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  1. Good suggestions, everyone! These are very helpful- keep it up!
  2. Vlad

    IM STUCK !

    Hello, do you still need help? What is your in-game name?
  3. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 29 Mirror 1 Mirror 2 Worldbuilding & Map Design Our Halloween event, The Bloodmoon Festival has begun! The Sky in the Ninja World has gone bloody, indicating when the borders between the spirit world and the material world are most weak You have a chance to get the [Halloween Pumpkin Helmet], which is a permanent Pumpkin Head cosmetic! Bones will be used as a currency in this event! The map, alongside various towns/cities/zones have been improved to make the map slightly better with each patch! The area in front of Tanzaku Town has been re-designed to be cooler The Leaf Arena has been re-designed to better reflect the battlefield Barbershops have been added to Notchi City, Tanzaku Town, and Yokohama Town! A Bank branch has been added to Tanzaku Town The Forest of Death Rogue Hideout has received organization Banks Signs have been added around and inside the Leaf Village to help newer players The Leaf Village Academy Park has been added, and filled with tutorial npcs to fight The Hokage Rock has been redesigned to look better We have added 3 new named towns/villages: Nagomi Town (Continue on the path north of Notchi City) Tatari Village (At the foot of the great eastern mountain; near the Fire Monk Temple Kikujo Village (The patchway north of the Leaf Village) All Barbers now sell all current Character Hair for Character Hair Tokens which can be purchased from our Cash Shop. This is an easier and less clunky way to deliver more ways to customize your character! A pack of wolves now roams near the Leaf Village forest Port Hachou has received some more love in terms of decorations. The Forest of Death now has dark purple haze, making it more.. eerie The First Hokage's face has been etched into stone on Hokage Rock! A piece of land that was untextured and weird near Notchi City (On the river delta) has been fixed Gameplay & Content Additional security forces have been deployed to the Leaf Village Gates, and the First Training Grounds to better protect Genin and Academy Students. An ANBU Unit has been dispatched to defend the main Hokage Street from Rogue Ninja. They will kill on sight. Leaf Village Diplomats have been dispatched to Notchi City, Kisaragi Town, Port Hachou, Tatari Village, Tanzaku Town, and at the Leaf flag down the road in front of the village gates. Criminal elements are able to complete a daily to get some reputation with the village back. This will require several completions to be admitted back. [Sidequest Reroll Dice] have been added to all General Stores in the game! A new boss fight has been added to the Hokage Rock - The Mysterious Masked Man who drops exclusive loot and cosmetics! Which group can take him down!? 15 new custom model 3D Ninja Cloaks have been added in-game! Rogue, Bounty Hunter, Doctor, and Sage are just a few of them! Super excited to show more! A Dangerous Vagabond has been spotted in the mountain range near Yokohama Town. approach with caution. The Water Style Ninjutsu questline has been added up to level 10. You can begin the quest at the Academy Library. The Way of the Blade questline has been added up to level 10. You can begin the quest at the Academy Library. Additional rewards have been added to fishing, including [Small Waterlogged Casket] A Ninja Tool Shopkeeper has been added in front of the Hokage Building which sells new Ninja Tools! Ninja Tool: Shuriken (Max Stack 10 Max Stack 5) Ninja Tool: Weak Weapon Poison (Max stack 3) Ninja Tool: Paper Bomb (Max Stack 5) Ninja Tool: Tar Trap (Max Stack 5) A Nurse has been added in the Leaf Hospital who also sells Medical Ninjutsu tools, as well as Antidotes Ninja Tool: Weak Antidote (Max Stack 3) Tavernkeepers have been placed in The Leaf Village (in front of the Hokage building), Tanzaku Town, Notchi City, Port Hachou, Kisaragi Port, Tatari Village, Nagomi Town, and Kikujo Village. These Tavernkeepers will now provide players with a [Reverse Teleportation Scroll] for free to take them back to the Tavern on a 2 hour cooldown. A Bunch of NPCs have been added throughout the world Hachou Man Questline has been added Jashinism Questline has been added The moths that inhabited the Forest of Death have migrated to Yokohama Town due to excessive slaughter. 107 new icons have been added to the game + a bunch of new materials & loot! Misc. All hair color options have been redesigned to be cooler! All hair colors have been set to the new ones! Enjoy! We have given everyone the ability to see their stats with the addon "AllStats" to be given by Default" Various small UI changes we've made to better improve the player experience The Starting Gear Merchant now sells Hand and footwraps for free Bug Fixes We have cracked down on safespotting. All creatures will now continue to puruse you even if you try to abuse mechanics to not get hit Pumpkins are now orange... as originally intended [Yellow Flash Kunai] now has an on-use effect to flex on others.... literally! Also, it's damage has been increased to be more competitive. Icons are fixed now... I swear! World Quests now don't assign a bunch of NPCs which were annoying or unkillable. Notchi City Guards & Royal Honorguard no longer give experience points Academy Park has been turned into a sanctuary The First Training Ground has been turned into a sanctuary The First Training Ground now shows up as a zone as intended Notchi City Royal Guards now march in-sync The compass now has an "N" at the top to indicate north. When the red arrow is pointing up, that is north! A sh*t ton of Side Quest mobs have been blacklisted - thank you so much for your patience & helping find them! Fixed shadow issues on one tree that causes shadow spasms on the ground Most creatures should now have proper loot as intended! Most 2-Handed weapons have received a buff. If you find one that hasn't been updated yet, please make a bug post on the forums! The player EXP bar should now properly show up as intended! The Hidden Leaf Village soundtrack should now no longer be... cursed... The Uchiha War Fan has been buffed to be similar to other 2-handed weapons Pretty sure the bingo book is showing the proper icons now, as previously intended. Please run your launchers to play the update! P.S. Happy Halloween!
