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  1. I was looking at the latest combat teaser and I really liked how the combat looked, but something that really peeved me was the head size. The body is too big for the head. I'd say to either increase the head size or decrease the body size, but I really love the game so far!
  2. Thanks for your input everybody! I have tweaked my character and I think it's a bit better.
  3. Thanks for your input. I tried to put things in that were guaranteed because Sharingan has to have genjutsu, right? Proficiencies are not a real thing that I expect in this game but I put them there for reference to show myself and others what my character's build is trying to be.
  4. Land of Fire Konohagakure Uchiha Gender Male Age 18 Backstory Ever since Sayuko was a child, he was treated like a prodigy. His parents, renowned in the Uchiha clan, always favored Sayuko. He has been given special treatment and training ever since. He became quite strong physically and quite smart, but he was very spoiled and egotistical due to him being sheltered. When his parents died in a mission he took it hard, but he pushed it aside and became angry at the world. Personality Sayuko has a cool-headedness for dangerous situations, but when something stops going his way he loses his temper. He always cares for the mission over the safety of his teammates and is very self-centered, his priorities being far above others. He is very arrogant and tends to flex his strength. He believes he is always right and whenever he is in an argument he will not stop until he convinces the opponent otherwise. Even though he hates many people, he can keep it on hold during a mission and holds respect for his teammates as long as they can hold their own in battle. Sayuko will not talk to anybody he does not believe to be strong, as they will not be able to help him achieve greater power. He has an outlook on civilization similar to the Spartans, as he believed that fighting was the most important thing that kept society together. Sayuko will never back down from a duel and he isn't afraid to initiate one. Goals Sayuko aims to be the strongest shinobi in the Uchiha. He wants to be a leader. The leading positions he wants are including but not limited to, Head of the Police Force, Right Hand to the Hokage, Anbu Captain, Uchiha Clan Head, or an S-Rank level shinobi. Sayuko wants to rub off his ideals onto the village body so that everyone will have the same beliefs and be battle-ready. Appearance Sayuko is medium built. He is 5 foot 11 (180 Centimeters) and weighs 180 pounds (80 kilograms). His headband is worn around his neck though you wouldn't be able to see it as his jacket covers it up. Around his forehead he wears a custom headband with an Uchiha emblem on it. The band is made of a metallic fiber which looks like the normal headband material but it is actually as strong as metal. He wears a 2 piece full body black and gray jacket and his sleeves cover his arms. Sayuko has pure black eyes and hair. When his sharingan activate, his eyes flare a burning crimson and every time he moves a streak of red is left behind. His spiky hair is angled towards the right and he wears red sandals which have white high tops. Sayuko is very athletic since he has been training hard since he was a small child. Element Fire Lightning Proficiencies Skills
  5. Hello to all soon to be Shinobi Story players! I am making this post because I want to make a team in Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves. I believe that if we all stick together from the start we'll be able to progress much quicker and have a better game experience, plus, I would love to have some fellow otaku to talk to! Message me on discord, Woodshadow#6078 and I'll add you to the team! Thanks!
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