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  1. As for a positive, the custom content had been superb so far with what we have as far as feeling like I am indeed in the Naruto world and exploration has been fun. I am really impressed with the work that has currently been put into place, I cannot wait to see the world expand further. For an alpha experience I am having a lot of fun and logging more time than I thought I might when I started. As for a negative, would possibly be progression as it currently stands, in one way being the skillpoints, I think there has to be a more engaging way of gaining them. I think some kind of interactive training could be done in favor of trash mobs. Whether that comes in the form of an engaging minigame system of sorts or even a passive system possibly, in the same vein as an elder scrolls game, I like that idea as it would actually feel like you are practicing and literally getting better from encounter to encounter. I thought the water walking jutsu mission was cool, was a nice idea to break up the cycle of go kill this or deliver this, it seemed more like I was a ninja trying to practice my mobility. Perhaps things of this nature, drills you can do to improve those skills as a reward. There is a possibility however that this idea would become stale assuming that said drills had no variance upon each engagement.
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