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  1. I know it's in the Early Access... I am stuck of what to do sometimes... Also I am console player, first time playing one of these, sorry if it already got something that I didn't check. I am sorry if you don't understand me as well though this... Naming our characters... Please may you put first name beside it because I did a name of Balrog Uchiha but it didn't say no spaces but only letters??? I did it, that name is called Balroguchiha and then I choose to become a Uchiha and...... then it's shows Balroguchiha Uchiha...... (Afterwards I delete that character and make a new one). Maybe more options for your appearances and more options of choosing a village (So far, we choose the Leaf...) For quests, maybe help the player to know where to go, like follow a arrow on top of your screen, or follow a line to the things we need to do on the quest When I am trying to see who is chatting in the text box, I can't see the recent one because the scroll is covering it up... And the "sidequest" blocking my main/side quests. I got to Mission Log and check what I missions I got, I find a big plain piece of paper for a mission I got... No information for it... I am level 3 and lvl 20's players can kill me (Outside of the Village). Maybe make a certain level we can PvP against each other possiably start at lvl 20 and add 5 levels every time (20-25, 21-26, 22-27 and so on)? Of course some quests leads outside of the village and I find the signs incomplete (I am on one quest I needs signs to know where I am going), already find a random building with no things in it while traveling... While traveling to the training grounds bacisally I fight either way of getting there and back to the village... Maybe not put them next to the edge of the path and next to each another... Try to fight 1 then 5 more came while running away from the first one. I check the map and see no zoom in or out button (Got a button but not doing it-"Zoom Out" to zoom out), Not zooming in the Land of Fire area (And the rest of them), no symbols/words to know where everything is on the map... I go on skillpoints and see no way to increase our stats, how we can do it? Thank you reading and sorry if you don't understand it
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