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  1. I am soooo happy you like this soo much. There is something i ne ed to rework but i think i can show it. ?
  2. And when i open it as administrator it looks like this.
  3. It just look awfull ? now i see. You're true i love creating things from this anime/manga but I'm happy you like my first samehada. I'm usually using more "technic program". It wasn't look good but... it goes forward, and still looks like shit. but... Tell me, what you think? Is it better looking ? I have Gourd and vase too.
  4. There is bandaged and half bandaged one how you want ?. But i still think it could look better.
  5. My another model this time this is zabuza sword. I almost done lightning for chakra blade model.
  6. I create Asuma Chakra blade. Do you like it ?
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