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  1. A slow walk transitioning through different background areas, such as past the academy while several others are walking inside, a forest with a wolf or bear in the background, across the deck of a boat, a desert with a dust storm, a rocky plateau, culminating with the walker approaching another shinobi who summons an animal and the walker preparing a jutsu of his own. The scene ends panning upward into the 'title screen' and data the release date for alpha is displayed. While each scene is displayed as the character walks by, more information about what will be in the game should appear (such as how the combat will work, professions, etc)
  2. The Red marker on the Compass should point to North at all times. HOWEVER when you turn the camera it points in the direction the player is facing. This is very wrong. When I turn right to face east I would expect the red part of the compass to turn left so that it continues facing North. As someone who has used a compass a lot in the past this hurts my brain, please fix. The fix is easy. Just invert the X value. Thanks.
  3. As it is currently set, the day / night cycle is 1:1 server time. I am suggesting that it be changed to 0.5:1 so that two ingame days pass for 1 real world day. This allows for players all over the world to be able to experience a day night cycle and would open up more ingame time RP opportunites for interacting with the world at night without it having to actually be night in the real world.
  4. Directly west of spawning point quite a ways [close to the border but not quite] Don't have exact coords.
  5. How about we have option 2 or 3 and an additional Iron Man Mode. Players after they make a character can turn on Iron Man mode. It forces that character into option 1 and upon death will be permakilled. Anyone that kills them is permadeath. In return, they progress at the faster rate. Iron Man, once active on a character cannot be disabled. Iron man mode players can be given some kind of marker to indicate their status
  6. Option 3 Giving trolls and dumbos tools to grief without ever reading the rules will just be abused and drive players away. Having a consist system with oversight, despite potential shortcomings, would offer more meaningful roleplay experience without troll interference.
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