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  1. Fishing 101 Longjaw Mud Snapper Konoha Red Snapper Konoha Firefin Snapper Konoha Rockscale Cod Yokohama Lake Spotted Cod Yokohama Lake Slitherskin Mackerel Yokohama Lake Bloated Rockscale Cod Yokohama Lake
  2. early morning wind doesnt stun it just works as an extra chakra dash
  3. But there are only 2 of them every 5 minutes.
  4. I realized that you get some potions from fishing aside from fish (bloated fish are not working properly btw) , wouldn't it be a nice way to make money going around to increase the healing / mana of the pots based on a % of target's HP so there can be a "Market" of some short.
  5. This is a list of items that have no vendor price, write them down and I will add them in so they get noticed. Naginata Warspear- Obtained through sidequest. Bones - Obtained through killing monsters like snakes bears rats. Kendo Training Sword- Obtained through the Swordmaster quest. Hare meat - Obtained from loots of : Japanese Hare ; Cautious Hare. Steel Kunai (Reverse Grip) - Obtained from Robber's loot. Ninja Pouch - Obtained from Robber's loot. Stolen Tobacco Shipment - Obtained from Robber's loot. All Ninja Tools - Shuriken, Tar Bomb, Smoke Bomb, Antidote, Weak Poison, Paper Bomb All Scrolls Gear - Those dropped from Mysterious Masked Man.
  6. Is there any spawn for brown bears cus i only know about one
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