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  1. Thank you Gogo for organizing this event! Please let him know you appreciated his effort!
  2. Ninja, It it with great pride that I announce Shinobi Story's first anniversary of launch! On August 28th, 2021 we launched the current version of the Alpha, and we have been continually working on it ever since. I am humbled to see people so interested, passionate, and caring about our game & community; it is truly a pleasure as developers to watch people play/enjoy/theorycraft our work. Thank you. In celebration, we are announcing a 2 week period of partying! Starting today, in the Leaf Village and Tanzaku Town, you will be able to eat a giant birthday cake! This will give you an EXP Boost for 7 days & all players who participate in the partying will get an achievement at the end! Game Masters and Developers will be hosting fun events/parties throughout the 2 weeks of partying, so stay tuned! To celebrate, the entire Cash Shop is 15% off using this Code at checkout: Happy-Birthday-SS I invite any and all players to share their memorable screenshots from the early days of this alpha!
  3. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 39 - Direct Download Mirror Link - Gameplay & Content Shiryoku the Burrower (Rat Boss) now will respawn every 30 seconds to help new players Additional Farm Swoopers have been added near Tiller's Town Most abilities which scale with Attack Power (AP) / Spell Power (SP) will now scale at a 1:2 ratio; effectively nerfing all Attack Power scaling by 50%. This was targeted at mostly Hybrid jutsu, but also many others. This is because Attack Power was scaling at 2:1, thereby being effectively 100% better than all Spell Power jutsu. NEW: 4 New General Techniques have been added: [Weapon Technique Giant Iron Ball] [Weapon Technique Paperbomb Kunai] [Weapon Technique: Precise Kuani Throw] - Simple Strike at a distance! More caster gameplay! [Sensory Technique: Chakra Detection] - You can now detect invisible enemies! Side Note: We now have enough "Weapon Techniques" to be considered as a whole new mastery- but we will keep it in General! You can now cast Ninja Travel Speed while moving! Bug Fixes [Sharingan: Mental Domination] now should work on all players, where previously Lv 40 was the cap Chicken Eggs now drop way more frequently from chickens [Fire Style: Dragonflame Bullet] now should no longer miss, as originally intended Cooking can now progress past level 55 for the average player; making recipes stay orange for longer [Wildsummer Ramen] now has different ingredient requirements [Tag-Team Coordination] now requires level 5, down from 30. Yokohama Sword in the lake mission has been fixed! AO, the World Turtle has had his spawntime & loot adjusted The Ninja Crab has had its' spawntime & loot adjusted Emergency Recall Scrolls should now properly be fixed! Blessing of Martyrdom no longer gives 100% Crit Strike, but instead 50%. Medical Ninjutsu that are Poison in nature are now properly identified as poisons which can be dispelled with an antidote [Uzumaki: Chakra Barrier Technique] should now no longer appear green Miscellaneous There is a new character select/create background that is custom to us! Vile Mountain Bats have been nerfed Redberries should now properly stack! Yokohama Town is now a neutral Zone Samurai Crab has been renamed to Craburai Jack Reverse Teleport Scroll has had its' cooldown reduced to 1hr Chakra Dash distance has been reduced to match Chakra Jump In-game weather is back! We have removed the laggy blowing wind from the weather! Land of Iron Civil War now has a 10-19, 20-39, and 40-60 Bracket! The Cash Shop portable mailbox now has a new 3D model! Additional small Quality of Life changes were made! All Cosmetic Effects (Trails, holiday, spell cosmetics) will now all be stored in the cosmetic tab All Ninja Trails & Holiday Items are not item you can click on to learn the spell - this saves bag space! Additional new Cosmetics have been added! Check the shop soon! Jutsu & Balance Fire Ninjutsu Techniques [Fire Style: Fire Tornado Jutsu] now has hybrid scaling Earth Ninjutsu Techniques Visuals for Earth Jutsu have been updated to look cooler Lightning Ninjutsu Techniques [Lightning: Static Cutter Technique] has had its' damage reduced by 50% Swordsmanship Techniques [Sword: Tendon Slash] has been buffed [Sword: Guillotine Killing Technique] now applies a bleed on all targets it hits! [Sword: Silent Killing Technique] now has had its' duration increased by 1.5 seconds [Soul of the Swordsman] now grants only 3 seconds of immunity, but restores 15% of your HP each second. [Sword: Heavenly Strike of Autumn] now does increased damage & should now properly stack Medical Ninjutsu Techniques [Medical: Shadow Striking Snakes] has had its' damage and duration lowered. Genjutsu Techniques Most Genjutsu techniques have been buffed in some way Taijutsu Techniques [Taijutsu: Hirudora - Daytime Tiger] has been majorly buffed to be more competitive [Taijutsu - Open Eight Gates!] has been renamed to [Taijutsu: Gate of Wonder - Open!] and has been reworked to not be so gimmicky. All Taijutsu abilities now require much less chakra All Taijutsu abilities have been buffed to compensate a little for Gates being changed NEW: Passive added - [Splendid Way of Youth!] Note: We want to revisit Taijutsu later for a rework. Just now is not the time. Uchiha Clan Bloodline [Sharingan: Murder of Crows] has had its' damage rebalanced [Sharingan: Tsukuyomi] has been completely reworked, and now adds a distressing screen effect to your victim, in addition to the main effect [Sharingan: Susanoo Shield] no reduces all damage you do for the duration, and now only lasts 7 seconds, down from 12 with no drawbacks. [Sharingan: Paralysis Technique] now lasts 2 seconds up from 1 [Sharingan: Precise Strike] is now instant cast Sarutobi Clan Bloodline (Rework) [Sarutobi: Shuriken Shadowclone Jutsu] has been buffed to be quicker, with a lower cooldown Sarutobi's Staff has been replaced with a blanket buff for now [Sarutobi: Will of Fire] is now the level 50 Passive NEW: [Sarutobi: Great Ash Bomb Jutsu] is the new Sarutobi Ultimate technique! Uzumaki Clan Bloodline [Uzumaki: Reaper Death Seal] has been fixed & is now castable while moving. [Uzumaki: Rasengan] now is castable while moving Adamantine Chains have had their duration increased [Uzumaki: Five-Element Seal] has had its' cooldown reduced by 30 seconds. [Uzumaki: Seal of Torment] has had its' healing reduction increased, lower Cooldown, and is now instant cast & Many, many other changes that were either forgotten, unlisted, or that we considered to be too minor - Please run your launchers to play the update! Thank you so much for playing!
  4. Nice suggestion. We actually tried to branch out with this in the Uchiha tree with [Sharingan: Crow Clone Illision]. Needs some more experimenting, but we might be able to accomplish this! =]
  5. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 38 - Direct Download Mirror Link -
  6. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 36 (Hotfix) - Direct Download Mirror Link -
  7. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version Rule 34 - Direct Download Mirror Link - Thank you so much for playing!
  8. Thank you for your detailed feedback! I think you would appreciate the coming changes to Swordsmanship =]
  9. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 33 April Fools Patch 2022 - Direct Download Mirror Link -
  10. Vlad

