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  1. (Since it was revealed that the motivation for Warmode is Player Retention, a lot of what I say is more so a fix to that rather than appeasing the pacifist player. Growth is the goal) All your problems can be solved without ironically destroying a big reason why some people play. If people can't do the things that they find fun, why would they play? You want somewhere where you can teach people? Make the Kono arena safe zone and able to be dueled in. (Possible?) (this would also pseudo fix honor trading which is fucking disgusting bullshit btw completely devalues any open world pvp disgusting yuck yuck) You cant make alts because they will inevitably be weak? Speed up progression a lot, in my opinion everyone should stat-wise be around the same level whilst loot should be the min-max factor, not an endless carrot on a stick. This makes it impossible to catch up, ever. You don't want to play multiple characters intermittently? Has anyone even considered how bad dailies actually are? What is it a 1 hour mandatory every day? It's a video game not work, If people can't do the things that they find fun, why would they play? Maybe do some sort of monthly CE and JE - and have people progress that way. Would be much more unique and interesting for everyone imo (all I'm asking for here is a genuine re-examine of other potential ways to obtain Chuunin and Jounin, because what we have now simply isn't healthy or appetizing.) Dailies are usually added to essentially "force" people to play a game, when your game doesn't have anything more interesting to offer. Ask just about anybody - no one gets enjoyment out of doing them over and over and over, I certainly can't understand it. It would be way, way, way more interesting to actually have bosses with very diverse and rewarding loot tables with different rarities and I believe the focus should be shifted from dailies to that. Which would be a much more active way of obtaining meaningful strength, as well as being more in line with the latest updates (many more xp drops) If you're claiming inability to RP due to outside interference: if you get PvP killed or otherwise PvP kill someone else -- use that for your RP. Don't just ignore it because it doesn't fit your vision, I don't understand why people do that shit. Isn't it more fun to RP in unpredictable scenarios? Be creative, don't just ignore what is happening around you. Let the world shape your character, like it does everyone else. But ye guards are bullshit and rogue locations are still hostile. There is a genuine claim for people who ONLY want to participate in PvE and NOT in PvP, but you will without a doubt inadvertently alienate an entire group of players with PvP flagging, because you can still PvE without being Flagged, but you cannot PvP without Flagging. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Mandatory flagging is the best of both worlds in my opinion. Granted killing low levels is a genuine concern and has been for a while. I've raised this concern multiple times in-game and I was always met with a haha we are rogues haha thats why cUz We ArE rOgUeS - no you are just assholes. Not coming at you here, cuz I have no clue wtf you do ingame at all (except die, constantly, of course. (noob)) I believe Warmode should be a thing, but only for 1-30 or 1-39, because if existing players drive away new players because they have to kill them for the sake of it, something should be done. Growth and Perception is everything and right now both are at risk from poor in-game behavior. Your last paragraph is confusing. I don't believe this happens, or at least I've never personally seen it happen. This is a personal issue for the player and I don't see how it has anything to do with flagging. If you're in the middle of being PvP'd and you refuse to play the game because "you dont want to participate in PvP" I don't even understand why that person is playing lol, I think this is pretty far fetched. Maybe dying is too punishing because there is only 1 spirit healer (in kono) perhaps adding more spirit healers should be considered? I dunno, I don't have the answer. Regardless big boss groups are a big issue right now. Because they are extremely easy targets, low levels shouldn't be at bosses. period. They simply don't belong there and often they get caught in the crossfire as it pertains to PvP due to their low health and the untargeted nature of spells. Nobody is trying to kill them, it just happens. - More so, being able to form huge raids is exactly how we ended up with this 1 big group. I would suggest disabling the ability to create raids entirely and scale everything to a party of 5 (honestly only Kama and Dagahara would need to be scaled, but should still require a lot of power and skill) that way a lot of this cross-fire wouldn't happen and everything wouldn't take place in a 1 hour window at server reset where everyone is a target. The PvE content would also more accurately fit the playerbase. It might be slightly off topic here so I apologize but I truly believe this ties into the root of the issue here. There is a big monopoly going on and it is extremely bad for the health of the game. Players joining endgame activities on a lvl 10 character is extremely bad because it completely messes up the curve of progression, a lot of what drives people to go through all of the leveling is the endgame participation and if you're already participating in endgame at low levels that drive quickly disappears, I believe these issues are a big problem in player retention as well as general social environmental practice. Regardless, open dialogue is always good. And I wish devs started more of them when it comes to adding in-game features. If people can't do the things that they find fun, why would they play?
