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  1. Thank you for your detailed feedback! I think you would appreciate the coming changes to Swordsmanship =]
  2. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 33 April Fools Patch 2022 - Direct Download Mirror Link -
  3. Vlad

    Patch 34

    Ninja, I just wanted to take some time to write the Team's plans & thoughts about the next update on Shinobi Story. This will be our biggest update. As such, we require more time than usual to work on it and create new systems. For this coming update we are majorly focused on adding more content, adding more cosmetics (with a lot of F2P options as well as cool Shop Cosmetics), new systems such as Warmode & Jonin Rank-up, and creating the best new-player experience we are capable of. We ask that you bear with us while we work on this stuff, as it take a bit, but I would like to reach out to the community and get feedback directly! I would like you guys to please write ONE Positive thing about the game so far and ONE Negative thing! This will help use get more of a sense from the community point-of-view as to what players like and what players hate. That catch? You can't write the same thing someone else did!
  4. Join the conversation on Discord Don't miss the next livestream Ninja, The long-awaited Chuunin Exams was held today on Shinobi Story! This was a landmark event which saw our highest online player count that we're had to date! The first stage was more of an orientation which saw contestants pay their entry fee, and answer a moral question: "Would you kill 10 people to save the life of 1?". The players who answered in the affirmative were seated on one side of the room, while those who answered "no" had a seat on the other- effectively dividing the room in two. Once all of the players were seated, we informed them that the people they are sitting with based on their answer will be the teammate they will be entering the Forest of Death stage with! This was done to throw people off and scramble their plans, as now they had to enter the survival round with a total stranger! The Forest of Death Stage --- The second exam consisted of an ever-moving forest filled with huge snakes, swooping hawks, spiders, crocodiles, and monstrous cobras- amongst other scary things! The Giant Forest Snakes were constantly moving throughout, and if players stood around idle for too long, Giant Cobras would strike! The rules were: anything goes, and the players knew it! After letting the groups in one at a time, the stage begun! It was a 30 minute deathmatch Hunger games style! Out of the groups, only 7 people remained.. The Leaf Arena Stage --- All players who could make it gathered to spectate the final 1v1 Deathmatches! Contestants were paired with people similar to their level so they would be on a semi-even playing field & it showed! Most of the matches were great, with notable characters being: Tsukihime and Nari, who received special praise by the Hokage who was judging the battles for their notable skills and tactics in combat! At the end, the Chuunin Exams was attacked by Dagahara, the Demon of the Forest, who was summoned into the arena by an unlikely foe... If you wish to see the full event and the surprise at the end, you will need to watch our Twitch Vod, where we recorded the whole event -- WATCH THE FULL EVENT NOW! See ya in-game, Vlad
  5. Vlad

    Login error

    Hey, we currently do not have a password reset feature. Could you please try to make a new account please? I am sure this will work, but if you need further help, feel free to reach out on Discord for a quicker response! https://discord.gg/shinobistory
  6. Thank you for writing this! It was a good read & I hope we can incorporate more RPG elements to our mechanics. It is a little easier said than done, but we always are trying out best to improve the game! Thank you so much for your feedback & playing! Believe me- we're listening
  7. Ninja, Shinobi Story will be hosting the first Chuunin Exams event which will take place on the 22nd of January at 12pm CST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT / 7pm GMT+1 This is our first large-scale event which will act as a cheap/fun way for players to be promoted from Genin to Chuunin! The event will last for approximately 3 hours, will contain roleplay opportunities, we will have attendance giveaways on the livestream, and will be a fun way to spend some time on a saturday! The Hokage formally invites all Genin from any village to participate in the Chuunin Exams which will start at the Ninja Academy. Guards will be given the day-off so that all visitors may attend and spectate the exams. You must be at least level 15 and a Genin to enter the exams! It will contain 3 stages: 1) The initial stage will be held at the Ninja Academy where proctors will count attendants and take the Entry Fee of 5 RYO. No recommendations or dailies are required to participate in this exam. 2) After the orientation, participants will be escorted to the Forest of Death where they will be debriefed on the instructions for that stage of the event. The Forest of Death will be sealed off from the outside until the conclusion of the event. If there are more than 10 participants remaining after the Forest of Death, there will be an elimination round in the Forest of Death Arena. 3) The final round will be hosted in the Leaf Village Arena, inviting all spectators to cheer on your student(s) or friends! - For a guaranteed spot at the exams, please write your character's name below!
