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  1. talked with the "hatguy" where people stood in line to sign in for tournament next to mizuchi aka fattwhite the organizer i guess and maybe its cool idea to do some xvx pvp as in multiple players on each team lets talk here about more details peace chidori
  2. Lify


    as u all probably know by now u need to feed nuts to the squirrel for him to give nuts exp XD just joking i tried to report this to vlad in game several times and made a ticket since on forum it says any advantages should be reported and even though this was a wellused wow strategy to pull as many mobs u can and aoe them down the sitting high so they cant hit u plus the large number of guards in notchi make this quite op anyways heres a screenshot + explain how to do it just stand up the house hit some1 so guard become aggresive towards u and aoe them down with fire from above
  3. Lify

    IM STUCK !

    was looking for my corpse in forest of death then fell through the floor in ghost mode now im just stuck under the map XD
  4. Lify


    get a bell get tied to a log genin exam? chunnin exam pvp duels? yokohoma vs pirate thingy pvp jounin exam ? like capture the flag or some? think rest sidequests do a pretty good job easy hand in system for rewards with complete button
  5. well i would start off by sending 2 (temporary) academy students with you or some and some1 gets tied to pole hunting for bells XD
  6. Lify


    11st squad captain Chidori Katon i came to shoryuken u xxx
  7. how do i download ? windows defender not issue
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