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  1. Shinobi, I want to thank you guys for playing the bare bones alpha that we put out, and we're grateful for the 1,000 characters that were created in the span of 17 days! Unfortunately, it is clear to everyone that the initial alpha release was rushed, and lacked a lot of game play for the most part. A lot of our months of work have went into making the game stable, getting resources, models, and bribing together people who are key to the future of Shinobi Story-- and that is something we are very proud about, being not even a indie project, but a totally hobby project. Some of us are here for the love of the universe, some are here for the community, and some are here for the adventure of making systems that other WoW Engine projects weren't able to. The amount we have accomplished in this alpha is something we are very proud of as a team, and we are going to continue to do those things in the future. We've gathered a lot of data and feedback during these two weeks, and we are moving confidently forward in the direction of improved gameplay. Unfortunately this is not something that can be done in a day, in a night, or a week. With this in mind, we're going to put in a lot of effort into bringing the Shinobi Story that many people believe in to life. On April 30, the live server will be locked to players, so that developers are able to focus fully on a lot of gameplay and content. We're redoubling our efforts to bringing Shinobi Story's content to a level we are happy with, and will always be streaming and sharing content with the community to share what we are excited about! We're also opening the doors to the players to be able to submit their own original questline ideas to potentially be included in the game! Please post them in the suggestions forum! Till next time, Vlad P.S. All current accounts will be given a little thank-you gift for playing during phase 1 of the alpha!
  2. Greetings community. It has been 10 days since our bare-bones alpha launched, and I just wanted to share a few words about that because diving into the future plans of ours! I want to personally extend a thank you to everyone who has played so far, offered feedback, and helped new players- you are greatly appreciated & your feedback is listened to. Since the launch of the alpha only 10 days ago, we have doubled the size of the map, added a lot of additional custom models, made a fully functional skillshot pvp system (which has never been done in this engine before, mind you), and laid the groundwork for future development to come! Without our amazing Developers none of this would be possible. Now, some of you may be wondering what the near future of Shinobi Story holds; and I am prepared to outline the path we are going to be taking. After listening to a lot of feedback & looking at statistics, it seems a lot of people aren't getting that iconic Naruto feel that many people are seeking. This is something we foresaw early on, but wanted to try a route that hasn't been taken before- Warring Clans. Although this is definitely an interesting perspective, I must agree that it is missing core Naruto elements. To address this, we have begun work on Konoha, to introduce the village into the game in as soon as we logically can. Here is a sneak peek of some work developers have been doing behind the scenes to get ready for Konoha! The next main concern for players is that there is not too much gameplay right now. We are going to be rapidly addressing this by adding a lot more content, and a more understandable/streamlined system to progress. We are aiming to keep participation in roleplay as the key method of progressing your character, but we are not discounting other means of progress as long as we deem it fun and creative. This week I am going to outline the propositions to the Development & Game Master team, then a comprehensive tasklist will be made so that we tackle this challenge as efficiently as we can. I hope you stick around during this unorthodox alpha, and join us as we shape the future of Shinobi Story together! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make this game & community. You are an amazing bunch of people, Vlad
  3. If you were expecting Triple A graphics, this isn't the game for that.
  4. Thanks for your report, we’ll look into it. As a side note, Great Breakthrough was temporarily disabled, hence it does nothing right now.
  5. Feel free to scan yourself, but this is 100% a false-positive.
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