  8. Shinobi Story Alpha: Version 33 - Direct Download Mirror Link - Gameplay & Content ️ 5 Blessings/Curses have been to the game. This will act as a way to offer [Bones] to either put them to rest, or to sacrifice them in the pursuit of power. The 5 different Blessings locations will be up to players to discover. ️ New Profession: Blacksmithing - Speak to a trainer in most major towns to learn the tricks of the trade! Upgrade your weapons today! ️ The Sarutobi Clan has been released & is the 11th available Mastery to choose! Themed around the Will of Fire, Smoke Jutsu, and heavy team-focused gameplay, they will protect the Land of Fire and their friends with a unique arsenal of abilities! ️ Sidequests will no longer be flooded with Tier 1 weapons, but rather will award boxes which will award the weapons: Kunai, Katana, Nodachi, and Warspear boxes will be lootable! Additional items have been added to the Sidequest reward pool including the new Tanzaku Town Scratch-Off lottery! ️ The Chuunin Vest now has slots for Ninja Cards ️ A new system has been developed to add multiple armors/effects on to your character model- ie. Sound Village Belt, Scrolls, Glasses, Cigarettes, etc. while using a custom hairstyle/headband too! The Forest of Death has gotten deadlier. Five Giant Forest Snakes have slithered their way in, lurking in the shadows looking for prey. Ravenous sharks have migrated from the deep ocean. It appears that the gulf of Kisaragi is a new major shark mating spot. They are horny sharks. One ought to think twice before taking a swim there. Deep Sea Fishing has been made available - for future rare fish for cooking! World Boss: Yuki-onna, is now feeling like a lvl 40 boss. No more gutting the bird against the wall. :))) - She has been reworked! World Boss: Onikuma boss behavior change - now upon hitting phase 2 Onikuma will hide in the cave. Beware the other bears on the way in! World Boss: Dagahara, the Demon of the Dark Forest how has proper boss mechanics! Additional daily Missions have been added to add more variety! World Boss: Ao, the Cosmic Turtle has been added as a new World Boss in Shinobi Story! World Boss: Tsuchigumo, the Eight-Legged Mother has been added as a new World Boss in Shinobi Story! Added Suika Uchiha @ Yokohama, Yudoku Snapping Turtles w/ SmartAI & loot @ Yokohama Lake with a new Quest! The following creatures now has mechanics: Groddoc Ape, Thunderer, and Chestpounder renamed to Choten Ape, Thunderer, Chestpounder, Choten Alpha, Bloodthirsty Crocodile, mad, unflinching, terrible stags and traitor ninja, opportunistic thugs Four wandering Ronin have been spotted around the Land of Fire - proceed with caution! More creatures have been added around the lands to give a more lively sense of a world Chakra Infused Metal, and various crystals have been added to be made available to upgrade your weapons! The Ramen Cook's Assistant quest has been added- which will act as an introduction to Cooking! Worldbuilding & Map Design Snow has been removed from the Land of Fire (finally) 1300 Snow Mounds have been deleted The Valley of the End has been slightly improved to be more grown-out A New room has been added to the Academy Building - the Chuunin Exam Test Room (see blow) ️ The "Invisible Wall" between Kisaragi Town and Port Hachou has been lifted, now it is filled with Sharks and a very deadly SEA TYPHOON which travels around and leaves chaos in its' wake! ️ A new location has been added: The Deep Sea Fishing Trawlers! - you can find it between Port Hachou & Kisaragi Town Added Fishing Pools around the world Many towns have been decorated with red lanterns to celebrate the lunar new year! The map has been slightly improved with additional decorations and doodads Leaf Village Outposts arounds the Land of Fire now employ Jonin to protects points of interest better Additional zones have been named- including the 2nd Training Ground Bug Fixes Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Weapons should now properly display their sheathed positions (formerly invisible) The "Chunin" title has been corrected to "Chuunin" ️ All creatures and bosses now have loot! ️ All Jutsu Now properly scale with either AP/SP - Prepare for a lot of tuning needing to happen in the coming week(s) Hawks creatures can now fly in the air! Creatures who gave abnormal experience points now give less. Quest: Gave back Last Will: Foul Play's Rusty Wakizashi as the required quest item. Quest: The Uchiha Bloodline quest chain should now properly tell you where to go! Slightly boosted sell prices of fish across the board Fixed fishing zones Changed fishing to always catch on each cast Fixed bug which would cause multiple fish to be caught sometimes A XML/Lua chat error should no longer appear when opening the Bingo Book The Ninja World League Arena's Line of Sight issue has been fixed! The "Koban Cosmetic" vendor has been renamed to reflect his new accepted currency "Gold" has been renamed to "Ryo" in interface files Thee Tomoe Sharingan should now properly grant 35% casting speed reduction as intended Arena Points should now be distributed properly All "Dummy" NPCs used to control Jutsu have been hunted down & added to the Sidequest Blacklist! Miscellaneous TABS have been added in the Jutsu Book- now each mastery will have its' own individual tab! Players will have: General Tab, Mastery 1, Mastery 2, Mastery 3, Cosmetics, and Emojis tabs! We have developed & added Premium Emojis which are available on the Shop! - Premium Ninja will get an additional discount on them! Removed Christmas Hats from guards and gave new hair styles. We Gave ANBU flavor text on rogue kill Fall damage has been re-added, but will be significantly reduced in % damage. You can do a quest to get [Breakfall Technique] - Seek out Gui Sensei to learn the technique! Additional hairstyles have been added to the Barbershop hairdressers! Additional stuff has been added to the Cash Shop & will be made