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  1. I have seen many responses not suitable from any type of member in the server. It is true that incoming help from your own community it's preferable, but at least there should be a rule of how to answer properly. The idea for the role was to select those members polite enough to answer properly and guide those who don't have knowledge of the game. It might be better to have a team who need to do certain things than letting everyone do whatever they want; if this is happening, disaster might be coming.
  2. Hello. Yes, there are many types of personalities outhere and I understand that your staff team varies when it comes to ways of reacting. However, my suggestion is made for you to make things easier. Your Developer team wouldn't have the need to be there answering as it were their job. This post isn't made to punish someone, it is made to add an easier way of controlling your server. Thank you for reading and answering.
  3. I understand that you're looking for members who are smart enough to check the channels and get information without asking for it, however I'll keep repeating that the kind of treatment done isn't acceptable. If a staff member acts like this to his community, what do you expect from the users? There must be a control in how to react to your community members. Just because the server is focused on RP doesn't mean you have to make the users who aren't heedful feel unable to make questions.
  4. Hello. Yes, a "Helper" role wouldn't mean that no one but helpers could answer questions, but at least it would make the pressure on the Developer team lighter. In addition, looking for polite users to be helpers would highly increase the satisfaction of users in the moment of making questions. However, maybe a sarcastic comment does not affect you or me, but maybe it affects the one who asks a question because he/she was looking for an answer, not for a joke. I'm not saying that everyone does sarcastic comments or doesn't answer the questions in the chat, because there might be cases where a good support is provided in the channel. Furthermore, I still believe that users who answer questions as they were jokes aren't supposed to be in the channel. If you're willing to joke or make fun of something, don't do it in a channel made to help someone. Thank you for reading and responding.
  5. If there are rules of punishing aggressive behavior then they should be applied in the attitutes that have been done in #questions. However, I get that everyone's personality varies, but the point I wanted to show with this post is to look for members (Helpers) who NEED to answer in a polite manner. If you don't have a team which is able to accomplish this goal then it gives my post priority.
  6. Hello. I don't think that the word "well" is really fitted in this topic. Answering in a sarcastic, ironic or aggressive way isn't well. The users don't ask questions with a bad intention, so they aren't looking for a bad respond either. I have seen many members showing off their stress and demostrating the users that they are tired of answering in questions; this kind of member isn't fitted to answer questions. If you think that your members are doing great answering, then check again how they do answer. Being polite to your community is the first step to make them feel comfortable. Thank you for reading and answering. I re-post my answer because I didn't quote, sorry.
  7. That may be your point of view, but again, answering without wanting to shouldn't be allowed. You guys need to make your users feel comfortable, if not, the community will slowly decrease. Thank you for reading and answering.
  8. From my short experience in #questions, I would like to suggest to add a role called "Helper" which its main purpose would be answering questions in a polite way. This will make the pressure on the Developer team lighter, as other users (helpers) would have the responsability of answering questions, removing it from Developers or other Staff member. I suggest this because I saw many members in #questions answering questions in an aggressive way. In the end, this kind of treatment will make the users feel scared of making questions. I understand that there are many users who ask the same question when it could be easily answered by doing a fast check in #updates channel, but being aggressive towards an user because you're tired of answering the same question more than 100 times a day isn't acceptable. Thank you for reading.
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