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  1. That is pointless bc the people who choose for option one don't want to progress faster in the game,we want the game to have a faster progress if you get me But for me it's all about immersion and obviously fun,if I am to wait for an execution every now and then that would make it kinda meh... And think about Rogue orgs that gonna be around,imagine one popping in a village like "hello just checking in,no one gonna die" still meh :v
  2. yall shud go for the 1st so gameplay can be more hardcore and immersive,we in a shinobi world aren't we?
  3. Raigagetsu -Basic information- Name : Raigagetsu Nickname: Rai Clan : Clanless Family : Orphan Age : 20 Height : 1.95 cm Place of birth : Unknown Current Affiliation : None -Appearance- Red hair,a darker shade of red on his mask and wide red eyes,clear white skin. -His story- Many people ask,no one knows the answer. Lucid dream,the reality. Raigagetsu was known for being a victim of a genjutsu curse. He has been cursed by an Uchiha Elder. He wanders around while he is half asleep. Alot of time has passed since the incident. He knows what he is doing,but he doesn't. His eyes open wide,his mind terrorized. His doings clear,his thoughts in a deep fog. He does not have an opinion,he does not have a wish. He is what he is,and nothing can change it. Raigagetsu,the wanderer.
  4. thank you alot my guy,I really appreciate it!
  5. I have tried every option but still,nothing happened
  6. do I need to change any of these?
  7. Hello everyone,so I pre-downloaded the game and installed it on my computer,it first opened and I saw the launcher (not fully) but after some seconds it crashed,now when I try to open it it doesn't show the launcher but shows me a crash report after some seconds. The launcher opens on administrator mode on its own,but I have tried opening it on administrator manually,didn't change anything
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