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  1. Context: Writing this thread after getting wiped in pvp by a tiny percentage of the server? This isn't a big problem. That bias aside, I think Albion Online is the only open world pvp system that works. They have Blue zones - completely safe PvE zones Yellow zones - players can flag up to kill people for a bit of money Red zones - players can flag up and kill people, and take more money/items from them Black zones - everyone is flagged for pvp at all times Essentially rn the blue zone is the leaf village, everything else is black. I'm ok with it this way. But if we HAD to do something, which I don't think we do.. please don't go too far. Runescape limits pvp by levels, we cannot replicate the system here afaik but we can provide an opt out function for players under level 40, or maybe even lower. People only become semi viable in pvp at level 30+ due to hit rate, stats, getting a couple of spells by this point, etc. I don't see how a large group is against pvp now that it's happening to them. Think we just need to learn and progress from this. everyone enjoys pvp when it suits them, so no need to make rash, reactionary actions that will limit the server in the future.
  2. Fire: Dragonflame nerf unnecessary, it does too little now. Flamebreath still op damage-wise. new world record of 8k dmg on me from Kotaki, even after toughness/armor. please test: how flamebreath reacts to different knockbacks. I think hyuuga rotation works, but my wind gale palm did not knockback Wind - I don't see that spells have changed to be scaling Uchiha - mana cost is fine. 25 upkeep is nothing and that was what Byakugan was until it was just now reduced to 20. uchiha - outstanding utility, decent damage. seems like this is how it should be. if kunai/crows do not scale properly (I cannot confirm), then they should be made to scale. kenjutsu - killing spree scales too hard or something lol medical - senbon should not miss as much as it does hyuuga - no complaint of chakra drain. only rotation scales noticeably, everything else seems unchanged. general consensus: let's see how everything is with the above addressed, and with scaling fixed/working on every jutsu. ALSO chakra is not an issue. The current chakra recharge is enough to make you think about what you use, long enough to make you have to delay for 30 seconds to wait for it to be off cd. Chakra WILL become even less of an issue as cooking has higher buff food unlocked, we get more stats, and we get jounin. I don't see any reason to make it easier
  3. Makes pets faster so they don't fall behind when you run
  4. Had a thought that these could scale off attack power? Since they are very low range, it would fit how boulderfist is AP scaling for Earth, lightning flow/cutter/chidori is AP scaling for lightning. This makes more sense for slicing gust than it does for breeze blast
  5. starving dire wolves, the big bird boss Yuki
  6. Agree with your points, 3 things to add: 1. Jutsu haste as a passive doesn't fit very well into the toolkit as the casts are all instant/fast already, except for the 175 koban spell which has a normal cast time, and I assume the 200 koban spell. This point can be disregarded, and jutsu haste will be usable if more 1.5+ second cast jutsu are planned. 2. Damage even with spell power scrolls is too lackluster, especially for the spells without any CC effect. The numbers you show (and I have tested myself) for this mastery are low. 3. Issues with breeze blast and slicing gust as I think they are incomplete and lack in some ways: Range on both are too low. Slicing gust seems to almost be melee range only, and breeze blast seems to be 5 yds? Cast time on breeze blast is 1.5 second, which is a lot considering barely any damage, low range (in pvp) and only a small push effect. I think if breeze blast has a longer range, it will become usable. If its cast can be scaled to whatever earth's quick cast root is, that seems fair (earth root rn is .5sec, if earth root will become 1sec, and this one matches, it should be fair and I can see it having viability besides being another button to press when you run out of buttons). Slicing gust does way too low damage, its cast/cd is very fast so I understand the intention. However it is barely better than using a simple strike.. and that is instant without a chakra cost. I would never use this in pvp because you would rather get a guaranteed auto attack in melee range rather than cast a spell that may miss, and you will still do A LOT more damage with melee.
  7. Fire will have more damage than any mastery involving utility. However what is shown is that this is a near-best case scenario where i maximize my damage and minimize fire's (interrupting/kiting the harder-hitting casts, in this case 1 dragonflame made it through, and channeled casts were interrupted in the middle). Even in this case, spamming one technique (fireball) exceeds the damage I can pump out on my autos, and both hyuuga/wind combined. This is due to 1 of 2 things: 1. Hyuuga/Wind lacking damage and/or being too high in cooldown for their usability (this only goes for some spells without utility) 2. Fire having too much damage OR too low cooldown Also I will argue your fireball damage, here is one of your casts on me (including my Toughness). 5 second duration encounter (shown by Recount) for 3.8k damage as mentioned prevously. Did you take off your spell power scrolls to make that picture? That's also logs of the full 4 minute fight broken into segments where I kited too hard and went out of combat (4 minutes long as mentioned).
