi, my favorite is OSRS Lofi Beats. When I need some energy I listen to Metal or Rock. When I do not know where the hell am I - I listen to Death Grips.
  9. Aether wont read me anymore stories about the fantastic animals #alone why has fate abandoned me
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