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  1. If we're really adamant about adding unique items and abilities, why not make them purely cosmetic. It's an RP game after all, so they don't really have to show in pvp. You are brave enough to carry a unique item, u better be able to defend it with the same level and number of abilities as everyone else. Sure, give jin a few auras, or have seven sword cosmetic that u could loot off the players wielding it even if seven swords and jin don't make any sense atm cos the lore is different from Naruto. They basically don't even exist yet if u read SS lore, so u might aswell just create your own unique weapon and RP around it. Give them RP value, not PvP value.
  2. From what i understood there might be friendly fire too, and since the techniques will be separate entities, just mindlessly spamming aoe migth destroy your own team even if u are in the same party.
  3. Screenshot/record encounters, follow the rules already set in place for pvp encounters, punish people who break the rules. It's pretty straightforward already. Drop a pvp warning emote, meaning everyone is aware that a fight is about to start, and wait for the challenged party to react to it. Drop two execution emotes after victory for the kill. If someone doesn't follow the proper steps, staff should just boot them. P.S. Add a pop-up window each time u log in your character with the whole rules list. There will be no excuse for ignorance when the rules are being shoved in your face literally each time u get in game.
  4. Hand seals system sounds nice in theory, but considering u need one hand on mouse for camera and one hand on wasd for movement, it would turn out horrible in practice when you's have to take one hand off cam or movement to type out your seals.
  5. Thing about wow traditional spell system if that it relies on numbers and stats, while the skillshot system relies on player positioning and timing. I'd rather have a system that you need to actually practice to get good at rather than one that requires just a grind and stat padding to eventually end up simply stomping over people that have significantly lower stats. Stats mean the people who get to grind the most and first get to be on top of the food chain, stopping anyone that follows from grinding to catch up. Skill based system removes that issue.
  6. Some of the servers are coming back up for me.
  7. Paul


    That's rough. At least my company assured us they will provide sick leave in case of a quarantine and they won't take away from the yearly sick leave we have. It's gonna be a special case.
  8. Paul


    Welp, if Germany goes into quarantine and i believe France is already there then i can expect to stay home during that time since we supply german and french companies where i work ...
  9. Paul

    Faith of Va'al

    I'm completely fine with that. Thank you for your input, but i will be going forward with my "unoriginal" character background despite your opinions about it. I'm not seeking your appreciation nor your approval. The whole concept clearly went over your head. Take care. /wave
  10. Paul

    Faith of Va'al

    There's a character who's whole lore is based on religion, including his ability. Hidan gained his immortality from experimenting with Jashin's (a deity) techniques. Read up on naruto lore before you claim your point of view to be "fact", my friend. And since this is based on naruto, but doesn't follow the same storyline, there can be different religions/cults similar to Jashin. But hey, if you don't feel like participating in such RP, by all means don't. The world will be massive so you can play out your own stories, host your own events without having to play in mine. Just refrain from your attempts to shoot down my, or any other person's ideas for that matter when you don't really have the authority to do so. The team will contact me if i'm going off bounds, thank you. Have a wonderful day.
  11. Paul

    Faith of Va'al

    Faith exists in any universe. People can believe in anything as long as it keeps them moving forward. Custom lore probably doesn't involve the Sage of Six paths by the way. /shrug As for the search itself, being an impossible goal doesn't mean one can't still work towards it. Making your end game goal something unreachable only means you'll always have something to RP towards. I appreciate the feedback, but i've specifically tailored each story for this server in particular to use the information provided in them for event plots in the future. The last picture is a backlink to the info card of the character this story is tied to. Story's all made up, art is from DMC5.
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