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  1. The feedback Kizo made about auto attack being the major source of damage is something to take note of. In terms of class fantasy and variety it would be great to also be able to go full ranged attacks, instead of having to go into melee range after you blow the cooldowns of your jutsus. Heck, it could potentially be like a "simple strike" type of skill but for ranged, that scales with jutsu power (spell power). I for one will say that I dislike being in melee range and prefer to be far from whatever I'm hitting therefore I am a bit biased in that regard.
  2. Bug Name: Diminishing returns on damage dealt Brief Description: This technique deals less damage the more targets you hit Reproduction steps: Pull monsters to see the result Additional info: From what I saw, at 13 targets my damage was 180 per hit and crits were 300+, at 18 targets my damage was 110, and crits were around 200+. This was tested on Oversized rat swarmer. Pictures:
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