  8. Some masteries are out of wack compared to others. Either a few masteries are too high, or a good number are too low for damage rn. I think the best comparison recently is fire vs hyuuga/wind. This also comes up with uchiha as they have high damage on their kunai and crows jutsu. Example of a fight between Kotaki and I (all one fight in the open world, I ran away several times to heal so that's how it ended up getting to high numbers. Also note that his highest dmg spells are not close to the highest as those were priority interrupted) (Keep in mind Kotaki has higher stats than me but that isnt the biggest factor in the 2.5x damage difference). Kotaki's damage to me: for Kotaki - he has 2 casts of stone shield (which is acknowledged as op by everyone, so we can skip it) 5 casts of fireball (at around 3800 dmg per fireball) - this is a very quickly cast spell with an assumed CD of 25 sec according to this fight. Very strong, akin to Uchiha's kunai hitting for 2-3k every 20 seconds. It is hard for any mastery to compete with fire/uchiha, in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc fights unless you can match it with the same on your team. 4 or 5 casts of boulderfist - as Kotaki covered on his earth feedback, very good at 9 second cooldown, but 15 sec sounds more fair as it has a knockback/interrupt the spells further down the list were interrupted at least once (they are harder to hit, longer to cast, require standing still, etc) and they had less of an effect. but they are all strong - fire has a very solid toolset and excels in damage, but almost a little too much. even giving kotaki the chance to cast just a fireball each time it's off cooldown already equals my entire rotation and then some. My damage to Kotaki: This is a prolonged 4+min long fight.. as you can see, my hyuuga/wind damage is very low and that is due to both low base damage on jutsu, and average/high CD. air palm - this doesn't need a base damage buff, its cc and ease of usability is more than enough. 64 palms - my 'ulti,' is now nerfed to less than a fireball, with a 2min cd (this wont be used twice in the majority of fights). This was meant to be Hyuuga's only reliable damage jutsu and it's been made nearly a non-factor since its nerf. windfury - it doesn't proc as much as one would like, in the end it's not really a difference maker. I see it as the lowest of melee threats out of the masteries (Sharingan, Ken, Hyuuga) balance breaker - this had a cd nerf, not sure why. it's mainly used as an interrupt but now interrupts twice less, and still does no damage. either more damage or less of a cd slicing whirlwind - not enough damage and no cc effect. just needs something else added. wind mastery feedback sums up the other jutsu. rotation - utility, does its job, cannot complain. In a similar vein, Uchiha/medical as shown from Akari's rotation: Medical damage is NOT a problem in the open world, as antidotes exist but antidotes cannot be used in the arena. if you are in a 2v2 arena and you are cc'd in that poison, expect to take 12k damage Crows jutsu - i see the argument that Uchiha has only 2 damage spells, so that means all the damage should be crammed into 2 spells - that is not correct and applying this to any utility/CC mastery like wind, hyuuga would just make them similarly unbearably OP like Uchiha. I think the damage can come down on this by 40% and every uchiha would still use it without a second thought kunai - uchiha's most consistent damage, top tier damage numbers, not difficult to hit (8 yards instant aoe). with a 20 second cooldown doing 2-3k damage each cast, you can pump out 12-18k aoe damage in the length of an average fight of 2minutes. Nobody else can match this except fire/medical (and they have casts)
  9. I like idea of 50% return of koban spent on a mastery - not sure how this would work to code. If there's no penalty for switching mastery, then there would need to be a long cooldown period to switch again (ie: a month) right now eastiest way to test a mastery is to make an alt and go through heavy grind. nobody knows what they're getting into when they make a final choice to get a mastery
  10. i have not made many kill, i have had no salary for this whole week. not sure on future
  11. Passive doesn't work from tornado or slicing whirlwind
  12. i like that i could play and progress despite a good chunk of the community sectioning off content to players they deem unworthy things can only get better with a big, diverse playerbase in the future!
  13. i will pay myself 10silver employee salary to kill brotherhood mens. i will rp with each target i kill or i lose salary
  14. This spell has weirdly high cast time for low damage
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