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  1. wrote this on my phone sorry for poor format ??
  2. Ko'taki Ryü Lost but never afraid Personality Traits -Anxiety -Sailor Mouth -Jester -Musical Appearance Ko'takis skin represents a pale color, at first sight his hair would appear black but upon closer inspection theres a hint of red. Sporting a large bushy ponytail the sides and back of his head where shaved, two strands of hair hang from the front of his face personalized with wooden beads. Ko'takis eyes were seperate colors the left gold the other a cold grey. A large scar running from his chin up to his right eye was obvious upon his face. Standing at 6'2 his body was in good shape appearing athletic. History Born into a poor rice farming family with 8 brothers and 4 sisters being the youngest Ko'taki was treated terribly by his brothers except for one. His eldest brother Maki taught him tips and tricks about farming on the field, occasionally taking him off to a sakura forest Maki would teach his brother how to use a bo staff. Learning how to use a staff at a young age gave the child the confidence to abandon his family and start a life of his own. One night Ko'taki had recently turned 15 packing his bags stealing as much bread as he could stuff into his bag, after getting his things together he proceeded out the front door to be met by Maki, "Here." Maki offered his bo staff to his younger brother, "Its going to be tough out there brother. But I wish you luck." Ko'taki accepted the bo staff, hugging his brother and wiping the tears from his face the boy stepped back Maki gesturing a nod, Ko'taki began to run never looking back. Weeks passed as the boy travelled, it wad rough for him at first but his brother taught him plenty of ways to survive. His travels allowed him to really hone in on his bo staff skills and survival tactics. Arriving at a port taking a stroll through the town he met a scoundrel by the name of Skilla. Skilla taught the boy how to pickpocket Ko'taki soon became a petty criminal amongst the port town, another year passed allowing Ko'taki to become familiar with thievery, sneaking onto a merchant ship he traveled across the sea landing in the Land of Fire the boys story was just to beginning.
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