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  1. You literally do not know what the bot does. Perhaps we should kick you instead
  2. Shinobi, With 2020 having been a rough year for a lot of us, I am incredibly thankful to have had the Shinobi Story community to share the year with. We've went through a lot of changes, some left, some joined, and the project evolved. The start of the year was very rough for the project, but we've gotten through it. I want to announce some special things today and share with you guys a teaser trailer that the GMs have been working on! Firstly, I would like to thank all of the Premium Ninja from the bottom of my heart for supporting SS through all of the hype and uncertainty; thank you. As a token of our appreciation, we are introducing the role of Legendary Ninja which will automatically upgrade all of our existing active Discord Premium Ninja on Jan 1. This rank will only bestowed from here-on-out to players who have gone above any beyond for the game and community. All Legendary Ninja will be given a very special item that will never be released any other way... the [Yellow Flash Kunai] The Game Masters have worked on a little teaser that we are proud to show you guys! We have been making a ton of new, visually appealing jutsu that I cannot wait for you guys to fight each other with! I'm glad to know our skillshot pvp system has inspired other projects to follow suit, and that many people had a blast fighting with them on the dev test realm! Don't forget to subscribe! On behalf of all of the hard working team on Shinobi Story, Have an amazing 2021! Vlad
  3. You cannot say you have a dog without posting dog pics. I didn’t make the rules, sorry
  4. Hey Shinobi, I know I haven't been very good at blogging in this diary, but i'd like to make an entry and discuss a few concepts! The map has been a monumental task, and so far i've been the only one working on it. I'm very pleased to say that it has been turning out better than I expected! Just for comparison, this was how the map looked during the last alpha phase.. and this is the level it is at now! While i'll continue to always be working on it, expect nice things soon! I also wanted to touch upon how combat and the mastery system will work and what to expect. So at each Village rank: Genin, Chuunin, and Jounin (upon completing the proper promotion requirements), you will gain 1 mastery point to specialize into. For example, a Jounin would look like this: Fire, Water, Swordsmanship; or Genjutsu, Uchiha, Fire, etc. This is meant for balance and to not have a jack-of-all-trades types of character. Weaknesses and counters are an important aspect to the ninja world- this is where squad gameplay comes in. At Genin rank, since you only have 1 mastery point, you will be paired up with two other genin, and with this team, you will be able to fight at a competitive level as a jounin, for example. Team and synergy gameplay is very important to learn at low levels. The early stages of a shinobi's career might feel like a MOBA, where everyone has a role and works together to overcome obstacles. If you get a solid squad, just imagine when all three of you are jounin.. Certain abilities and masteries synergize with each other; fireball jutsu absorbs all (friend or foe) wind jutsu and grows in size and power, causing an even greater amount of damage in an area. Masteries have different aspects to them, and learning and taking advantage of them is what will separate the C-Ranks from the A-Ranks. Here are some pictures you may or may not have seen.. Imgur Gallery Till next time, Vlad
  5. If "advanced" ninja tools were not limited, they would become mandatory for everyone to have if their only drawback was longer cooldowns. We want to prevent this "mandatory" or "min max" gameplay, or at least curb it in the design stage as much as possible. One alternative we explored, and actually moved on in the early stages of development was an Advanced Ninja Tools mastery, but we were just not able to create enough of a unique identity for the mastery to justify it over all the others (same for Senju bloodline at the moment). One way to keep the advanced ninja tools in to some degree would be in an advanced form of the trinket slots, which is at the moment the more leading philosophy, but nothing in regards to them is fully set in stone as we are still building out the basic ones. I hope this offered a little more insight as to what our goals and thinking behind it is. A lot of things are canon, but for the sake of a somewhat balanced game we're opting for some decision to curb that.
  6. We do not handle the payment processing system, it is all 3rd party & required by both Paypal and stripe to my knowledge. While I "advise" you to enter all details following the local laws of your jurisdiction, the details really aren't important to the purchase so you can really write whatever you want.
  7. The reason for the chakra cut is to directly prevent you from using big jutsu, and limiting the total amount of elemental jutsu you are able to use in that encounter. Hyuuga will directly counter most jutsu users if they can get within range, so the "jack of all trades" playstyle will not exist. There will be direct counters to playstyles you choose to a degree
  8. I agree, hence why I'm willing to cut the ninja's chakra significantly per ninja tool scroll. You are able to alternate ninja tools out of combat, so you will have to "git gud" if you want a broad skill with ninja tools in general (which is going to be an extensive skilltype)
  9. Ninja Tools will be taking the place of the trinket slots, limiting ninja to 2 at a time, and out of combat. These are meant to have combat altering effects that are continuously needed to be purchased or crafted. However, like most things in SS, we have a decent system on paper. Having 2 ninja tools won't restrict playstyles as those, because in the future we can introduce trinkets that are meant for such playstyles. For example, whenever puppetry is introduced, we will release "Chakra Threads" as a Ninja Tools- requiring you to equip 2 Chakra Threads as your trinkets to even be able to use puppetry. To directly answer your Ten Ten question.. most likely we will have like... "Great Ninja Tool Scroll" as a Ninja Tool which allows for using of ten ten style abilities, but reduces your chakra by an amount to balance the tradeoff of having higher level. ninja tools. Hope that made somewhat sense. Balance is a big thing we're trying to go for here. Jutsu have counterplay, pros will always have cons. You have to use your ninja mind to overcome your opponents.
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