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  1. But there are only 2 of them every 5 minutes.
  2. I realized that you get some potions from fishing aside from fish (bloated fish are not working properly btw) , wouldn't it be a nice way to make money going around to increase the healing / mana of the pots based on a % of target's HP so there can be a "Market" of some short.
  3. This is a list of items that have no vendor price, write them down and I will add them in so they get noticed. Naginata Warspear- Obtained through sidequest. Bones - Obtained through killing monsters like snakes bears rats. Kendo Training Sword- Obtained through the Swordmaster quest. Hare meat - Obtained from loots of : Japanese Hare ; Cautious Hare. Steel Kunai (Reverse Grip) - Obtained from Robber's loot. Ninja Pouch - Obtained from Robber's loot. Stolen Tobacco Shipment - Obtained from Robber's loot. All Ninja Tools - Shuriken, Tar Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Antidote, Weak Poison, Paper Bomb All Scrolls Gear - Those dropped from Mysterious Masked Man.
  4. Is there any spawn for brown bears cus i only know about one
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