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    hi aspiring pharaohs here is a nice starterdeck u can use on duelingnexus been playign there month or so myself got to rank 800 diamond with similair deck this should get u out bronze also still working on first 1 but its eozida deck
  2. i dont know if i wont be banned i guess
  3. kno im doin tday? playing a 20 year old card game called yugioh which i havent played since with the kids on the block when i used to exocsize exodia obelisk with my own hands in case the game wasnt played right now after all these years comming into a new meta with 10000 cards no real sorting cards into pairs or we and basiclaly ur thrown i the deep im now climbing diamond to maste rranks with costum deck 2600 + rating nearing 2700 so its not just wow games oyo soy el meta get it atem meta as in the pharaoh name reverse a well ill post when i hit top 100 player this game i guess
  4. so i just got back to game and not even 2 mi nute in it this guy comes to remind me not to safespot i mean ok the guards are nerfed etc etc but why cant i use the movejump trees etc whatever its annoying to play caster like this tbh limits my movement freedom and such i allrdy outskill the mob 1v1 whats the big deal can this get fixed ty back to another break i guess untill it does or some cba getting banned by some newbie gm i never seen before vlad do somethign bout diz i am respectfull walrus played game long time been sharing good skill idea and such if wanna force me play noob again 10 year farm mob sleep repeat and ban me otherwise we problaby got some issues here hard enough as it is for me to level ill meet u at max in arena dont bother me plx ty and let me farm vlads i mean crocs #vote lify duckshepphard dont nerf the game reyori quit long time ago stop the farm if i get banned u kno ,,,, it was danzou and his minions we will play them sometime in eternity soul i guess, dr who say some bout this shit mon safe katon first i cant protect myself establish territory or the babys want there bottle i mean pvp mode enabled i just show how it works when i see them weird/passove in the brain or some never know where it goes u know now we got warmode ok my instant 40 got nerfed with guards not like i did it to a boss i cnat solo yet i mean whats the deal now just patch it again if u no want it to happen i guess really but realy cmon arena platforms shinobis trees jumping caster see im getting at here ? dont hang on my dick give chidori some slack and use ur own brain for the right way i guess think about it what is the game without positioning listen to daddy cool, liek where do u draw the line platform pillar or just a circle nothign there if i kite a wolf aroudn a tree thats safespotting ? see i mean people who dont understnd askign to get control is dumb i dont vote for either to much push or turtle its balance which u obtsin with positioni ng and mroe skill them just blow all ur shit in the circle or we so to say `be happy i tell u what u eant before u even aware of it i guess, here not to involve anythign but caster !!!! we need this vs melee i think,
  5. also can we add arena pains me to see it defiled in this way tbh -_- suggestions for new spell per mastery ; fireball passive fireball no cd for spam fireball fish for insat dart into stun phoenix kinda only way to spam something i feel that makes sense and with all the smokebobm 30 seccd sub interupts stusn etc immunes kinda want a spam regardless i guess to not scratch my nuts etc balance weirdness g forces whatever weird flame bullet stun flambretah shiz clunk ok water not to sure not played it from looks of what i see in wind also needs a spam that can actually hti somethign same with gen which prob need soem spell rework as well as well earth can maybe use a blink mage liek cooldown hyuga can get echo of elemnts windfury on casts to equal out with uhciha stats a bit remember uchiha was melee hyuga ranged attac kpwoer or some now uhciha has 35 % haste perma timewarp and no real multistrike stat for hyuga clan in compare good idea for new spell would be the rotation cooldown reduce to match ele shaman wow or some 17.5 sec or balance out with kenjutsu charge more or less few sec diff maybe lightning seems kinda ok maybe i guess the aoe betetr of instant maybe also passive spam lasso or some uchiha seems ok i guess saru not sure but kenjutsu charge seems bugged doesnt stun u on spot medic coudl maybe use another layer heal liek a hot or channel or some before goign for the big cools put shield on some1 hardcasting heals i guess genjutsu coudl still be good with the fear into mc to let the dots tick not sur ebotu water burst vs spam but maybe spam and let that spam hit harder on stunned targets are ways to have a mage like playstyle so to say gen coudl be good with alot cc like lock 2 i guess maybe uchiah has spam mc i guess nto sure bout water prison hw this work
  6. rain rain go away come again another day all the world is waiting for tha sun
  7. it would seem that in my absense people have been awakening there sharingans further but its to no help vlad may have a genjutsu of 1 of my eyes but he introduces daily blue quests with a merciless grind , so i shared some of my ideas with the rest the community and once again hiding in the waterfall till pvp wil be fixed and more importantly u all be fixed peace
  8. here my usggestions for patch : fire /genjutsu :shorter casttime cooldown? ken / lightning : fix charges on chidrori / ken to be instant and stun midair so cant be jumped so easy ? hyuga : gentle fist proc on cast 2? uchiha:maybe instant crows water / earth / medic wind no clue actually? heres attachment my chuunin hyuga genjutsu aside from air palm / hell vision fear on u in betwen jump and kawarimi i think the main dps 4 5 6 are whack now non can be spammed cooldowns and cast times are huge and it requires u to almost be in melee range XD so y with a melee stacign simple strikes and burst on top autoatatcks this is hella hard to get a 4 second cast of with a chance to be interupted and then wait for logn time before cool back ps the macro next to rotation for foodpill had no more stakcs on foodpill left but its for heals this my take on it now, i mean 4 and 5 are kinda allright spells but 6 is just so bad without it proccing of 5 and 5 could kinda be instant to be honest for apply autoattack if u gonna cast 4/6 anyway unless 6 procs
  9. my current thoughts on hyuga /game till chuunin suggestions : add cc breaker to kawarimi/fix foodpill tooltip&bug/80%dmg reduce vs other player or some?/genjutsu first dot instant cast no cooldown advicing players to change move left right to strafe left right in keybinds and to put camera follow style on never adjust in interface also find keybind to show enemy name plates for wallhax. doing dailys and all bit of a chore and really feels like a daily game at that point less of a playthrough also with exp farming on the criminals same story. ye for ranged kinda needs a dot + proc i guess and or very good instant attack/cone dmg or some to use during kite like instant no cd cast moonfire 75 % dmg on press with the dot effect or some and then second dot for dmg stack or free on proc or some does it dmg instant for caster to fight back vs same onsaught from melee atm also hearign rumors taijutsu could be fun with first gate or some does a disarm kinda move but then does the animantion where u lotus the enemy in that spot and they cnat move durign it or some like a fighter game grab into a mmo would be unique or some next to the environmental bonusses idea instead of zerker buffs + 30 on water area if u water or some strategic maps ps. if u need help writing a macro like for autoequip new foodpill or trying to cramp movement with while swimming for waterwalk etc into 1 macro or just to simply pick up targets easier or some u can try asking me i guess,
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