  2. My suggestion is to add a Mastery Token to each Mastery in the game (That would be rewarded when you choose your Mastery in the library next to the academy) and make it a requirement for every Mastery Quest - but also make it a reward in said quest. (So you don't lose your token, but it's still a requirement to complete the quest.) All the Staff member would need to do is simply delete the Token(s) from the player and add the new desired Token(s). Staff would also need to .unlearn all the existing spells from the masteries that are being rerolled (I'm sure you have the SpellID's saved somewhere) even the ones that the person haven't unlocked to ensure that everything is removed. Obviously you would need to make the Token's unique and soulbound. The caveat here being that you would require to give out Token's to players that did their quests before this system and you would also need to make the first quest of every Mastery able to be accepted by anyone (but not completed by anyone who doesn't have the required Token) I don't think you should refund any Koban, because as time goes on Koban gets devalued a lot, so this could be a way to spend it. In addition to it just being cumbersome to have to spend time proving which abilities you have, and which you don't. Since it's manual I don't expect anyone to disagree when I say it shouldn't be free. It would be a great source of revenue and a good placeholder until/if you decide to remake the system so that it's automated later on.
  3. after looking at some of the discord conversation i just wanna say that you seem to have a genuine grasp on what increases skill in pvp and what doesn't never compromise on this. adding get out of jail free cards is not a way to increase skill by any measure, even if you use wow as a case study - every single edition after it's vanilla inception decreased in skill ceiling because they kept adding 1 button answers to everything such as the various defensives. SS doesn't have anywhere near the CC lockout of WoW even so in that way it doesn't warrant a CC break, there are already multiple ways to outplay CC in SS so if people aren't already utilizing those then they have no right to complain yet. It just makes them seem unwilling to learn and cry for an easier answer. Adding pre-emptive or reaction/prediction based defensive(s) in order to immune things is a great way to increase skill while giving people the ability to more easily recognize how to outplay certain things -- The earth immune ability is a great early inception of one of these things. Great suggestion Zoogie.
  4. Yes I agree, there is a spell ingame that isn't used, I think it should be used plss, but increase CD little bitt
  5. It definently works for me, I haven't tried on Dummy's maybe it doesn't work specifically on them? Or yes, it could be bugged for you : - /
  6. I want to suggest that you add a respec, because currently there is no way to tell what the spells are going to be so there is inevitably going to be people who are disappointed. We would also be more able to test the balance of all the masteries more accurately. I don't think respec should be completely free maybe a flat Koban cost or you get back 75% of your invested Koban. In any case I believe respec would help the longevity of the game for each player :))
  7. The passive works, it was probably changed from guaranteed to a % chance (like Sword Specialization is) and the tooltip wasn't updated. (Listen for the distinct slashing sound effect) If it was guaranteed this ability would be way too overpowered, I like how it is now - It's a great damaging ability especially seeing as everyone (except medical's) best damage is auto attacks. I don't know about the hit rate, that could be bugged for all I know, it is harder to test after all. I agree, this ability needs the duration or cooldown changed. It's rarely worth the GCD unless it's your last ability or you're fighting in a team. I love that the hitbox is short and concise because it promotes actual good movement both dodging and hitting the ability. This ability does a lot of damage, maybe you don't have enough AP? It does a lot of damage precisely because you can't hit it without the target being immobilized, I think that was the entire point of the design of the ability. I think I'm in the minority when I say I preferred the old ability, because the new one is simply... well... Easy... There is no skill in landing the ability and it pretty much secures that your Dance of the Flocking Birds ability lands without having to worry about anything because they are conveniently the same exact CD. You can certainly outplay the ability by either outranging it or deadzone kiting which is a technique that is very hard to do in SS, because unlike WoW - you move super fast. If I was making this ability I would make it a hybrid of how the two versions are - Charge, but no stun and it would give you the buff so that you could stun for 3 sec if you hit one of your abilities. Currently it is my opinion that the mastery has the highest potential damage in the game. Since you might not have access to your best burst ability (your next ability) I understand why it might feel underwhelming because swordsmanship shines with scaling. While it might ostensibly seem like the mastery is "weak" -- strength in SS is no longer defined by single masteries. And if any single mastery performs incredibly well on its own (like medical) I would argue that it is OP. Swordsmanship is in an okay spot right now. Without a doubt. Yes 1 Handers are superior in terms of raw DPS, but 2H is superior in PvP for DPS because slower auto attacks are almost always better in PvP - you simple aren't able to stay on people's assholes at all times and you will inevitably miss your auto attack swing timers when people are as mobile as they are in SS. You may be surprised to hear that at level 36 (with 2H equipped) I beat Chookcha (Hyuuga) when we only stand in front of each other and auto attack, but this is probably more telling of how weak Hyuuga actually is than how strong Swordsmanship is. The only thing I would add here is to ask the SS team to increase the 2H Sword speed to 3.0 instead of 2.5, because the polearms are way better than Swords, but we cannot use Polearms with any of our skills.
  8. Swordsmanship is evidently designed with scaling in mind and I believe the core philosophy of it's design complies with the feeling it set out to capture. but Swordsmanship: Tendon Slash design makes a lot of sense, but because of the nature of the movement charge abilities the 3 second 30% slow is rarely worth the GCD. Because it is a frontal cone the engine is much more strict in terms of hit registration than ranged skillshots (because they work a lot like grenades, which are very lenient on hit registration in the 3.3.5 client) I would suggest upping the slow duration a bit. (5 or so seconds.) in order to promote people actually dodging the skillshot rather than negating it entirely. ook
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