available in the coming days! More creatures drop Stat Boosts! ️ Sidequests now require LESS kills per completion to make them more fun to do! A bunch of new icons have been added to items! The [Movement Charge] ability now has a new icon All cosmetic items have their DPS reduced to 1, to prevent accidental BiS from Cosmetics! Lightning Jutsu Spell Visuals got some improvements! Genjutsu: Mindspike Technique should now be properly working as intended All food has been nerfed in preparation for the upcoming huge Cooking Profession Patch! Fragrant Sake now stacks to 50 from 5 Rogue Peace enforcers have been buffed and equipped with a blade. ️ BONUS EXP WEEKENDS HAVE BEEN FIXED! They will now go live every Friday Night! ️ The Sensei System has been created! Stay tuned to find out how you can earn this exclusive buff & title! The Barbershop now contains all of the available hairs for sale and organizes them by color! - Previously we had too many hairs so all of them would not properly display in the barbershop store! Earth Style: Iron Skin now properly indicates the jutsu can be used while affected by loss of control effects Candy Cane's effect has been reduced at the end of the holiday season All Snowballs will melt within a period of time after the snow has melted around the Land of Fire! Additional Clan-Themed Ninja Cloaks have been added! A New Quest to get Master Fishing Title has been added! Jutsu & Balance Earth Style: Stone Shield has been rebalanced & now causes a high amount of threat to mobs Healing Palm Technique now has an increased range Hyuuga's passive got a minor buff in strength Water Style: Water Prison Jutsu now does damage before it traps your enemy in a water bubble Sharingan Paralysis Jutsu now does a small amount of damage on-cast Earth Style Ninjutsu has been rebalanced to be more fair One Tomoe Sharingan now has a chakra cost per second Two Tomoe Sharingan now has a chakra cost per second Three Tomoe Sharingan now has a chakra cost per second Uchiha Kunai Technique has had its' damage reduced slightly Sharingan Technique: Murder of Crows has its' damage slightly reduced but its' duration increased by 4 seconds Earth Style: Rock Barrier Technique has had its' cooldown increased by 10 seconds Earth Style: Rock Barrier Technique now is only cartable on the user, as originally intended - Please run your launchers to play the update!
  9. Ninja, I am honored to be able to write to the community about a year recap. We launched 4 months ago, so all of the statistics are from 1/3rd of this year. It has been an absolute privilege to be able to develop and host this game for our community. We have huge plans for 2022! We have grown quite a lot this year & are finally finding our footing. I promise to continue to deliver content and build the game as much as we can. I'm like to share some statistics gathered from our database to give a rough idea of where we sit! Post your most memorable screenshots from 2021! Total /played time of all players combined: 25,018 Hours = 1042.4 Days = 34.2 Months = 2.8 YEARS Characters Made: 2,169 79% - Male 21% - Female Total RYO in Circulation: 3,206.74 Total Player Kills: 2,169 (nice) Total Lv 40s: 39 Total Lvs 30 - 39: 23 Total Lvs 20 - 20: 49 Total Lvs 10 - 19: 155 Total Mail Received: 613 Total Stat Points: 43,838 Total Organizations: 17 Total Tickets Answered: 887 Post your most memorable screenshots from 2021!
  10. Try this:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bzhz5mxtglbsoa4/AADInbLcu1uQVvPZR8ZLIAATa?dl=0
  11. Hello @mysterionftw, Can you please try the direct download: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Vlad Shumov/Shinobi Story Early Access Alpha/Shinobi Story Live Version 31 Best, Vlad
  12. So it is clear that the Land of Water & Hidden Mist is what players are looking for in the next playable village. I'd like to make this a megathread of ideas people would like to see in that village, some custom lore, some insights into the culture and architecture... Go! I really like the concept of basing the Mist around "The Empire" in SWTOR. They are not really "evil", but more akin to a large, hulking bureaucracy that values power moves. This is a good watch:
  13. This is actually the design philosophy I went with when creating Genjutsu. It can do really well, or really meh. It "lore" aspect of the mastery is determined on if you could successfully "trick" your opponent into thinking they got hurt. I'm going to tune some genjutsu abilities to make them a little more weighty, though.
  14. Ninja, I wanted to spend some time to touch base about our development cycle that just passed & the one coming up. The Team really stepped up & put in the work, and for that I am extremely proud to call them colleagues. I have watched certain developers join the team with zero experience on our engine, to me fully trusting them with content. They have truly blossomed & have worked hard to create (hopefully) enjoyable content. I can say with confidence that this is the first time that I feel Shinobi Story has enough content to truly be playable. This last development cycle does have some issue, though. The crashing bug is really putting a damper on things, but once we get that sorted it will be mostly bug free, besides minor things. Unfortunately I am on a trip for the rest of the week, but I am in constant contact with some third-party developers to help us understand and hopefully solve our crashes. I always want to be transparent with the community & give them a clear look at whats happening. At the moment we will be working on a hotfix to update some stuff, but after the hotfix the team will be on holiday for a bit of time to properly celebrate the holidays. I hope there is enough content to at least have an enjoyable time in the meantime! I just wanted to give a quick community update some some stuff. Till next time, Vlad & the SS Team
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