    Patch 34

    Ninja, I just wanted to take some time to write the Team's plans & thoughts about the next update on Shinobi Story. This will be our biggest update. As such, we require more time than usual to work on it and create new systems. For this coming update we are majorly focused on adding more content, adding more cosmetics (with a lot of F2P options as well as cool Shop Cosmetics), new systems such as Warmode & Jonin Rank-up, and creating the best new-player experience we are capable of. We ask that you bear with us while we work on this stuff, as it take a bit, but I would like to reach out to the community and get feedback directly! I would like you guys to please write ONE Positive thing about the game so far and ONE Negative thing! This will help use get more of a sense from the community point-of-view as to what players like and what players hate. That catch? You can't write the same thing someone else did!
  11. Join the conversation on Discord Don't miss the next livestream Ninja, The long-awaited Chuunin Exams was held today on Shinobi Story! This was a landmark event which saw our highest online player count that we're had to date! The first stage was more of an orientation which saw contestants pay their entry fee, and answer a moral question: "Would you kill 10 people to save the life of 1?". The players who answered in the affirmative were seated on one side of the room, while those who answered "no" had a seat on the other- effectively dividing the room in two. Once all of the players were seated, we informed them that the people they are sitting with based on their answer will be the teammate they will be entering the Forest of Death stage with! This was done to throw people off and scramble their plans, as now they had to enter the survival round with a total stranger! The Forest of Death Stage --- The second exam consisted of an ever-moving forest filled with huge snakes, swooping hawks, spiders, crocodiles, and monstrous cobras- amongst other scary things! The Giant Forest Snakes were constantly moving throughout, and if players stood around idle for too long, Giant Cobras would strike! The rules were: anything goes, and the players knew it! After letting the groups in one at a time, the stage begun! It was a 30 minute deathmatch Hunger games style! Out of the groups, only 7 people remained.. The Leaf Arena Stage --- All players who could make it gathered to spectate the final 1v1 Deathmatches! Contestants were paired with people similar to their level so they would be on a semi-even playing field & it showed! Most of the matches were great, with notable characters being: Tsukihime and Nari, who received special praise by the Hokage who was judging the battles for their notable skills and tactics in combat! At the end, the Chuunin Exams was attacked by Dagahara, the Demon of the Forest, who was summoned into the arena by an unlikely foe... If you wish to see the full event and the surprise at the end, you will need to watch our Twitch Vod, where we recorded the whole event -- WATCH THE FULL EVENT NOW! See ya in-game, Vlad
  12. Vlad

    Login error

    Hey, we currently do not have a password reset feature. Could you please try to make a new account please? I am sure this will work, but if you need further help, feel free to reach out on Discord for a quicker response! https://discord.gg/shinobistory
  13. Thank you for writing this! It was a good read & I hope we can incorporate more RPG elements to our mechanics. It is a little easier said than done, but we always are trying out best to improve the game! Thank you so much for your feedback & playing! Believe me- we're listening
  14. Ninja, Shinobi Story will be hosting the first Chuunin Exams event which will take place on the 22nd of January at 12pm CST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT / 7pm GMT+1 This is our first large-scale event which will act as a cheap/fun way for players to be promoted from Genin to Chuunin! The event will last for approximately 3 hours, will contain roleplay opportunities, we will have attendance giveaways on the livestream, and will be a fun way to spend some time on a saturday! The Hokage formally invites all Genin from any village to participate in the Chuunin Exams which will start at the Ninja Academy. Guards will be given the day-off so that all visitors may attend and spectate the exams. You must be at least level 15 and a Genin to enter the exams! It will contain 3 stages: 1) The initial stage will be held at the Ninja Academy where proctors will count attendants and take the Entry Fee of 5 RYO. No recommendations or dailies are required to participate in this exam. 2) After the orientation, participants will be escorted to the Forest of Death where they will be debriefed on the instructions for that stage of the event. The Forest of Death will be sealed off from the outside until the conclusion of the event. If there are more than 10 participants remaining after the Forest of Death, there will be an elimination round in the Forest of Death Arena. 3) The final round will be hosted in the Leaf Village Arena, inviting all spectators to cheer on your student(s) or friends! - For a guaranteed spot at the exams, please write your character's name below!
  15. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 33 - Direct Download Mirror Link -
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