  4. Hey Ninja, As you may have seen from our last Developer Blogpost, we are introducing a main storyline to help players level coherently, and help them experience bits of lore and an overarching sense of purpose to the world. Some of you have been asked to help write this, and so I am opening the floor to the community to help elaborate or think up some fun/cool/unique things for every zone to add flavor or character! We're breaking down the map like this: Leaf Village & nearby forests [Lvs 1-10] Yokohama Town & Kisaragi Port Town & Deep Forest [Lvs 10-17] Notchi City, Port Hachou, and the Penninsula [Lvs 18-28] 2 Unnamed Towns, The Monk Temple, and Tanzaku Town [Lvs 28-35] Forest of Death, and Northern Land of Fire [Lvs 35-40+] If you have any stories you'd love to see in the zones, please post them here! I'd like this post to be the "official" post where we can pin together ideas in one collaborative place. Spoilers don't matter because people will play through the game anyway, but just for those special people... spoiler warning!
  5. Thank you for the report! I have an idea why this is happening & will fix it in the next patch hotfix!
  6. Awesome! Thanks for your contribution! This has been pinned for Roleplayers!
  7. Hey, could you please run it once more? We fixed a few things & I am sure it should work this time! thank you so much for your patience!
  8. Hey Ninja, You probably did not expect an update to the Development Diary so soon, huh!? Well, we have a few things to announce.. 1) Alpha Version 18 will be live in a few hours! We've added quality-of-life stuff, and fixed a lot of bugs. We have also released the Hyuuga Clan and Light Style Ninjutsu up to level 10 for now! We have so much planned, but so little time to do everything we wanted to in this patch. I'm afraid additional later-game content was not added this time around. We're still working on it because a lot of stuff needed fixing on the backend before we were able to continue with that. We will announce in a couple hours when the update is live, as it is currently processing! In the not so distant future we are going to be starting some sweeping changes, most notably adding a world map to help players orient. Our initial idea just did not work as too many players got lost, and we are adding a Main Storyline which will reward Koban, weapons, items, etc. & help introduce systems to players at lvs 10, 20, 30, and 40. This Main Storyline will also help navigate players through different towns in a more streamlined way. Don't worry, we will still make plenty of challenges! You can find all the details of the update on the Patch Notes 2) Our long awaited Cash Shop is making its debut! To celebrate this, we are making the [Ninja Journey Starterpack] free until the 30th of this month when you use the discount code: CashShopLaunch You are limited to one coupon code use of this per account! Creating and maintaining Shinobi Story is actually expensive, and I humbly thank everyone who is able and willing to buy some cool cosmetics to support the upkeep of the server, because at the moment it is all out-of-pocket. We are not a company, we're just a group of friends trying to make a cool game! Thank you SO much for playing! We're always listening and adding in your feedback, so please do no hesitate to make your voice heard! Till next time, Vlad
  9. Many of you may not know the tale of Jin. Some of you may not care, but his journey shows that with enough dedication, you too can accomplish your dreams. The son of Old Man Genno, in Alpha 1 Jin used to sell Fish and a fish rod in a shack in Port Hachou while his old father attended to the shop. On Alpha 2, Jin saw an increase in sales of fishing equipment. After a while, he saved up enough Ryo to travel to the big city of Konoha and open a humble merchant stall on the streets. Many of you may be familiar with him.. On a recent update, Jin saw a potential in the market, and begun selling Cup Ramen. This changed his life. The profits from Cup Ramen allowed this humble fisherman to open his first General Store in Konoha! On this next update, I would like to introduce you to Jin- the business man, with his General Store now selling all matter of goods! Don't worry, he hasn't forgotten his roots. tHiS iS lOrE
  10. Hey Ninja, Long time no see on the development blog. I just wanted to stop and write down some thoughts, as I think it is very helpful for the community to know where we are on this journey! We had good numbers at the start, but we don't yet have enough content to retain player attention long-term. We've gathered a lot of feedback & are definitely acting on it as fast as we can; it can be a little difficult with a content development team our size, but we're having fun and making good and steady progress! You should be expecting the new update about this Friday! (yay) We know a lot of people get lost in the early game, we are are doubling down our efforts into making the earlier game smoother & are actively working on resources and content to assist new players with direction. Our initial ideas were too ambitious and this has caused new players to sometimes get confused and lost. We want everyone to be off to a good start! I will start using this development blog a little more to be more transparent with the community on our doings being the scenes, as with your valuable feedback we will be able to make the game super fun! Please bear with us as we try our best to deliver content in a timely manner, because we really do care and put a lot of effort into making our game look and feel acceptable to players. We put a lot of love and detail into the game, so we want to add our signature polish to everything before it is ready for players to enjoy! Everything from making our icons (and making sure every icon feels appropriate and enjoyable to look at), to the map, making large, scenic atmospheres to engross you in the Ninja World. Just imagine what the game will look and feel like in 3 months, 6 months, and even a year at our current trajectory! Our future is bright and we are passionate about what we do! Till next time, Vlad
  11. Haha, thanks for this. I will double check the map & it's bounds in the next update.
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